Pollution Diseases Essay

Remember when life was grand? You could go outside, smell the “fresh” air,
walk barefoot without worring about something diseased finding it’s way into
your foot. Yes, it used to be a wonderful life. Just think if you were a
squirrel living in a hundred year old oak tree. You work all fall to prepare for
winter, then from out of no where a machine (you’re foreign to) knocks down
your home. You just lost your home and a hundred year old tree lost its life for
a parking lot. This happens to millions of animals and plants everyday. An acre
of rainforest is destroyed every second for farmland we’ll use for a few years
and leave. That rainforest is not replaceable. We complain rainforest is not
replaceable. We complain there’s not a cure for HIV or many other diseases,
but we destroy forest that it’s plants produce many medicines and one of thoes
plants could contain a cure for a disease. It’s something to think about.

Here’s something else to think about. We use huge machinery to destroy the
rainforest. These machines release chemicals into the air which pollutes the
stuff we breathe into our bodies. Everytime we gun that engine or peel our tires
we pollute the air. If we want to breathe healthy air so we can enjoy the
outdoors, we’re going to have to be more consious on what we do. What do you
think about a huge flood that kills all living things on land? Well, everytime
you spray the hairspray or cheese in a can you release aresol which depleats the
ozone. Because of our lack of knowledge or care there is now a huge hole over
Antartica. If to much heat gets to the glaciers they will melt overfilling the
oceans causeing massive floods on dry land. Floods so bad they would kill all
living things. Would it kill you to not drive for the fun of it, possibly walk
or car pool? Well, since people have over-used the gas of the world we’re
facing a shortage of fossil fuel which is what powers our cars. With this
problem other problems occur. Air pollution, noise pollution, and over crowding
are some to just name a few. This problem needs to be taken care of quickly. The
problem of pollution is something has to end and end soon. If something
doesn’t stop the pollution will take over and destroy us which is no body’s
fault but ourselves. The problem is bad but if we start to clean up now we could
still make it a wonderful life (again).

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