Pierre Auguste Renoir Essay

Pierre Auguste Renoir Renoir has so many eye pleasing works of art!! It would definitely be considered impressionism since he was one of the leaders of the impressionism movement in 1841. Renoir uses a kind of paint that stands out and shows how the lighting is highlighting the people or the other images in the painting. I would say that his work is kind of in between. The paintings have a lot of meaning but they represent what he wanted to see not just what he saw.

He used friends, family, and lovers as the focus of several of the paintings as well as using the rivers and other scenes of Paris. I was really impressed with the deep detail in the faces of the individuals in his paintings. They were very detailed and showed emotions. Then the flowers and other things in the background and foreground were also detailed but were not as detailed where they popped out like the faces. After doing some research I was left very impressed with Renoir’s paintings.

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They show passion and emotions that words really cannot describe. The intense details in his paintings really show that he was doing something he wanted to be doing and enjoying every minute of it. In each painting Renoir uses a main focus point that he puts so much detail into just to make you feel how he felt as well as how the surroundings around the scene were. I was really evoked by the intense color and the way he used lighting in each individual painting.

After looking at the paintings given from the link I was curious to see what else I could find from his fabulous collections. I must say I really enjoyed Renoir’s paintings and would love to find a couple of his pieces (at least duplicate) to place in my home for decoration. I honestly would not make a very good art critic other than to tell you if I like or dislike a piece… But in Renoir’s case I will say that each and every piece from his collection is every form of pleasing to the human eye!!


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