Poverty makes people suffer

Poverty makes People Suffer Many people suffer every day and wonder how they are going to survive. If they have enough strength to continue through the day. Poverty is something that some people have to deal with an everyday basis. Even Jo Goodwin Parker suffered poverty. Jo Goodwin Parker states that poverty worn out all your pride because of the things these kind of people have to do, to be able to survive. For example, many people eat off the trash cans in the street because they got no money to eat.

Many of them cannot get a job because people judge them on their appearance. Also, Jo Goodwin Parker states that poverty takes away your dignity because people have to ask for money even food to survive. Jo Goodwin Parker describes people’s actions towards poor people. Parker would be often criticizing based on what the writer was wearing, the smell, the food and many other things they would do. Yes, I do believe people criticize without having a reason; some others do it to make themselves feel better than others. Not everyone act the same.

We as a society should help each other and have each other and every one of us back. We should help the poor by giving those things that would help them. Not necessarily has to be money, it could be as simple as a piece of bread and water. If we help the poor we all grow stronger as a nation. The poor shouldn’t suffer to survive. The poor shouldn’t not to worry if there are going to suffer on a daily basis. We should all act as one and serve each other equally. Poverty shouldn’t be something people suffer through everyday basis. Therefore we should help our poor and make ourselves a better place to live in.


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