Pit Bull Abuse Essay

Pit bulls may look like aggressive Canis familiariss. Even the word “pit bull” may do people scared. Everything negative you hear about cavity bulls is a large prevarication. Pit bulls are intelligent. super-loyal. really loving. and have high sums of energy. But you’d be distressed to happen another strain with more natural athletic ability. They are the best Canis familiariss in the universe with the proper preparation. Sadly. people mistreat pit bulls and utilize them as negative amusement for their ain selfish heads.

Some people raise pit bulls to be contending machines and slayers. Many cavity bulls are enduring indulgently because of this barbarous human dependence. Peoples are taking advantage of many cavity bulls misconstruing of civilisation. We all know that cavity bulls are animate beings. and they don’t understand our linguistic communication or ways of life. but that does non intend we should take advantage of their misinterpretation. Pit bulls are guiltless like babes. so we should give them the love and attention they deserve.

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Pit Bull Abuse Essay
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The Canis familiariss are taken from garages. abandoned flats. and dark cellars. Crowds are gathered around the Canis familiariss to watch them rupture each other apart. The Canis familiariss have heavy ironss on their cervixs and deep. untreated cuts on their legs and faces. If a cavity bull were excessively weak to contend. people would merely pretermit it on the street. Police find dead decomposed cavity bulls on the street or in Dumpsters a few times a hebdomad. These hapless animate beings are enduring in a life Hell and we are merely watching it go on.

Peoples who do such a thing should be prosecuted and have for life sentence in prison. We’re non the lone 1s who have a life merely because we have so many psychological accomplishments ; cavity bulls have a life excessively. The sad fact of maltreatment towards cavity bulls is non merely aching pit bulls ; it’s aching everyone who cares. Those who care are working excess difficult for injured cavity bulls. Do we truly necessitate more down people in this universe? We shouldn’t do the universe a large amusement strategy ; we should handle it like a gift ; including everything in it.

Let’s take a walk back in History and even today. Peoples would be barbarous to each other. and demean others merely because of their tegument colour or faith. There seemed to be merely high and low category citizens. The lower category people would be treated like refuse. Now. we have Torahs so every adult male is equal. We have a Black president. Asiatic hoops participants. Native American histrions. and many more. They are our inspirations today. As a metaphor. right now. people are first category. and pit bulls are in the low category. We should all go equal. Some twenty-four hours in the hereafter. they might go a miracle. As a consequence of being nice to every life animal in this universe. the result would be beautiful.

Pit bulls are waiting for replies that won’t come. They are combating for freedom. but won’t be freed. We need to make something about this. before it becomes excessively late. Many miracles can go on with a sort bosom. Please give cavity bulls the love and attention they deserve today.


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