Pickling Timber Management Company Construction Essay

Pickling Timber Management Company recognises its duty to transport out its procurance activities in an environmentally and socially responsible mode.

In conformity with our Environmental Policy and Corporate Procurement Strategy we strive to integrate environmental and societal considerations into our merchandises and service choice procedure.

We recognize that it is our duty to promote our providers and contractors to minimise negative environmental and societal effects associated with the merchandises and services they provide.

We besides strive to guarantee that local and smaller providers are non discriminated against in the procurance procedure and specifications.

What is Sustainable Procurement?

Sustainable procurance is the value for money sourcing of merchandises and services taking into history environmental, societal and ethical facets over the whole merchandise or service lifecycle.[ I ]

It is imperative to our industry ‘s pattern that considerations are made throughout every measure of our concern determinations when securing the merchandises and services required for our undertakings.

At Pickling Timber Management Company ( PTMC ) it is our purpose to spouse with and work aboard merely those in the industry who is like minded in our purposes and besides acknowledge their responsibility to the environment.

Our Principles at PTMC

PTMC have key purposes to guarantee concern is done with a high grade of unity and moralss.

We encourage all internal buyers to reexamine their ingestion of goods and services in order to cut down use where possible and develop concern instances based on sustainable rules.

It is our purpose to Procure by free and Open competition unless there are obliging grounds why this should non be the instance.

PTMC adhere to the rules of non-discrimination, equal intervention, transparence, common acknowledgment and proportionality and guarantee that sustainability standards are included in specifications to providers. We besides see that sustainability standards are used in the award of contracts.

Equally good as heightening employee consciousness of relevant environmental and societal effects of purchases through appropriate preparation, we encourage our Clients to see whole life costs when measuring merchandise suitableness and in the award of contracts.

PTMC, work with our bing and possible providers to look into and present environmentally friendly procedures and merchandises. This is done without know aparting against local and smaller providers and guaranting that environmental certificates are considered in the choice procedure.

Supply Chain

PTMC will work pro-actively with our Supply Chain to guarantee that they besides agree and can run into our demands.

We will on a regular basis obtain from our providers:

Information associating to their environmental patterns.

Most up to day of the month information sing beginnings of natural stuff used in the industry of the wood merchandises.

Information received will organize portion of buying determinations and will be available upon petition to interested parties.

As a responsible concern we believe that we have a responsibility to minimise our impact on society and the environment. As such we are committed to carry on our activities with our spouses harmonizing to ethical, professional and legal criterions.

We do non excuse corruptness, graft or unjust competition.

Ethical & A ; Environmentally Responsible Sourcing

At Pickling Timber Management Company ( PTMC ) , we have a duty to the Environment, the Company ‘s Customers, Suppliers and Staff.

To our Customers we will endeavor to transcend their outlooks by go oning to present on clip, safely, to specification, within budget and with due respect to the environment.

To our Suppliers we shall go on to endeavor to secure responsibly and to guarantee they operate in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, promote and develop responsible solutions and best patterns.

To our Staff, we will go on to supply a safe and inspiring environment, enabling them to develop accomplishments, and contribute to the growing of our concern. The committednesss to our people are in the countries of Health & A ; Safety, Equality & A ; Diversity and Learning & A ; Development.

PTMC base its commercial activities on wood sourced from good managed woods. Wherever possible PTMC beginning wood from sustainable and 3rd party certified woods accredited under either the FSC or PEFC Schemes.

PTMC minimise the effects of transit by sourcing stuffs locally and are protagonists of the British Forestry.

It is a company process to mensurate all energy used by the company and seek to cut down this on a twelvemonth on twelvemonth footing. We strive towards the attainment of Zero C impact from our activities by 2016.

It is our duty towards future coevalss to work to cut down our impact on clime alteration. We will endeavor to continuously better our energy efficiency, cut down our CO2 emanations and work towards low C solutions with our stakeholders.

Best Value Possible

Wherever possible PTMC will measure all bing on a long term footing, this will clearly measure the value for money & A ; Whole Life Costing consequences.

The elements that will be recorded for these studies are:

Buying, Transportation & A ; Commissioning Costss

Management costs, including Staff and preparation fees

Operational Costss, care, labour etc

Disposal Fees

The consequences from these studies are presented to PTMC ‘s Stakeholders yearly to assistance with our projections and programs for the hereafter.

Partnering with our Supply Chain, Customers and Stakeholders will cut down costs. PTMC purpose to construct upon solid concern partnerships and bask the benefits that come when you spouse, such as increased productiveness, more dependable bringing services, more accurately designed company environmental policy, efficient programmed clip and paperwork trails and overall cost nest eggs.

Partnering brings shared Risk, Reward and Investment ( RRI ) and is the best pattern to profit the Environmental aims that PTMC purpose to accomplish.

Management of Quality

PTMC have appointed manager duty for the execution of this policy and will guarantee all relevant environmental issues are adhered to.

All members of the Supply Chain will hold to finish and be successful in their entry of a Competency Questionnaire before get downing any contract, partnering or otherwise.

Evidence of processs in topographic point by companies on the Supply Chain will necessitate to be provided and rigorous attachment to the Environmental Policies in topographic point by PTMC will necessitate to be followed.

Stakeholder Analysis

“ Stakeholder direction is critical to the success of every undertaking in every organisation I have of all time worked with. By prosecuting the right people in the right manner in your undertaking, you can do a large difference to its success… and to your calling. ”[ two ]

PTMC purpose to pass on with their Stakeholders at the earliest phase possible, we recognize that regular communicating with Stakeholders is a immense benefit.

Stakeholders have the power to back up a undertaking or barricade it, maintaining all parties up to rush from an early phase means that all are cognizant of the inside informations and can do clear and concise determinations in relation to said undertakings.

The first measure PTMC follows is the Designation of the stakeholder ; this could be your Boss, Shareholders, Trade Associations, The Press, etc.

The Second measure is to prioritise the stakeholders ; this is done in the order of Power. i.e. High Power: – Interested Peoples, those who you must do the most attempt to satisfy. , Low Power: Less Interested People, those who must be monitored but do non necessitate an in deepness sum of item.

The 3rd and cardinal phase is to Understand your Stakeholder ; What involvement do they hold in the result of your undertaking? , do they hold money invested in the Undertaking? Do they stand to profit depending on it ‘s outcome?

PTMC have a squad dedicated to the communicating between ourselves and Stakeholders, all parties are kept up to rush via a assortment of communicating channels and a 3monthly study meeting is held at out Head Office.

What Risks are involved?

Attached is an Example of PTMC ‘s Risk Assessment & A ; Mitigation Plan[ three ], an Appraisal was completed before this Policy was put together.

This Appraisal was completed to measure societal, environmental and sustainability issues and do certain they are understood and managed in all cardinal procurance determinations.

The replies to these inquiries are so linked to a series of minimal demands that should be adhered to whilst finishing the Procurement Process, cut downing the impact and bettering sustainability on the undertaking.

PTMC purpose to do all party ‘s aware of the hazards and the result of the appraisals. In an attempt to increase the consciousness, of the effects on sustainability and the environment, of all parties involved in the undertaking.[ four ]

William R.R Blackburn in his book ; The Sustainability Handbook: “ The Complete Management Guide to Achieving societal, economic and environmental duty States that “ Corporations must analyze how their operations may be effected by Climate Change, corporate administration and population displacements.

Many must see dwindling supplies of natural stuffs. By properly pull offing sustainability issues, houses can cut down the hazards of their productiveness ” .[ V ]


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