Pop Music : Art or Noise Essay

Music is such an essential part of humanity. For every generation is a different set of music. Some maybe strange to hear and some too noisy to understand. There are lots of kinds music, jazz, rock, country music, folk, classical, pop music and others. But the most youth oriented kind of music is pop music. Today, Pop music is relatively clear medium of communication of youth to its pears and surroundings. Older generations and youngsters may sometimes established conflicts with this type of music.

They sometimes call it generation gap, but it’s not. It’s just a matter of familiarity and preference. Pop music is not necessarily a taboo for the old generation. They love pop music too. Endurance of loud sounds to the sensitive auditory nerves of older people makes the difference in preference. But understanding can patch up the difference. Lowering the volume of sounds can make a big difference in respect to the older people. Pop music is definitely not a noise. It is a very expressive means to bring happiness, sadness, fear and hopes.

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Pop Music : Art or Noise Essay
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It may pass many changes in tempo, rhythm and beat but the soul in every pop song will always be there. This is the most artful and most beautiful way of bringing out the innermost feelings of a person’s mind and body. It releases the exuberant energies of the youth for so to have a clear mind, away from drugs and far from emotional breakdown. Pop music have so much liveliness, it’s not a dragged. Can you imagine the life of a highly energetic youngster in the music of Mozart, Stern and Pavarotti?

Yes, this is an artistic classical type of music but it does not match the rhythm of a youngster pulse. If music will be dragged than life would be lifeless. Pop music is definitely an art. An art shows life’s beauty. As the saying goes, “Beauty depends on the eye of the beholder. Everything in this world is artfully made by our creator. Acceptance is only the key word. Pop music is the fastest medium of communication around the corners of the world. We may belong to different cultures but in song it will make a difference.

It gives joy and fulfillness and conveys message of love and peace to the world. For some, pop music is not their type. The elite usually prefers classical music. Pop music is for the masses , old and young, rich and poor because it truly brings out the true facets of life in this world we live in. Over the course of the 20th century, musical styles came and went but some stuck around. Disco maybe dead but pop music is an art that is here to stay. I can really define pop music is an artful arrangement of sounds across differ


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