Polygamy Essay

Why Polygamy? Polygamy is the practice of having two or more spouses at the same time; this includes both polygyny and polyandry, which is the union of one man with more than one women and the union of one women to more than one man. A new study out of the University of British Columbia (UBC) documents how societies have systematically evolved away from polygamy because of the social problems it causes. The Canadian researchers are really talking about polygyny, which is the term for one man with multiple wives, and which is by far the most common expression of polygamy. Sister ives” appear as minor celebrities in the pages of People magazine, piggybacking on their popular TLC reality TV show of the same name. Polygamy should stay illegal because it undermines the institution of marriage, hierarchy within the family can occur, and women in these situations are more likely to suffer from self-esteem and depression. In a marriage the union of two people is what matters, imagine the competition between several wives or husbands for one persons attention. As society is trying to reinstitute the stable family as the ideal place to live and bring up children, this type f family is not doing so.

It harms children and them knowing about role models and family life. It also harms the family lifestyle, in a normal family with one mom and one dad, there is one person in charge or two. With a polygamist family there are many moms and moms like to be in charge. There could be one “head” mom and the other moms do not like that idea. Or if one mom got after a different mom’s child that mom would not be very happy. Then this confuses children. This can also lead to low self- esteem in women. With two people marriages the spouses are only sharing affection ith each other.

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Women love being the center of attention and in polygamist marriages they are not. Other reasons why polygamy should still be illegal is that children and the women are in danger of rape, forced marriage, child abuse welfare fraud, and insest. Society is all about “no one finishes last everyone is a winner,” polygamist marriages are bringing self-esteem down on women and children. Polygamy needs to stay illegal for the sake of women and children. Also our countries debt, polygamist families are the most common for welfare fraud.


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