Potential Problems In Change Implementation Commerce Essay

This survey reviews the instance of FAB Sweet, a manufacturer of confectionery. The house is presently pestilences with several internal and human dealingss jobs which reflect on its overall end product. The issues and their causes are evaluated in a theoretical context concentrating direction doctrines such as Taylorism, bureaucratism, occupation enrichment and organizational civilization. These issues are discussed in SECTION A. Section B sets out a direction action program for organizational development by urging several stairss or actions based on the theoretical literature, which could better the current province of the house. Like every alteration direction plan in every administration, jobs are envisaged and anticipated. The possible beginning of the jobs and ways to extenuate the jobs are noted in SECTION C. The chief issues originating from the instance and high spots of the cardinal subjects are including as a decision in the concluding subdivision.


As this assignment suggests and provides some solutions and best patterns of HRM in the Hard Boiled Department of FAB Sweets LTD, which is a maker of high quality Sweets in the North of England, it becomes necessary to foremost reexamine and place what are the jobs and their causes in order to happen appropriate solutions based on HRM pattern. In peculiar, the section of hardboiled ( called HB ) has the chief jobs which need to be solved for this ground I have been appointed to happen solutions for their jobs. There, I tried to cover with these issues in the point of position of HRM positions and analyze the jobs logically which means provide possible solutions for this instance depending on their ability and budgets every bit good.

First of wholly, it seems that the work atmosphere has many struggles whether between employees or their directors. However, the jobs are non merely related to the hapless relationship between directors and their employees but besides it reflects on the productiveness and efficiency of the house. Related to this facet, the instance highlights the fact that the section of HB is the worst section in the mill late in footings of ambiance, attitude and clime. Therefore, I would state that supervising the issues or jobs foremost and seeking to understand their causes is the first measure to propose and supply appropriate solution to this instance.

Section A: Issues and their causes

First of wholly, it is clear that because of the issues and jobs in the HB section, there was a high degree of labour turnover. One of the chief ground which is concerned is there were six directors in eight old ages. Basically, it has happened for some grounds so as I said above turnover is one of these grounds. Every new director has his ain schemes and methods of pull offing the work. Most of the clip, new directors need clip to accommodate to the new work atmosphere whether he or she has a good experience or non. So this will decidedly impact the productiveness of the mill and the quality of the green goods.

The work atmosphere seems deadening as employees complain often. This is particularly true with the production section largely because they are ever focused on making the same tasks day-in day-out and are non sufficiently rewarded. Merely they can acquire it in one instance which is get the hanging all the accomplishments for all the lines and you should be ready to cover any work in the mill. The director ‘s alibi for this is that employees are trained on a assortment of undertakings and accorded several accomplishments which are seldom used in the work environment.

Again there is a hapless and dilapidating relationship between stemming from dissatisfaction from their pay graduated tables, their classs, and the work force per unit area particularly in the afternoons while their supervisors do non supply any regards or positive feedback. There are other jobs stemming from struggles between adult females ( baggers ) and their supervisors and besides between supervisors of the tow subdivisions of HB. Both supervisors turn to fault each other for dislocations and other jobs within the house which might be the consequences of the extra force per unit area put on them by the directors.

The issues highlighted above can be attributed to several direction issues or defects documented in the direction literature. These include facets of Taylorism, bureaucratism, occupation enrichment and organizational civilization.

Taylorism besides called scientific direction was a direction doctrine introduced by Frederick Taylor at the bend of the twentieth century. The doctrine advocated that employee public presentation could be improved through analyzing work procedures, including remainder interruptions, utilizing fiscal inducements and giving workers the right machines ( Kanigel, 1997 ) . Taylor did non see a human dimension as a factor that drives public presentation. Kanigel ( 1997 ) noted that the footing of Taylor ‘s doctrine was that ‘workers could non be relied upon ‘ , ‘lacked endowment and intelligence ‘ and therefore ‘workers should be told what to make and when to make it ‘ ( Kanigel, 1997 ) . This school of idea has to a great extent been criticized by advocates of the human dealingss theory such as Elton Mayo, Henri Fayol, Victor Vroom and Abraham Maslow ( Kyle, 2006 ) . Some of the rules proposed by Taylor still remain utile today and have been the nucleus of several extremely successful houses. FAB Sweets still employs techniques that were proposed by Taylor but do so ill ( even so ) by non sing the function of machine effectivity and fiscal inducements in bettering public presentation.

The house is besides really bureaucratic in its construction with several beds of direction. This slows down determination devising, reduces flexibleness and reduces effectual communicating between employees and direction ( Garston, 1993 ) . This might be the ground why the hapless departmental conditions have persisted for really long. It might besides account for the high managerial turnover experienced within the house.

There is deficiency of occupation enrichment and this is attesting itself in the signifier of ennui at the work topographic point as indicated by production staff. Frederick Hertzberg developed the thought of occupation enrichment in the 1950 ‘s. The construct asserts that the occupation of employees could be significantly enriched by leting employees to utilize a scope of their accomplishments. Hertzberg contends that occupation enrichment could be attained through leting employees to execute a scope of different undertaking that challenge them both mentally and physically, structuring work plans to let for complete and meaningful work, and by furthering communicating supplying feedback and encouragement ( Hackman and Oldham, 1976 ) .

Hill and Jones ( 2001 ) contend that an organisation ‘s civilization refer to the aggregation of values and norms that are shared by employees, groups and squads within the organisation and that control the manner these persons and groups interact with each other and with the organisation ‘s external stakeholders. The organisational civilization within FAB Sweets is merely ugly as there are no constituted positive values shared within the different work squads. There is deficiency of regard between employees or sections, there is a strong blasted civilization between sections and these factors do non back up productiveness.

Section B: Management action and Development program

Bettering Performance through feedback

There are major jobs related to the appraisal of employee public presentation in this instance survey. Basically, directors link their public presentation to their production end product irrespective of the physical abilities and attempts of these employees. However, they have been blamed for being less productive and efficient. Furthermore, there is no clear and effectual feedback- positive or negative, about their public presentation. Feedback will assist the employees to better their public presentation. In consequence, utilizing a good public presentation assessment system in a instance like this is of import as it mitigates struggles and improves the chance of accomplishing success. As a portion of HRM, public presentation assessment is an of import tool that directors use to measure the work of their subsidiaries and to develop clear ends and aims associating to the work of subsidiaries in the hereafter. Performance assessment will besides help towards employee reward systems such as fillips and publicity. There are several appropriate attacks of public presentation assessment which are recommended in order to work out jobs or issues associating to public presentation.

Performance assessment will useful foremost of all, because no feedback system is used in the mill and employees complain that they receive small or no information about their public presentation. Using feedback will there for utile for both employees and directors as it evaluates public presentation and gives the employees information about their attempts in the mill. The literature on human resource direction highlights the benefits of feedback. Armstrong ( 2000 ) recommends the usage of a 360-degree feedback plan which he describes as a ‘multisource appraisal or multirater feedback. The deduction of this is that employees are rated by supervisors, directors, carbon monoxide workers and through self appraisal ( Fletcher, 2004 ) . The benefits and advantages of such a system lies in the fact that it its proven, efficient, gives a clear vision and efficaciously assesses the public presentation and behavior of the employees while besides leting them to derive feedback and citation of their attempts. This will besides better and promote a spirit of teamwork which is absent in the mill by promoting all workers ( directors, supervisors and employees ) to acquire a holistic position of their public presentation and how it can be farther improved.

Bettering Satisfaction through Empowerment

With respect to employee ‘s satisfaction, the grounds points to the fact that employees are completed disgruntled as concerns rating and payment degree. Related to this facet, Calderblon ( 1988 ) suggested that employees should be encouraged to take part in placing jobs related to their public presentation which may increase their satisfaction. This therefore implies that it will be a good thought for mill directors, supervisors and mill workers to work together to foreground the jobs they face and make suggestions on how these jobs could be resolved. As confirmed by the employees in this instance, they had few determinations doing duties, they were unmotivated and their occupation satisfaction was low. James ( 2009 ) argued that employees ‘ engagement in determination doing increase their satisfaction and public presentation.

Authorization is a construct that has been met with important involvement in the field of human resource direction. Its importance and relevancy has been highlight by several research workers ( see Paul et al. , 2000 who have advocated the demand for new methods of direction that encourage employee engagement, engagement, liberty and the publicity of ego pull offing work squads. Paul et al. , 2000 and subsequently Cohen et al. , 2007 have provided theoretical and empirical grounds to asseverate that authorization significantly improves wellbeing at work topographic point, improves the motive of employees, improves employee committedness, therefore employee public presentation and the overall occupation satisfaction. Authorization is defined by Spreitzer as ‘increased intrinsic undertaking motive manifested in a set of four knowledges reflecting an person ‘s orientation to his/her work function ; significance, competency, self-government and impact ‘ ( Spreitzer, 1995, P 1443 ) . Employees at FAB Sweets can be empowered through improved and meaningful deputation, improved work environment, preparation and development and effectual feedback systems.

Job rotary motion is an facet which could be easy implemented within the house. There is no ground why workers should be segregated and given different undertakings based on their sex. Job rotary motion should be allowed for to cut down ennui hence bettering productiveness amongst staff.

Honoring and Motivating

As I noted above on the issue of public presentation, it is of import to acquire information on the attempts of workers so that good public presentation and good attempts should be rewarded suitably. Appropriate wages constructions will assist the directors and the house towards the accomplishment of ends and it will spur competition between workers to better their public presentation. There is nevertheless no effectual wages system or construction within the mill. There is hence no ground for employees to pass attempt or better accomplishments as this does non profit them in any manner. The 360-degree system ( Armstrong 2000 ) can be used to derive feedback about employee public presentation and the end could be to derive an penetration into the public presentation of single staff in order to apportion wagess efficaciously. Armstrong and Murlis ( 1988 p.256 ) argued that hapless single public presentation is more likely to be hidden within teamwork. In a mill of this nature hence, it is of import to measure each person otherwise both to guarantee effectual allotment of wagess and to place staff with excess preparation demands. This does non invalidate or sabotage the importance of teamwork in this scene. A wages construction that considers honoring both squads ( production and packaging ) every bit good as the stars within the squads should take to an betterment in public presentation every bit good as to the development of stronger squad working and collaborative inclinations with the section therefore extenuating the bing struggles between workers.

Equipment and invention

Clearly the physical facets of the work environment demand to be improved. The machines are old and have resulted in a batch of bit, wastage, inefficiencies and ineffectualness. It has farther aggravated tensenesss between the different sections ( care and production ) due to their changeless failures. The house has focused on bettering productiveness through people without any consideration for the machines used in production. A capital allowance of & A ; lb ; 25000 agencies that a new, more efficient machine could be acquired or developed. Employee preparation will hold to be organised to fit the demands of the new machine. Training presently takes topographic point on the occupation and there are no indicants of a formal employee development procedure. Development plans could be scheduled. These plans could supply paths for mill degree staff to derive preparation that will let them to take up managerial places. Such a strategy will better the motive of employees and surely better their productiveness. It will besides promote staff to come up with advanced thoughts on how work can be redesigned and public presentation improved. It shall congruently function as a manner to acknowledge and honor high public presentation amongst staff.

Organizational civilization and values

In maintaining with Taylor ‘s rules, the house provides consideration for human development. Workers are presently treated as factors of production without any respect for their feelings. There is demand for a revamp of the system from top to bottom. Senior direction will necessitate to formalize or re-introduce the values of the house. There is demand for employees to experience valued by house and top direction as this empowers them, bettering their sense of belonging and hence their productiveness. When strong values are highlighted, they should be accompanied by clear ends and aims which will give the employees counsel on what is expected from them.

Section C: Potential jobs in alteration execution

Research has shown that employees are susceptible to defy alteration in many cases ( Armenakis et al. , 1999 ) . Their opposition stems chiefly from the uncertainnesss environing alteration plans ( Clarke, 1994 ) . To successfully force through alterations, employees need to be empowered to accept, embracing and support alteration plans ( Clarke, 1994 ) . Employees can defy alteration in several ways such as Union activity ( work stoppages ) or consider non-conformance ( Armenakis et al. , 1999 ) . At FAB Sweets, I anticipate that boxing staff will defy proposals sing occupation rotary motion particularly if they will hold to take bends in the production section. Employees at the production section may defy proposals for the usage of new machines because it will ask further preparation with brings up other uncertainnesss.

The manner forward is through employee preparedness and employee engagement in the alteration procedure ( Armenakis et al. , 1999 ) . Employees should be informed early of the new alterations that will be instituted ; they should be given a clear thought of what it will affect, how they will be affected, how it will profit them, what sort of aid or support they will hold to assist them get by with alterations and what their function in the procedure is. Again, employees from several sections could be used as alteration agents to drive alteration and ease the procedure.


The instance highlights a classical set of jobs faced in many houses around the universe where directors set high productiveness demands but their implicit in house runing environment does non allow such criterions to be achieved. Many production houses employ several dictums of Taylor ‘s scientific direction doctrine but fail to see the human dealingss side of production and the potency for human dealingss to better productiveness. A careful reappraisal of the instance of FAB Sweets highlights some of these jobs briefly. A set of recommendations have been made which if implemented will better the work environment and the overall productiveness of the house. These facets include employee authorization, a reappraisal of the organisations civilization, equipment and invention, wages schemed and motive. Changes are ne’er a smooth procedure within houses but alteration can be managed successfully if a proactive attack is adopted. As proposed by Amenakis et al. , ( 1999 ) , the establishment of a alteration preparedness plan every bit good as employee engagement in the alteration procedure will assist to better the success of the alteration plan.


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