Polybius “Roman Army” Sample Essay

The Romans were merely known for their ground forces. but besides for their ground forces subject. In comparing to today and the penalties given out were about. inhuman. If you were found guilty of any charges. a tribune was to be assembled to present a fleet penalty to the so called offense. Let’s start off with standing station or guard responsibility. any and everyone who has every served in the armed forces has had to make this. You have been standing at that place all dark. and Nothing is traveling on. After hours and hours of void. you eventually get down to remain. and possibly you jerk your self-awake one time or twice. Heaven forbid you really fall asleep. If this happens. and you are caught there is no “I’m sorry” . no “it will ne’er go on again” there is nil but dishonour and decease. The tribune is called that forenoon. and you would hold been beaten to decease with nines and rocks by all of your companions. The soldiers other penalties could include. mulcts. demanding of sureties. and of penalty with chevrons. Bing beaten to decease was a common penalty for several terrible discourtesies as. stealing. giving false grounds. perpetrating the same mistake three times. and homosexual pattern.

Leaving your station out of fright and throwing off any of your arms on the battleground was besides punished with decease. Polybius said ““Those who have lost a shield or a blade or any arm on the battleground frequently hurl themselves upon the enemy trusting that they will either retrieve the arm they have lost. or else flight by decease from the inevitable shame and the humiliations they would endure at place. ” Not really frequently did this happen. when a squadron deserted its station. For penalty the tribune would utilize the celebrated. the atrocious. sentence of decimation. The tribune called the host on parade and ordered to the forepart those who were guilty of abandonment of their ranks. They would name them every name under the Sun to diss them. and so they would be told to take a figure. Then everyone out of 10s would pay for offenses. . And they did this by being clubbed and beaten to decease by the ground forces. The remainder of the work forces were allowed to populate. but after all that embarrassment I think decease would hold been the better option. Polybius told the Romans. “That alone wouldn’t make work forces weather. You encourage them to move heroically by keeping out all sorts of wagess and inducements. ”

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Polybius “Roman Army” Sample Essay
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Soldier’s that acted with great gallantry. was rewarded by his general in forepart of all the military personnels and presented with gifts. The hero had voluntarily and intentionally exposed himself to danger. He would be presented with a spear if he killed an enemy. non during a conflict or where it wasn’t necessary to prosecute in individual combat. An marcher would have a goblet ; person in the horse would be presented with furniture for his Equus caballus. These work forces were non merely honored in the ground forces. but they were honored throughout the community and at place were they were allowed to expose trophies. The Romans compared to our military is slightly different in the degree of penalties and wagess. but still really much the same. Today soldiers are given the Purple Heart for being injured during war and the highest is the Medal of Honor for traveling above and beyond the call of responsibility. These work forces are still really regarded in every community and place for the service to their state.


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