Pounded Yam: An African Dish Sample Essay

Pounded yam is smooth dough of mashed yam frequently eaten with a vegetable soup or fret. It is sometimes called “Iyan” . It is much like mashed murphies. but smoother. heavier. and tastier. Pounded yam is classified as a particular daintiness and extremely esteemed repast all over Africa. Traditionally. pounded yam is made by boiling yams in a pot. and one time cooked ; it is placed in a howitzer and pounded or crush into smooth textured dough with a three – five pes tall stamp. Thankss to modern engineering: there are now a twosome of ways now to ease the readying of pounded yam. One manner is by sliting yam into little sizes. have them pealed and topographic point in a yam pounder. The other manner is even easier and popular particularly outside Africa.

This involves yam been processed into a dried pulverization ( dehydrated yam flour ) either by Sun drying yam or commercially utilizing dehydrating machines. All you need to make is scatter the yam flour into a pot of boiling H2O and stir the mixture until you obtain your coveted texture. so you allow this to cook for a few proceedingss. A repast of pounded yam with vegetable soup provides a really rich and balanced diet. Yam in itself has been hailed as one of the most alimentary nutrient known to adult male. Apart from been rich in fibre. protecting the intestine against diseases like diverticulitis. it is a great beginning of vitamin C. vitamin B6. Mg. and P. Yam besides is rich in protei

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Pounded Yam: An African Dish Sample Essay
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