Pit Bulls: Mean or Misunderstood? Essay

Tina P. 20 July, 2010 Pit Bulls: Mean or Misunderstood? Who’s afraid of the big bad Pit Bulls? Well, lots of people are no thanks to damaging myths, inexperienced owners, and the hyped up media coverage, that has been giving this breed of dogs grief for years. “Pit Bulls are famous, in circles of knowledgeable dog people, for the love and loyalty they bestow on anyone who shows them a smidgen of kindness”, said Linda Wilson-Fuoco. Most people will argue that pit bulls are not born mean or aggressive, that they are loyal, protective and over stereotyped based on half truths.

The pit bull breed gets a bad rap, but more often than not, they are the victims of irresponsible and abusive owners. Pit bulls are extremely intelligent dogs and take their cues from the people who raise them. Dogs are not capable of knowing the difference of right or wrong, and are raised and trained to behave the way they do. Pit bulls are no more vicious than golden retrievers, beagles or any of the other popular dog breeds. Pit bulls are one of the most stable people-friendly breed of dogs in the world.

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Pit Bulls: Mean or Misunderstood? Essay
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The National Canine Temperament Testing Association tested one hundred and twenty two breeds and Pit Bulls placed fourth highest with a ninety five percent passing rate. There are thousands of Pit Bulls that are loving and loyal, and considered to be heroes who will live and die without ever hurting a human. America’s first war dog was a Pit Bull named Stubby, who earned several medals during World War One and was honored at the White House. Pit Bulls are used as service dogs to which they help to locate missing people and are also used as therapy dogs. Helen Keller owned a Pit Bull not only for a helper but also as her companion.

The show, The Little Rascals had a Pit Bull named Petey , who spent countless days and hours with children and he never once tried to hurt anyone. Pit Bulls love and adore humans and want nothing more than to please us, even the ones that have been abused can’t wait to be petted and loved, even by the one who has abused them. Most Pit Bull owners will agree that their dog is not only loyal but extremely loving and friendly especially with children. Pit Bulls are the most understood breed of dog in the United States due to people not knowing all the facts nd telling only half of the truth. The majority of Pit Bulls are owned by normal dog loving people who keep these dogs not only as companions, but as working dogs such as therapy or search and rescue dogs. Some argue that the only people who own this breed of dog are criminals and the only thing they are good for is dog fighting. Pit Bulls are over stereotyped because of bad dog owners, improper care and training. “Ban the owner, not the breed”, said Stephanie Mullins. The media coverage has really blasted these dogs with a bad rap by only reporting the few bad encounters with them.

The media would never report about a Pit Bull saving someone’s life because the news is better when it’s bad. Most Pit Bulls bred in this country are family dogs and love to spend time with people more than anything else. Of course there will always be exceptions due to the dogs temperament and behavior, and the same is true for the owners. Pit Bulls need to have responsible owners who will raise them with love and respect in order to have the same affection in return. Pit Bulls, when raised in the right environment will be loyal, protective, without the aggression and will hopefully one day over come this bad name they have been given.


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