Question Answer
Are plants, which is an organism that can produce their own energy through chemical reactions Autotrophs
The process that plants use to produce sugar Photosynthesis
Chemical energy that is transformed from the SUN Radiant Energy
An organelle found in the plant cell in the leaves of green plants which help to produce food for the plant (in the form of sugar/glucose) during photosynthesis Chloroplasts
6H2O+6CO2+light energy–> C6H12)6(sugar/glucose)+6O2 Equation for Photosynthesis
Plants have water in their cell vacuoles, the water pushes (like a force) on the cell membrane & cell wall, creating a type of PRESSURE which makes the cell kind of stiff or rigid Turgor Pressure
Is a growth response of a plant Tropism
Plants response to Earth's gravity; roots grow towards the source of gravity (positive), grows away from gravity (negative). Geotropism(Gravity Tropism)
Plant growth in response to a light source; plants bends to grow towards the sun. Phototropism
Plant growth in response to water; plants roots grow towards a water source. Hydrotropism
Plant growth in response to touch; plant wraps around an object that it comes in tact with. Thighmotropism
Vessels in the stem to transport water Xylem
Vessels in the stem to transport food. Phloem

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