Popular Culture and Electronic Media Paper Essay

Popular Culture and Electronic Media Paper In today society radio, television, music, as well as motion picture plays an important role in America culture today. Radio plays a role in America culture since broadcasting is very important in American culture it is a way of communicating without been seen. Radio also spread news worldwide as well as ones culture. Radio also host difference advertisements since some radio station are non-profit, and typically ran through university or a local non-profit organization. Radio also plays different music we all enjoy.

Music in America has manifested itself in the entertainment industry. Music is a part of America culture throughout the history of music white Americans have expressed their fascination with black culture as well as black with white culture. Music also plays an important role in the American culture, because of characteristics of music as well as difference listeners. Music has a numerous of mainstream in American culture according to Dr. Keith Black, “Black traditionally has been label an “outlaw” culture”. Black music tells a lot on African Americans culture and how we live.

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Popular Culture and Electronic Media Paper Essay
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When listen to music one is able to adapt to ones culture since music is a form of communicating. Music has been a part of the American culture for so long for some of us this is all we know. Music in American culture is going to be around since this is a way of understanding each other culture. This is one of American long lasting cultures since Americans place music at the center point of they life. Television is also place at the center point of Americans life. Television also plays an important role of American culture since one can watch and easy get adapt.

Television has been around for a long time just like radio one who watches television as well as listen to radio are more likely to adapt to American culture as well as any other. Television shows American culture on how we live, in addition to how we act. Television also exposes more than radio since one can rather see than listening and easy to adapt by seeing. When watching television American culture is more likely to be more exposed as well as discovered. While watching television References Music in American Popular Culture received on September 6, 2010 from www. americanpopularculture. com/archive/? music/rap white


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