Poetry and Sonnet Essay

Allusion “Sonnet” Sonnet by bill Collins is a great example of modern day sonnets. The sonnet has everything that a sonnet should acquire to be considered a sonnet. In this sonnet Bill Collins seems to criticize the sonnet form of Shakespeare. Also, in the sonnet of Bill Collins he puts many allusions in his sonnets. For example, in the beginning of the sonnet where he mentions in an alliteration form in line 3 where you get the allusion of the story troy; to launch a little ship on love’s storm-tossed seas.

The next allusion when he mentions A famous sonnet writer named Petrarch in line 12, as well as the final last allusion motioned towards the end of the sonnet in line 13, where he mentions shake spears act called Twelfth night. The first allusion in bill Collins sonnet is in the beginning of the poem. In this allusion he writes; launch a little ship on love’s storm-tossed seas. (Collins, sonnet line 3) Researching this line of the sonnet you find the phase to be the story of troy.

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Poetry and Sonnet Essay
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According to phrase finder, the phrase of the line is a reference to the mythological figure Helen of Troy Her abduction by Paris was said to be the reason for a fleet of a thousand ships to be launched into battle, initiating the Trojan Wars. (Phrase finder, web) The idea of bill Collins adding this into the sonnet is because he is showing from the beginning of the sonnet the love of the poem, which is needed for an iambic pentameter. In the next allusion in the poem Sonnet by Bill Collins, he mentions Petrarch.

According to Petrarch biography, Petrarch is an Italian poet who is best known for the Iyric poetry of his Canzoniere named Lura and is considered one of the greatest love poets of world literature. (Your dictionary, web) In addition, according to Peter Sadlon, Lura was a married woman. As a result, for being a married woman Lura would turn down all advances Petrarch had made towards her. (Sadlon, web) For this reason bill Collins decided to add the allusion of Petrarch towards the Volta stage.

This is because towards the end of Bill Collins sonnet, he wants to point out that Petrarch will never gain the love of his canzoniere. The final allusion Bill Collins writes; take off those crazy medieval tights. ( Collins, sonnet line 13) This line in the sonnet is reference towards Shakespeare act called Twelfth night. According to the summery of no sweat shake pear, Malvolio was teased into putting on tights by some tricksters, after believing the widowed queen could fall for him. no sweat shakespear,web) In addition, at the end of the act  Shakespeare speaks of the madness of love. As a result, bill Collins add this line to his sonnet to signal the ending of the sonnet. To conclude, Bill Collins poem called sonnet was filled with many allusion and is a perfect example of modern day poems. His work followed the rules of an iambic pentameter. It seemed like he criticized the poetry of Shakespeare but yet he made meaning to the sonnet filled with love of other acts, famous writers and sonnets.


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