Play Review: The Rocky Horror Show at the 6th Street Playhouse Essay

Emily Ms. Whyte Academic Drama November 18th, 2013 Play Review On October 18th I went and saw The Rocky Horror Show at the 6th Street Playhouse. The show was playing from Sep 20 to Oct 13 and then got extended to show on Oct. 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th, and the 31st . The 6th street playhouse acting company did a marvelous Job taping into their characters and expressing the emotions for every situation their character had.

This play was based off of a movie called “The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ about a very innocent and nonsexual couple ho gets in a car wreck late at night while it’s raining. After this car wreck the couple goes to a house looking to borrow a phone and end up running into an alien transvestite mad scientist who has been building the perfect man to be his sex toy. With this man being born on their arrival the couple was in for a strange, magical, sexual and frightening experience. This large group that lived in the house seemed to love singing and wearing little clothing.

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Play Review: The Rocky Horror Show at the 6th Street Playhouse Essay
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In their time in this house they both lost their virginity, seen many deaths and in the end were able to escape alive as two of he aliens traveled back to their home planet “Transsexual Transylvania. ” The stage was one small platform higher than the floor with two small sets of stairs on the sides that led to small balconies with raining along them that had doors to back stage. The set on the stage was three backdrops that can be folded in and out to change setting. In the center on the stage were two double doors that opened to move on and offstage.

Below the small platform was a large open area in the center of all of the seating. There were very few props used in the play. In the begging to make a car they had the characters sit on a bench and had other cast members that were the scene helpers hold a bumper and flashlight in front of the characters to get the image of a car driving late at night. Once they got out of the car a newspaper was used to cover Janet’s head from the rain. The table was a metal hospital table that was used when Rocky came to life with a white sheet over him that had been pulled off.

The standing bed was standing up in the double doors on the platform so the udience could see what was happening and to show the characters having sex without them actually having to lie down. The flat bed was Just a mattress on a wooden bed frame with a burgundy sheet over it. The guns used were the light up little kid toys that made sounds when the button was pushed, they were silver with multiple colors on them. The costumes differed from Janet and Brad having reasonable costumes for an everyday person, Frank ‘N’ Fruter and Columbia having costumes that reminded me of something a showgirl or a stripper would wear, Riff

Raffs costume looked like a crazy old man, Eddie was dressed as a biker, Magenta was dressed as an old fashion maid and Roxy was Just simply dressed in a gold as close as possible to what it was like in the movie, I was truly impressed. The mood and feeling I got from the play was scared, confused, uncomfortable, funny, weird and overall strange and out of this world. This play portrayed everything it was supposed to with the mood and feeling. I don’t think there was anything the play was trying to communicate to the audience and it is Just for entertainment.

This play reminds me of a mad house because it basically is. With all of the different types of characters and the strange sexual situations it Just makes everyone laugh and even feel uncomfortable in a funny way. I feel this play was a huge success especially because they had been sold out on multiple of their performances in which they even extended the dates. There had been some bums in the performance like the microphone would stop working for a second and at one point Columbia’s wig fell off but the characters went about it like it adn’t happened and made it seem so much more realistic.

I noticed while I was there that the audience really had been enjoying themselves during the performance and I liked to see the older woman, which was the majority of the audience, that were there getting a good laugh and smiling throughout most of the play. This is an older play and this year was its 40 year anniversary so it really made me happy to see these women getting to bring back memories from their younger years and Just having a great time.

I feel like considering my age and how sexual this play is I probably enjoyed the play a little too much. Considering that the play was based off my favorite movie was just exciting and I loved how they put everything together and how they interacted with the audience and even got everyone down on the floor at the end to do a huge group dance to “time warp. ” The theatre was not full but I would expect that considering that I had gone on the first night of the extension. The music and sound effects were great and most of the time spot on.

I loved how they had the lighting and other cast members that weren’t necessarily in the play say commentary that went with the lines as Jokes to make fun of the characters or Just something sexual and funny. In my opinion everyone did a fantastic Job becoming their character and portraying the emotions that character would have in the situation they were in. one thing I learned form going to this play is how confident you have to be with yourself in order to go up on stage and do the things that are required to become the character you are to be.


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