Play Critique Essay

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee I saw The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at Second Space Theater. It was produced by The Good Company Players. What I thought of the actual script was it was very funny and they changed parts to make it modern. I thought the actors were chosen wisely for the production because I felt the actors were really into their character. Like the actor who played Rona Lisa Perretti was truly into the play so she was truly into character.

All the actors were so into character that you could truly believe that it was a real spelling bee. They took people from the audience to play spellers one of the people was Liz Harris she actually spelled so many words right that they had to make a word up so they could kick her off before intermission. The directing was good so the actors were seen from every position in the theater. The choice of actors was good so we could feel they were their characters. The blocking was done well so the actors would move like a person like that would move.

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Play Critique Essay
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The stage was done so it felt like a real gym, it had a stage, a basketball hoop, and the floor markings of a basketball court. The lighting was done well dramatic when it needed to be and not when it did not have to be. The costumes were done well so they looked like school children. Makeup was not really needed because they were all human. The audience believed it was all very funny because it was really funny. The audience thought it was very funny because of the script changes to make it modern.


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