Pob Sba Essay

Description of the Business The name of the business is Darrien Vision Inc. It is a partnership business which produces various video-games for entertainment purposes from just ideas brought to us by video-game fans who really have a great input into what a video-game contains. Darrien Vision Inc. is a nationwide business that exports its products internationally for entertainment purposes. The company is run by a board of directors, in which each member is a share holder in the business, and also the CEO/Owner of the Company, Darrien N. Jones. The business is located at P. O. ox 97017 Los Angeles. Justification of Location The business is located at P. O. box 97017 Los Angeles in the city close to other businesses and around where the most of the population always is. The land was purchased to hold a big company within the city to lessen the cost of advertisement a bit and for it to be accessible for the public to find out what the business is all about. On the property its self is a gaming arcade to help promote our products and the video-games we develop and by our company being in the city is a major part and a great advantage of advertisement over other companies.

The business is in a suitable location because the public is what makes our business successful. Selection of Appropriate Labour Darrien Vision Inc. is a video-game developing company. To operate this business it requires; graphic artists, animation specialists, graphical engineers, graphical architects, video-game programmers, video-game designers, video-game testers, voice actors and accountants. It is a business that requires distinctions in the subjects; Technical Drawing, Information Technology, Art, Physics, Math, English and English Literature. But only certain distinctions are required for different aspects within the business.

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