Political advertisements Essay


In recent old ages, political advertizements have evolved to maintain up with the drastic alterations that form our society. As with the remainder, the alterations kept up to fit and to conform with the rapid technological promotion that for now about dictates the life style and even the perceptual experience of the mark audience and consumers. Just like commercial concerns ‘ trade names and merchandises, politicians sought all the possible avenues, non merely the mainstream or the conventional advertisement methods but besides the up and lifting options which are frequently advanced and clever. All these with merely one end in head – to make out to their mark audience, acquire their message across and derive blessing and trust to be able to rock single and public sentiment to their political causes and to their advantages.

In this age and coevals, the race of the political rivals has progressed in using all signifiers of multimedia – from the traditional media: print, wireless and Television, they have moved the information airing and the political run to the World Wide Web through electronic mails, web pages, on-line treatment groups and chatgroups or the societal media. Marchese ( 2007 ) as quoted by Wright and Hinson put frontward that the differences are “not the media itself, but the system of find, distribution, ingestion and conversation environing the media” . Although another important facet of societal media is its comparative small or no cost compared with traditional media even if both could make any coveted market

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And last twelvemonth during the US presidential elections, they broke through the societal networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and the remainder armed with the message that they want to convey to their citizens and mark electorate. Many analysts and experts had accepted that the success of the run was the successful integrating of societal media with the traditional media

With the development of the political advertisement methods, some politicians besides recognized the demand to change their images to conform to the coevals that utilizes these technological inventions. Physical expressions every bit good as political manner sense have besides been revamped to capture the attending and the imaginativeness of the audience. The alterations have become imperative for those who want to be noticed in a crowd of expected dowdiness and rise above the competition.

I. Harnessing New Technology

As concern recognize the possible and harvest the benefits of the cyberspace as an extra medium in pass oning to the audience and airing information to the mark consumers, the World Wide Web became the oasis of advertizements of anything and everything under the Sun that could be sold or offered to the huge market which all of a sudden became planetary or world-wide. As compared with the tri-media or print, Television and wireless, the tools of communicating in the cyberspace are legion and varied. Others set up web sites to showcase their merchandises or services while others carried the same construct of direct mailing, this clip through the email service. Some joined on-line treatment groups and chatgroups while other posted streamers on high traffic web sites. Up until this clip, more and more ways of advertisement in the cyberspace are discovered or produced by advanced and clever persons.

As political relations is the same with concern except that in commercialism, a merchandise or service is marketed while with the politician, it is the image of the campaigner that is being upheld and ‘sold ‘ to the electors through proper public dealingss of the groups behind the politicians run, it was non earlier long when the politicians took to the cyberspace for their political and run advertizements.

As cogent evidence to this lifting use of new engineering by the politicians in their runs, the UK Tories scored a first in the United Kingdom as they launched their 40-seconder advertizement in Spotify, a quickly turning peer-to-peer music sharing service. The ad will run merely for a hebdomad but there are guesss and premises that as the general elections scheduled for following twelvemonth, UK ‘s conservative party will increase its use of the service of the said site. This move was said to aim the techie-savvy young person section of its citizens. As UK prohibits running political ad run in Television and wireless, aerating this advertizement is legitimate and does non interrupt any regulations as it does non suit into any class of the forbidden class

Last twelvemonth during the US presidential elections, one of the intriguing but advanced move by US president Barack Obama was the usage of the societal networking site Facebook to make out to what it termed its confined audience, the young person. The study stated that as the squad of Obama started their Facebook account early in the run, they were able to bring forth 2 million protagonists. His political antagonist for the highest place in the United States, John McCain followed suit and was able to construct for himself about 600,000 protagonists. Facebook, for its portion has prepared the phase for these politicians by integrating them in their services and supplying a forum for their demand, for a fee. Politicians, seeing the advantage jumped in and the people behind Facebook found themselves overwhelmed with demand for the said service. “Politicians who purchase publicizing infinite on the site will be able to direct mass messages to supporters”

However every bit early as 2006, some politicians in the US have realized the power of this societal networking site as an built-in cog in their political run. US Senator John F. Kerry of Massachusetts even made it a point to see Facebook central office in Palo Alto in his command to tackle the new engineering on political candidacy or cyber candidacy and trusting to make out to the young person, who composes the bulk endorsers of the service.

A purportedly presidential aspirant for the 2008 US presidential elections, Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana besides jumped in this up and coming runing avenue and projected himself an image in Facebook that would hold been acceptable to the many endorsers of the societal networking site who he hoped would finally back up his political aspiration and see him through the extremum of his political calling.

But so, the advantages of tackling this medium are without its opposite number disadvantages. As one ‘s image of his/her character is one of the focal points of Facebook, attention must be exercised in constructing one ‘s image that will be projected. Michael Grynbaum ( 2006 ) , in this column in Boston Globe stated that, “To reach a immature audience, nevertheless, campaigners may hold to cast their middle-aged surroundings and communicate in the proper Facebook mode. That means listing turn-ons and negative stimulations, posting blunt exposures, and ‘friending ‘ college pupils across the state by naming them on the site.”However, the possibility that person within the site could destruct this image which could finally take to the harm to the political calling of the campaigner is besides high. In the same mode that making out to the mass audience is easy and message communications is fast, negative promotion or disclosures of the defects in the image built could be communicated as easy and as fast.

Over clip, as more and more politicians would tackle other avenues to their candidacy easiness and advantage, other pros and cons will still come up and will be recognized which will order the hereafter of these new methods – whether they are worthwhile or non. In the UK, the prohibition on Television and wireless might be extended to suit other media such as the cyberspace if the same aim for censoring Television and wireless has been crossed by the of all time spread outing internet.

On the other manus, the menace of the construct of the politician ‘s occupying the societal networking service is their burgeoning figure which could be looked at as a nuisance or an annoyance to the endorsers. This could take to audience ‘s selectivity towards the communicating attempts or information or information overload or even invasion to their privateness. When this group of politicians became excessively many, it would non go freshness and would discontinue to be fascinating to the members. The message that they continue to direct and administer to the endorsers may be treated as the raging Spam, the same manner in the electronic mail or could be blocked by specific package the same as barricading dad ups and the others.

II. Image and Publicity

Image is really of import to the politicians if non the individual most of import thing to him/her. Sung and Yang ( 2008, p 360 ) quoted Dichter ( 1985 ) who referred to image as “the entire feeling an entity makes on the heads of others” and Kotler and Andreassen ( 1996 ) defined image as “the amount of beliefs, attitudes, stereotypes, thoughts, relevant behavior, or feelings that a individual holds sing an object, individual, or organization” . Therefore, good or first-class image would spell the political calling success while corrupt image could spell the ruin of one ‘s political calling.

That ‘s why publicizing the politician ‘s image or what is called promotion or public dealingss is a really of import tool of the politician. Public dealingss is to “offer a positive image ( Go, 1996, p 82 ) ” and “includes ongoing activities to guarantee the organisation has a strong public image ( McNamara, 2008 ) ” .

Together with the technological discovery that the universe has gone through in the last decennaries, a revamped on the perceptual experience has besides taken topographic point. Because the alterations and inventions has brought a perceptual experience being new, the old are relegated to a lower position on their manner to obsolescence. It is in this construct that even the public image of the politicians needed a makeover.

Therefore, the revolution in footings of public image including manner sense of those who hold office in the authorities is besides easy altering. In recent old ages, a new tendency is emerging. When President Dmitry Medvedev of Russia appeared before his countrymen and declared that he was to go their following president, he was have oning denims ( Morris, 2008 ) . US President Barack Obama was besides frequently seen in his dressed down manner. Another article that appeared in yahoo intelligence has shown both presidents have oning denims therefore denims has become a new symbol of a different sort of image for public retainers.

This tendency could be said to be parallel with the development in advertizement as the construct behind them are about equal. The evident dressing down of the people in high office are somehow the manner of pass oning with their mark audience that they are the ‘new ‘ . The universe is continuously altering and germinating including about everything in it and they excessively have evolved. For President Obama, the image he is projecting including his pick of manner conveys his mantra of alteration. He was replacing the old and allowing the new emerge. To finish the bundle of his alteration conflict call, he even included the revamped on the expected and long held proper closet for a universe leader.

Dressing in denims is besides portion of the politician ‘s command to make out to the young person, in consonant rhyme with their command for their attending when they moved their political run into the den of this section of the society-the cyberspace and all the manner into their societal networking sites.

As denims are normally the closet of the immature, it has besides become symbol of being unworried and dynamic. In US Senator Kerry ‘s visit to the Facebook central office, it was reported that he looked out of sync in his suit and tie among “the site ‘s immature, casually appareled staff ( Grynbaum, 2006 ) ” .

Apart from US President Obama and Russian President Medvedev, other high ranking functionaries and universe leaders are following suit which include France ‘s President Nicolas Sarkozy, Afghanistan ‘s Hamid Karzai, Condoleeza Rice, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi among others ( Morris, 2008 ) . This alteration is all about their ‘new ‘ image and the message they want to convey to their public. It is all about presenting who they are and what they are capable of making for their countrymen and for the universe ( Binkley, 2009 ) .

The advantage and disadvantage of this emerging hip and insouciant manner among universe leaders ( and even concern executives ) depend on the perceptual experience of the populace. The traditional and conservative might glower and declare that they are making a great ill service to their places because of their manner sense. They could reason that they are casting the supposed regard that is attributed to the formal garb. For the young person, it could travel both ways. It would depend on the connexion that they would detect between the new image and with what the politician truly represent. For the manner industry, it could be the discovery of a new epoch or a devastation of the traditional and conventional.

The hereafter of this manner tendency with the universe leaders could non be predicted decently as it would wholly trust on how good these leaders handle the upholding of their public image, in the eyes of their electorate and in the eyes of the universe. But one thing is certain, these politicians may hold revolutionized even their manner sense so that they can project themselves and publicize who they are to the public but everything will all boil down to the strong and positive public image that they have and they will retain and keep.


So much has changed in the universe in the last few decennaries because of the technological discovery that the universe has seen and experienced. Most of the alterations emerged from the innovation and find of new methods and devices in communications. Because of this, even publicizing and public dealingss of politicians were compelled to leap in and be portion of the planetary development.

These alterations involved seeking advanced ways to pass on to the mark audience and acquire the message across merely to convert the populace about their thoughts and platforms of authorities. The cyberspace has become the locale of the race of these politicians in their command to acquire public attending and claim their trust.

Acknowledging that communicating is influenced by physical and societal scenes, they adopted and developed a more natural and informal manner, non merely through the societal media as an avenue to make out but besides in their manner statements ( Start and Tamayo, 1995, p 57-60 ) . As a large portion of the section are the young person, these politicians have revolutionized their manner sense to conform and be accepted by this mistrusting section of society merely to be included in their webs and be trusted with their ballots.

After everything is said and done by the politicians in their public dealingss and ego advertizements, after they have tried urgently to construct an image that would be acceptable to more sections of the society, after the ballots have been cast during election, it would be the reign and leading of these political leaders that would find the hereafter of the methods they have utilized in advertisement and the tendencies they have stirred in manner – if the alterations have been worthwhile or non.


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