Post-Secondary Education is Important Essay

The atmosphere In which we grow up and the Influences of our peers shape who we are. Depending on these factors, people achieve happiness under deferent circumstances. I believe that graduating from a well-known, reputable, university is more fulfilling than winning a lottery because, in the latter, the prize money will eventually be depleted and the chances to earning or winning another lottery are slim.

In contrast, post-secondary education Is not a waste of time and money because going to university or college would mean acquiring more knowledge In specific objects, achieving the goal of completing a degree, and Increase the likelihood of attaining skills to apply in everyday life to earn a living. Furthermore. The essential basis of human nature is to acquire desired knowledge in order to survive. And to take the advantages that come trot that knowledge.

Imagine If our ancestors lacked the ability to ask the question “what The result would be that the present population on Earth would cease to exist because no one would know the skills and the reasons “why” there is a need to build shelters, hunt for food, or clothe oneself for a variety of weather conditions. By obtaining a post secondary education, people can hone their skills through the interests through the teachings of highly trained and certified professors.

After all, with the knowledge gathered from post secondary education, one might have the chance to teach the aspiring followers about a specific subject. If they were acquainted with the knowledge of adding and subtracting many-digit numbers, they could enlighten other people who are limited to only adding and subtracting one- digit numbers. Not only that, upon completion of degree, one may be employed with a company which values the accomplishments of a college-education This achievement Is usually represented by a higher salary than those Jobs not requiring a college-degree.

Consequently, people working EDT McDonald’s receive SIX to eight dollars an hour, despite the fact that those with a college-degree earn a large amount of money. Also, most of the time, many professional vocations ask for a university or a college-degree from applicants. For instance, in order to study in a stem-cell research center, one needs to acquire a degree on biotechnology. If people without it get hired there, they will have a hard time understanding the concepts the other researchers will talk about and they will become a burden to the others.

Subsequently, people with a university or a college-degree earn more money as well as becoming successful in life. As they become better at their vocations, they later come up from obscurity and go on to fame. Naturally, a competition between different companies will occur to hire that person because other companies want more profit made trot professionals, not amateurs. As a result. Giggly successful people will be respected and treated as superior from their peers In the same way.

Post-secondary education provides people with better skills to use the knowledge teen are Interested In, provokes people Walt professional careers Walt a multiversity or a college-degree, and provides a guaranteed acknowledged life. Nevertheless, many benefits can be achieved from the post-secondary education. Therefore, people should not think post-secondary education as a waste of time and money but to think as a pathway towards a flourishing life-style.

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Post-Secondary Education is Important Essay
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