Ppps For Local Governments The Sandy Springs Model Construction Essay

Private Public Partnerships ( “ P3s ” ) are used with increasing frequence throughout the universe. By and large considered in the context of big, long-run substructure undertakings such as roads, Bridgess and infirmaries, P3s are being utilized in of all time germinating and originative ways. The treatment below will analyze P3s in the context of local authorities service proviso in the United States, utilizing inside informations from Sandy Springs and Johns Creek, Georgia to exemplify the benefits and challenges of the P3 theoretical account in the local authorities context. ( Please widen to obtain an executive sum-up, chief findings, and extracts of the decision, etc. )


Public-private partnerships have been defined in a battalion of ways in the literature and have been described by those who have gained experience with the theoretical account. For the intents of this treatment, P3s in the local authorities context shall be defined as the proviso of human resources and capital by a private sector company engaged in a contractual relationship with a local authorities spouse in order to supply municipal operations and services. .

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Ppps For Local Governments The Sandy Springs Model Construction Essay
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Bradbury and Waechter describe four theoretical accounts of local authorities operations and service proviso.

The first is the attack that many associate with authoritiess: all service proviso is managed in-house.

The 2nd theoretical account utilizes undertaking out of some services. Many citizens are now familiar and comfy with this theoretical account ; waste direction for illustration, is a service that is frequently undertaken by private contractors.

In the 3rd theoretical account, which is based on the P3 construct. all authorities services and staff are contracted out to the private sector, go forthing merely the most senior staff as employees of the metropolis. This illustration is characterized by the metropoliss of Sandy Springs and John ‘s Creek, Georgia.

In the 4th theoretical account, which is besides based on the P3 construct but is the converse of this attack, most senior staff places are contracted out. However, in this theoretical account the bulk of employees and services are provided by the metropolis itself. A figure of metropoliss in North Carolina follow this theoretical account.

The treatment below will concentrate on the former attack, referred to as the “ Sandy Springs theoretical account. ”

P3s and Local Government

Burgeoning budgets, citizen dissatisfaction with service bringing and force per unit area from elected functionaries to cut down disbursals are merely a few of the grounds why local authoritiess have turned to P3s as a service proviso theoretical account. As celebrated above, undertaking out of metropolis services is non new ; in fact California led the tendency to privatise the bulk of metropolis services in the fiftiess. Cities like Weston, Florida, Centennial, Colorado and many metropoliss in Georgia have taken this attack even further. The drift for making so is clear: Governments are non incentivized to cut down disbursals ; rather the antonym. Ending the twelvemonth under budget will intend a decrease in budget the undermentioned twelvemonth. The private sector, on the other manus, operates best when it can introduce to cut down disbursals and increase grosss. [ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ]

Newly incorporated metropoliss such as Sandy Springs, John ‘s Creek, Milton and others in Georgia provided functionaries with an chance to make things otherwise and to show value for money to their components ( taxpayers and electors ) . The private sector provided the start-up capital and human resources to ease the incorporation and provided the needed efficiency to run into a needed agenda of execution. There was no fast-track and publically financed alternate theoretical account available to finance the passage from a county dependence to municipal independency. “ New Public Management ” readily adopts market based rules and attacks to serve bringing, staffing and public presentation based direction. While apparently easier to implement a P3 attack to metropolis direction from the “ clean slate ” or freshly incorporated position, many good established metropoliss are besides looking to the P3 theoretical account to supply better services at a lower cost for its citizens.

On its face, there is no ground why these metropoliss should non prosecute in this attack. Virtually any local authorities service can be provided by the private sector and normally for well less disbursal. P3s besides introduce competition into a monopolistic system of public service proviso, ensuing in efficiencies and inducements for presenting better services at decreased cost. Ideally, the contractual relationship has direction commissariats and public presentation prosodies that enable metropolis directors to keep the contractor to reciprocally hold upon criterions, and let for fiscal and legal redress should the contractor fail to present services that meet or exceed those criterions.


There is a misconception that P3 theoretical accounts for local authorities mean that the contractor “ owns ” or runs the metropolis. This is non the instance. Democratically elected Mayor and Council fulfill the same function as in traditional metropolis direction:

Set policies

Base on balls regulations ( bylaws )

Set precedences for the metropolis

Approve/decline zoning and allowing

Adopt long-range programs

Set budget

Deal with public policy issues

The P3 City Manager, as in a traditional theoretical account, is a cardinal participant to the successful operation of the metropolis. Typically, the function is filled by an experient local authorities decision maker who is responsible for guaranting that metropolis policies are carried through and that the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operations of the metropolis are delivered at the degree outlined in the contract. This individual straight supervises the contractor and Acts of the Apostless like a senior executive in a private company.

In order to critically measure the effectivity and attraction of a P3 theoretical account of metropolis direction, every bit good as to understand the future deductions of such theoretical accounts for local authorities, Sandy Springs, Georgia was selected as a instance survey by the writers of this paper.

The Sandy Springs Model

History and Background

Sandy Springs was incorporated as a metropolis in 2005 and is located 20A kilometers north of Atlanta, Georgia in Fulton County. It has a population of around 100,000 people and a average family income of $ 106,000. [ ? ? ? ? ? } The estimated capital budget of Sandy Springs is $ 240 million and the estimated operating budget is $ 97.5 million based on Sandy Springs budget missive for the financial twelvemonth of 2009.

In the province of Georgia, the bicameral legislative assembly has the power to integrate metropoliss and all local authorities powers flow from the province. Residents of Sandy Springs had been recommending for incorporation since the 1970s and had become more vocal in the last decennary, as services provided to the community by Fulton County deteriorated, . Citizens felt that there was important disparity between the revenue enhancements they paid and the services they received. However, attempts to keep a referendum on incorporation were blocked by Democrats in the province General Assembly and by Fulton County itself, worried about a loss in revenue enhancement gross. In 2004, the Republicans gained control of both the House and Senate and a Bill to keep a referendum on integrating Sandy Springs was passed. On June 21, 2005, 94 per centum of Sandy Springs occupants voted in favor of incorporation The inaugural Mayor and Council were elected in November 2005. What happened following helped pave the manner for an wholly new theoretical account of local authorities.


The statute law passed by the General Assembly appointed a Committee to acquire the new metropolis up and running, and contained specified timelines and inside informations sing the incorporation of Sandy Springs. These timelines were improbably short and besides stated that the metropolis would non have any revenue enhancement grosss until midnight on December 1, 2005. With no start up hard currency, freshly elected functionaries and no authorization to come in into contracts or hire staff, the Committee faced important challenges. Not merely that, but its occupants were anticipating the metropolis to present immediate betterments in four cardinal countries:

Public Safety ;

Parks and Recreation ;

Transportation system ;

and Infrastructure.

These outlooks were warranted. Surveies conducted after incorporation found 70 per centum of the metropolis ‘s traffic visible radiations had lacks.A deficiency of jurisprudence enforcement meant that 80 per centum of ( spirits ) licensed premises had important lacks and that illegal whorehouses were runing in the country.

Addressing these concerns through the traditional attack to metropolis direction would hold taken old ages, and what Sandy Springs needed was an immediate, “ off the shelf ” solution. As such, the metropolis turned to the private sector for aid.

The P3 Model

Sandy Springs created a P3 theoretical account, which had a limited figure of senior staff employed by the metropolis, and in which virtually all services were contracted out. The exclusions were exigency services ( constabulary, ambulance, fire ) every bit good as H2O and sewerage intervention services, which Fulton County continued to supply. Sandy Springs issued a Request for Proposal ( RFP ) , to which several companies responded. CH2M Hill OMI was selected to supply forces and services to the new metropolis. Broadly, the metropolis retained ownership of primary assets ( e.g. H2O intervention workss, but non the phones or computing machines used by employees ) ; exercised budgetary control ; and retained ownership of capital planning and outgos. CH2M Hill OMI was responsible for staffing and all service costs ; the fix, replacing and care of all equipment and installations ; and employees/personnel. A more elaborate list of CH2M Hill OMI ‘s duties is contained in Appendix One.

After CH2M Hill OMI was selected, and prior to the contract being negotiated and signed, CH2M Hill OMI and Sandy Springs signed a Memorandum of Understanding to supply CH2M Hill OMI with Limited Notice to Continue. This enabled CH2M Hill OMI to instantly get down seting people and resources in topographic point to get down presenting services for Sandy Springs occupants.

P3 Contractual Contents for the Sandy Springs Model

The contract with CH2M Hill OMI has been signed for four to five old ages with an automatic reclamation every subsequent twelvemonth. In instance the City is non satisfied with any of the provided services, it is able to exert an option to end the contract prior to the one-year reclamation with 30 twenty-four hours notice

During the initial contract dialogues, the City decided for a “ Fixed Cost ” Agreement with CH2M Hill OMI. As a effect, CH2M Hill OMI has to run under a fixed gross watercourse for the continuance of the contract to supply all services and is non able to bear down extra services to the City.

However, a proviso in the partnership understanding allows a “ re-basing ” of the contract after the 2nd twelvemonth to see alterations in the service-levels and even permits the possibility to shiftto a “ Cost Plus footing ” . A cost plus contract would enable CH2M Hill OMI to measure the City beyond the antecedently agreed upon ‘fixed ‘ compensation for specified services and/or undertakings and potentially provide extra value to Sandy Spring ‘s revenue enhancement remunerators

From clip to clip, the parties may place new services that are presently non included in the base range. In this instance, one party is to advise the other portion. If agreed by both parties, CH2M Hill OMI is to supply a monetary value and range within a sensible clip frame. Once the City agrees in authorship, CH2M Hill OMI will get down the undertakings.

General Benefits – P3 Cities

As with all P3s, one of the benefits for authorities is the transportation of hazard to the contractor. In the local authorities context, this includes switching hazard regarding:

Service outlooks ( finance and accounting ; community development ; and public plants ) ;

Contractual duties ;

Customer reactivity ;

Costss in surplus of budget ;

Non-compliance with environmental ordinances ;

Asset direction ; and

Asset fix and replacing.

In the instance of Sandy Springs and other freshly incorporated metropoliss, which followed, an immediate benefit was that the resources required to develop and run a new metropolis were provided by the contractor ; the metropolis did non hold to put instantly in administrative substructure.In add-on, the contractor absorbed the initial disbursal for set uping operating procedures and processs.. In instance of Sandy Springs the Private Sector even carried a important contractual and political hazard, since a contract was non signed before incorporation ( true? ) .

Cost decrease in metropolis operations through private sector inventions and efficiencies is a clear benefit of this theoretical account. Surveies suggest that the proviso of metropolis services by the private sector saves between 5 and 20 per centum of metropolis budgets yearly. Closely related to that is the ability for metropoliss to accrue these cost nest eggs and construct eventuality financess, something unheard of in traditional metropolis administration. The normally recognized motive for traditional authoritiess to “ utilize it or lose it ” with regard to budget nest eggs ceases to be in this theoretical account.

Employee battle is another benefit of the theoretical account:

First, employees are typically paid more in this theoretical account than in traditional public service, a acknowledgment of the accomplishments and expertness that they bring to their places.

Second, high public presentation is encouraged through the usage of fillips and inducements, ensuing in improved productiveness.

Third, while problematic as a benefit, the fright of occupation loss in a non-unionized environment besides serves as an employee incentive.

Fourth, the “ it ‘s non my occupation ” attitude that so frequently characterizes traditional public employees disappears in this theoretical account, and with it, employee defeat sing complacence in their co-workers.

Fifth, employees with extended experience and diverse backgrounds are hired to carry through cardinal functions within the metropolis construction. This consequences in a smaller, but more productive work force. As the authorization of metropolis functionaries is to supply good administration, non occupations, this theoretical account enables Mayor and Council to concentrate on public policy and citizen concerns.

In traditional metropolis direction, big groups of employees work on RFPs ( Requests for Proposal ) , buying maps, spouse dialogues and other facets of undertaking out. In this theoretical account, improved contract direction happens instantly, as all maps related to services are handled by the private sector operator, or are sub-contracted out. The resources required in traditional metropolis direction can be redeployed elsewhere, or eliminated wholly.

Decision devising in the Sandy Springs theoretical account is besides streamlined. Fewer employees in the decision-making pyramid, reduced departmentalization and the debut of the net income motivation, “ clip is money ” , means that determinations are made much more expeditiously.

The P3 theoretical account can besides assist metropoliss cut down their long-run liabilities, such as employee pension and benefit programs. In most instances, metropolis employees are the duty of the private sector supplier ; the metropolis merely has to supply for such benefits to public safety employees and the few in-house employees that are paid by the metropolis.

Shared plus theoretical accounts can besides assist thrust efficiencies and cost nest eggs. For illustration, if the contractor has other similar commercial ventures, assets can be shared among undertakings when non required by the metropolis. Road pavement is one such illustration. Rather than have the equipment sit idle, the contractor can use it on nearby undertakings or in other P3 metropoliss, therefore cut downing the demand for all metropoliss to have the same equipment.

Finally, economic systems of graduated table are frequently realized by the contractor when several local authoritiess within a geographic country all engaged in P3s. This was the instance with Sandy Springs and neighbouring legal powers, discussed in greater item below.

Specific Benefits of the Sandy Springs Model

As noted above, there were four cardinal countries that were specified for betterments in Sandy Springs: public safety ; transit, substructure ; and Parkss and diversion.One of the major benefits to occupants of Sandy Springs following incorporation was improved client service, which besides focussed on the four countries supra. This was made possible through the constitution of a 24/7 citizen call Centre to turn to petitions and concerns. While non all petitions were really handled by CH2M Hill OMI, citizens were at least responded to in a timely mode. This contrasts significantly with client service prior to incorporation. Citizens were often frustrated that petitions made and concerns expressed to Fulton County functionaries were frequently ignored or placed at the underside of the precedence list, as functionaries had to react to pressing concerns elsewhere in the county.

A figure of betterments related to transit and substructure occurred in Sandy Springs. First, the timeline for license blessing prior to incorporation was eight weeks. [ ? ? ? ? ] CH2M Hill OMI is now able to supply license blessings for occupants within two weeks. [ ? ? ? ? ]

Commuter traffic was improved along the primary transit corridor by developing an advanced signalling system by synchronising 21 traffic control signals on Roswell Road, the chief corridor of the metropolis, and put ining an override system that remotely controls the traffic lights This betterment helped to keep traffic flow and was estimated to hold saved $ 11M per twelvemonth. Additionally, marks, dust and obstructions on metropolis roads are now cleared instantly guaranting a free flow of traffic and a safe travel path for commuters.

Bylaw, districting and code enforcement takes place on a regular basis in the new theoretical account, which has had a positive impact on the aesthetic entreaty and safety of the metropolis. CH2M Hill OMI has increased citizen conformity with these demands by imposing important mulcts and sharply roll uping them. Gross generated from these mulcts is shared between CH2M Hill OMI and Sandy Springs. The aggressive attack to bylaw enforcement has been a beginning of concern for citizens, discussed subsequently in the Specific Challenges subdivision.

Following incorporation by Sandy Springs, the nearby legal powers of John ‘s Creek, Milton, Dunwoody and Chattahoochee Hill Country besides incorporated and contracted with CH2M Hill OMI for metropolis services. This enables CH2M Hill OMI to recognize important cost nest eggs through economic systems of graduated table or resource sharing. One such illustration is that of a shared work force. The human capital available to CH2M Hill OMI consists of extremely skilled employees. As needs arise at each metropolis, CH2M Hill OMI is able to deploy critical resources on short notice to turn to those demands, which is considered priceless by both CH2M Hill OMI and its clients.

Shared services theoretical accounts help smaller communities in the part. Chattahoochee Hill Country for illustration, does non necessitate full-time employees to set about backroom operations such as record-keeping, accounting or information processing. CH2M Hill OMI ensures that employees at other metropoliss besides undertake these services for Chattahoochee Hill Country. Another illustration of shared service is that of cross-sworn codification enforcement officers. Bing able to function in multiple metropoliss reduces the overall figure of enforcement officers required, every bit good as costs associated with preparation.

Intergovernmental Agreements ( IGAs ) were implemented between Sandy Springs and nearby legal powers to ease the shared service theoretical accounts. Most noteworthy is the IGA with Fulton County that provides for exigency services to Sandy Springs and a figure of neighboring metropoliss. Additionally, H2O and sewerage services are delivered to both residential and commercial belongingss in Sandy Springs by the City of Atlanta and Fulton County. [ ? ? ? ? ]

The fixed cost contract that Sandy Springs negotiated with CH2M Hill OMI meant that merely 10 per centum of its first budget was spent on non-contract related points. This consistence in outgos helps to streamline the budget procedure and allows metropolis functionaries to concentrate clip and resources on strategic issues of importance to occupants.

Sandy Springs realized several general and specific benefits by following a P3 theoretical account and choosing CH2M Hill OMI to present its services. However, both the theoretical account and the pick of spouse posed important challenges for the metropolis.


General Challenges – P3 Cities

While non a concern for new metropoliss, bing municipalities sing implementing a full P3 service theoretical account will probably confront issues with its bing nonionized employee base. Union concerns that P3s consequence in occupation losingss for its rank are good documented and non without virtue. One of the “ benefits ” to P3 service bringing noted above is that occupation security ( or miss thereof ) maps as an employee incentive in P3 metropoliss. Union resistance to a sweeping P3 theoretical account may ensue in legal challenges, and will surely ensue in political challenges to the metropolis ‘s Mayor and Council. [ ? ? ? ? ] It is besides likely that brotherhood communications on the issue will ensue in negative public dealingss for the metropolis, which could impact touristry, investing and deter possible occupants from relocating at that place.

Early research into P3s supplying municipal services suggests that net income motive may ensue in contractors adhering to clauses in the contract if the contractor ‘s committedness is on a short term footing. In this instance, a contractor would non put in a long-run committedness to the sustainability of the metropolis and its taxpayers. As celebrated above, while environmental conformity hazard is transferred to contractors in the Sandy Springs theoretical account, operators may be tempted to force the bounds of this conformity in order to maximise short-run addition. Whereas traditional metropolis direction could ensue in costlier, but more sustainable long-run enterprises, it is non clear that the P3 theoretical account consequences in better long-run determination devising.

By trusting on a private sector spouse to supply the bulk of metropolis services, municipalities deal with capacity issues. First, metropoliss do non construct a organic structure of institutional cognition about procedure, determinations and history with the Sandy Springs theoretical account. The employees belong to the contractor and will take all of their cognition and expertness with them when they leave. Second, the metropolis may hold issues with cognition transportation if it begins to spouse with another contractor. This trust on private sector expertness puts the metropolis and its occupants in a extremely vulnerable place.

Transparency is a major concern with regard to P3 metropoliss. While most authoritiess, including municipal, state/provincial, regional and national have freedom of information statute law that grants citizens the right to bespeak and reexamine any authorities papers, private companies are non typically capable to such statute law. As a contractor in a competitory industry, companies are non incentivized to do their records and operational inside informations available to the populace. This poses a existent job with regard to transparence and citizen rights, particularly given that the grosss to pay the contractors in P3 metropoliss are generated from occupants through belongings revenue enhancements.

Despite contract commissariats, there is still a hazard that the contractor may present undependable service. While redress for the metropolis exists in the signifier of keep backing payment or ending the contract, important costs will be incurred by the metropolis.These costs include the enlisting, choice and passage to a new spouse, and operational costs if service proviso reverts to the metropolis itself.

Specific Challenges with the Sandy Springs Model

The contract signed between Sandy Springs and CH2M Hill OMI outlined really specific duties and public presentation prosodies with regard to care. Some illustrations include tree trimming, grass film editing, attachment to metropolis regulations and more. Citizens contend that non merely was CH2M Hill OMI ‘s changeless care “ excessively much of a good thing ” but it was besides unneeded. For its portion, CH2M Hill OMI contends that it is contractually obliged to present those services, and its fiscal compensation is dependent on run intoing public presentation benchmarks. Until such clip as the contracts are amended, the company will non put on the line non-compliance fees and will go on to follow the contract as it is written.

As noted above, rigorous enforcement of codification and regulation misdemeanors angered some citizens. Previous enforcement officers had well more discretion and flexibleness with regard to composing tickets and certain misdemeanors tended to acquire overlooked. For illustration, one metropolis regulation prohibits the poster of promotional stuffs, celebratory marks and other stuff on public belongings. CH2M Hill OMI is contractually obliged to maintain metropolis belongings clean and free of such stuffs and is broad in passing out mulcts to occupants and concerns that violate the jurisprudence. As a private company motivated by net income, many occupants have complained that the mulcts are a CH2M Hill OMI “ hard currency grab ” and are “ for senseless material that has nil to make with running the metropolis. ” Appendix Two illustrates the gross sharing theoretical account for bylaw and enforcement mulcts.

A major unfavorable judgment of the Sandy Springs theoretical account is the deficiency of transparence with regard to both the fiscal theoretical account and metropolis records. As a private company, CH2M Hill OMI is non obliged to unwrap information on its operational activities and does non do this information populace. Servicess such as Finance and IT are the contractual duty of CH2M Hill OMI, which means CH2M Hill OMI owns the assets used to present those services. However, item with regard to the costs and procedures for these two countries are non known. In add-on to concerns with regard to transparence, this deficiency of item makes it hard to measure false efficiencies and cost nest eggs, peculiarly as there were no old benchmarks to compare to. Further, if Sandy Springs ends its relationship with CH2M Hill OMI and passages to another contractor, this deficiency of information would come up as a major hazard in contract dialogues and the rating of service proviso. The lump-sum commissariats ( what was lump-sum and what was fixed-cost contract? ) in the Sandy Springs contract do non let for elaborate analysis sing the money that the metropolis is passing. In order to maximise value for its occupants, metropolis functionaries should cognize what the service proviso is bing CH2M Hill OMI relation to what Sandy Springs is passing.

Related to the issue of transparence is that of inadvertence. Currently, no separate entity exists to supervise the partnership between Sandy Springs and CH2M Hill OMI, to guarantee that the partnership is presenting cost nest eggs and efficiencies. P3 inadvertence bureaus are recommended by perceivers and practicians as a key best pattern ( delight see treatment below for others ) . Without inadvertence, the citizens of Sandy Springs can non measure whether they are acquiring true value for money, nor whether the contractor is prosecuting in ethical patterns.

Should Sandy Springs decide that it requires extra services from CH2M Hill OMI, it is non a simple procedure of adding those services. Rather, they must be added to the contract during the one-year reclamation procedure, which could ensue in a hold of up to one twelvemonth before services commence.

Finally, the cost to contract out the bulk of metropolis services comes at a monetary value. In Sandy Springs, CH2M Hill OMI ‘s fees represent 40 per centum of the metropolis ‘s budget. [ ? ? ? ? ? ] John Kachmar, the City Manager in John ‘s Creek notes that the cost of the contract is a major lodging point in his metropolis ‘s current contract reclamation dialogues with CH2M Hill OMI and is the primary ground with the City of Milton chose to end its contract with CH2M Hill OMI. The chief ground for this is the work force costs that CH2M Hill OMI builds into its budgets.

Despite the challenges faced by Sandy Springs, the contract has already provided value for money for both the metropolis and its occupants. CH2M Hill OMI has besides realized unanticipated benefits beyond fiscal compensation.

Value for Money

Sandy Springs

Sandy Springs, as a start-up metropolis, faced considerable challenges imposed by the General Assembly ‘s timelines and gross limitations, every bit good as from the outlooks of its citizens. As a consequence of the contract with CH2M Hill OMI, Sandy Springs is able to show important value for money to its citizens.

First, CH2M Hill OMI took on the hazard associated with the start-up, including:

Preliminary support of equipment and forces prior to the aggregation of revenue enhancement gross ; and

Creation of the substructure and processes required to back up the forces and the service bringing theoretical account, prior to subscribing the contract with the city. [ ? ? ? ]

Residents of Sandy Springs wanted to integrate chiefly due to a deficiency of service and reactivity from Fulton County. The partnership with CH2M Hill OMI enabled Sandy Springs to construct the substructure required to run into citizen demands, which would hold been highly ambitious, if non impossible with the traditional metropolis administration theoretical account. Significantly improved service degrees have been achieved and are being maintained in Sandy Springs. A smaller, more efficient metropolis work force is presenting value to occupants at a decreased cost. The contract is for six old ages, renewable each twelvemonth, but the metropolis can end at any clip with 30 yearss notice. [ ? ? ? ] The contract was besides structured as a “ Fixed Cost ” understanding, so the one-year fee that Sandy Springs pays to CH2M Hill OMI will non alter for the continuance of the term, supplying functionaries and occupants with cost certainty. In the event of an exigency or major catastrophe, CH2M Hill OMI is still required to supply services to guarantee the normal operation of the metropolis. If Sandy Springs terminates its contract with CH2M Hill OMI, it can engage CH2M Hill OMI employees without holding to seek the consent of CH2M Hill OMI. Finally, CH2M Hill OMI monitors the IGAs with other county and metropolis authoritiess on behalf of Sandy Springs, which besides helps to guarantee high service degrees for its occupants.


For CH2M Hill OMI, the value in the Sandy Springs contract is generated from the financials it receives every bit good as the trade name profile created through the contract. The budgets it sets use a really generous multiplier for its work force charge out rate. This multiplier is 2.38, which means that for every $ 1 it spends on forces costs ( including benefits, wages, fillips ) it is compensated $ 2.38. [ ? ? ? ? ] CH2M Hill OMI uses this attack to cover its costs, including overhead and compensate for its hazard.

From a trade name position, winning the Sandy Springs contract non merely created a new line of concern for the company, but increased its profile in the local authorities sector. Several municipalities followed Sandy Springs ‘s illustration and besides incorporated. Confronting the same start up challenges, many of these metropoliss turned to CH2M Hill OMI for support and service bringing.

Key Lessons/Best Practices

The theoretical account has been in usage for a figure of old ages and for a figure of really different scenarios within the Georgia country supplying penetration into the successes achieved and countries for betterment.

With regard to the contract, flexibleness is of import. While conventional wisdom provinces that contracts should be detailed, P3 metropoliss should come in into contracts that outline public presentation prosodies, but that inside informations about service bringing are kept to a lower limit. [ 17 ] This will let for the greatest sum of invention and flexibleness.

Not everything should be procured ; each metropolis may hold a different thought on the services that they want to secure but the demand to keep a sensible sized public work force can non be overlooked.

A multi-year contract is desirable for both parties as it allows for proving of new methodological analysis and a proper rating of the partnership. To be able to warrant the usage of a P3, the expiration clauses must be written in a manner as to non favor the private entity and take into consideration concern continuity and passage hazards.

To guarantee consistence from a client service perspective the managing spouse should be the lone seeable entity to the metropolis. All sub-contractors are to be managed through the managing spouse besides guaranting a more efficient direction of assorted relationships.

Another cardinal lesson is to truly measure the demands of the contract and to take the best payment option. The best option will depend on each metropolis ‘s alone fortunes, political environment and tolerance for hazard and may be different for each instance.

The plus ownership and income generated by the metropolis should be maintained by the metropolis and the Managing Partner should non be entitled to portion in the metropolis ‘s grosss, but earns its fees from the proviso of services.

Understanding the efficiency and public presentation of the services being provided is important to cognize where betterments can be made. The most successful prosodies will be established and agreed upon by both the metropolis and the contractor. Prosodies set excessively low may ensue in hapless public presentation and prosodies set excessively high discourage employees. Additionally, elaborate prosodies should non be included in the first twelvemonth, but established in the 2nd twelvemonth in order to be most relevant and utile.

The Sandy Springs theoretical account has been priceless for pull offing the important capital start-up costs and good as human capital required for new metropoliss. With less than one-half of the employees the work force is much leaner.

Communication to the clients and within “ metropolis hall ” is cardinal to doing the partnership a success. A great trade of attempt and accent has been placed on keeping a healthy relationship with the private spouse all the while the private entity remains crystalline from the position of the client.

The Future: P3s and Local Government

Spurred in big portion by occupants who were frustrated and dissatisfied with service proviso at the county degree, Sandy Springs and other legal powers decided to prosecute incorporation. Should this tendency continue, it will hold a hurtful consequence on county authoritiess, potentially rendering them excess. Given that smaller communities can use shared service and plus theoretical accounts, county authoritiess will necessitate to alter the manner they operate to present services more equitably and more expeditiously.

The economic sciences of P3 metropoliss suggest that freshly incorporated metropoliss will go on with the theoretical account. In one preliminary survey that compared five traditionally managed metropoliss with five P3 surveies, every P3 metropolis had significantly lower per capita operating costs than the traditional theoretical accounts. Traditionally managed metropoliss cost 128 per centum more to run that the P3 versions.

The comparative success of Sandy Springs, John ‘s Creek and others P3 metropoliss has generated international involvement. Philosophically and economically, good metropolis administration should ensue in a theoretical account whereby grosss equal costs and assets equal liabilities. In Japan, metropoliss are burdened with important debt – on norm, 25 per centum of metropoliss ‘ runing budgets are used for involvement payments, cut downing the resources available to function its citizens. The civilization of service in Japan, combined with the efficiencies and economic sciences of the P3 theoretical account, seem to foretell a successful P3 execution. Currently, a pilot metropolis of 50,000 people is utilizing a P3 theoretical account to prove its effectivity.

Alone civilization and jurisdictional issues will surely find how many states look to P3 theoretical accounts for local authorities service bringing. It is assumed that the states in which P3s are already being used to present major substructure plants will be the first to look at P3 theoretical accounts for local authorities.

As local authoritiess are challenged to run into the demands of their citizens, who are progressively knowing and who demand answerability and responsiveness metropolis functionaries, they are traveling to hold to go more originative, advanced and flexible. If the traditional theoretical account will non run into the demands, so alternate service bringing theoretical accounts will necessitate to be considered. It is likely that P3 metropoliss will go more, non less common in the hereafter.


Sandy Springs was incorporated as a consequence of citizen demands for more answerability and reactivity from local authorities and better service bringing. Based on the legislative demands established during incorporation, and in order to run into these demands, Sandy Springs turned to the private sector for aid.

The metropolis ‘s contract with CH2M Hill OMI means that most metropolis services, with the exclusion of H2O, sewerage and exigency services, are provided by a private sector contractor. This has resulted in increased service degrees and citizen reactivity, but has besides come at a monetary value. The contract with CH2M Hill OMI represents 40 per centum of the one-year budget and the work force costs are exceptionally high. Citizens have been overwhelmed by the changeless care and service proviso of CH2M Hill OMI and bylaw and regulation mulcts have been sharply levied.

Despite the challenges, the contract with CH2M Hill OMI has, on balance, provided important value for money for Sandy Springs occupants and taxpayers, and besides encouraged a figure of other legal powers to follow suit. While there are elements of the theoretical account that need to be addressed ( transparence, work force costs ) , overall the Sandy Springs attack provides a feasible design for local authoritiess to run into the demands of its citizens in the most economically efficient mode.


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