Practice Quiz: Chapters 6 and 7

Humans exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide with the atmosphere via their…
carbon dioxide
In an experiment, mice were fed glucose (C6H1206) containing a small amount of radioactive oxygen. The mice were closely monitored, and in a few minutes radioactive oxygen atoms showed up in…
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Practice Quiz: Chapters 6 and 7
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extract useable energy from glucose
The function of cellular respiration is to…
in the cytoplasmic fluid
During respiration in a eukaryotic cell, reactions of glycolysis occur….
What is the name of the process in which glucose is converted to pyruvic acid?
the mitochondrion
During respiration in a eukaryotic cell, reactions of the Citric Acid Cycle (Krebs Cycle) occur in
Of the metabolic pathways listed below, the only pathway found in almost organisms is…
cristae, or inner membrane, of the mitochondrion
During respiration in a eukaryotic cell, the electron transport chain is located in or on the…
Most of the ATP produced in cellular respiration comes from…
The electron transport chain
Which part of the cellular catabolism of glucose requires molecular oxygen?
at the end of electron transport chain to accept electrons and form H20
During aerobic respiration, molecular oxygen is used…
Make enough ATP to meet our energy requirements
If humans did not breathe in O2, we would not…
It is converted to heat.
ATP molecule contains about 1% of the amount of chemical energy in a single glucose molecule. Cell respiration produces about 38 ATP from one glucose. What happens to the rest of the energy in the glucose?
The overall efficiency of respiration is approximately..
lactic acid
Sports physiologists at an Olympic training center wanted to monitor athletes to determine at what point their muscles were functioning anaerobically. They could do this by checking for a buildup of…
How much ATP can a cell make from one glucose molecule in the presence of carbon monoxide?
In glycolysis there is a net gain of….ATP
acetyl CoA
Which of these enters the Citric Acid Cycle?
electron transport and chemiosmosis
In cellular respiration, most ATP molecules are directly produced by…
Glucose is used and carbon dioxide is produced as a waste in the overall process of cellular respiration.
….is used and…is produced as a waste product in the overall process of cellular respiration.
making ATP to power cell activities
The main function of cellular respiration is..
The net gain of ATP for each glucose molecule that enters glycolysis, in the absence of oxygen, is approximately…
The mitochondria
In eukaryotes, the electron transport chain is a series of electron carrier molecules embedded in which organelle?
What is the name of the process in which pyruvate is converted to lactate?
Lung is to breathing as….is to cellular respiration
Chapter 7
Which of these types of organisms produce the biosphere’s food supply?
thylakoids, which are in the chloroplasts in the mesophyll cells of a leaf
In a rosebush, chlorophyll is located in
Through the stomata
How does carbon dioxide enter the leaf?
Chlorophyll molecules are in which part of the chloroplast
THe source of the oxygen produced by photosynthesis has been identified through experiments using radioactice tracers. The oxygen comes from
in sugar molecules
In photosynthesis, what is the fate of the oxygen atoms present in CO2? They end up…
In photosynthesis, plants use carbon from carbon dioxide to make sugar and other organic molecules.
In photosynthesis, plants use carbon from…to make sugar and other organic molecules.
The photosynthetic event known as the Calvin cycle occurs in the..
Blue-violet, red-orange
The wavelengths of light absorbed by pigments in the granum are mainly in which range?
capture light energy
The most important role of pigments in photosynthesis is to…
Which of these wavelengths is LEAST useful for photosynthesis?
light reactions of photosynthesis
Molecular oxygen is produced during…
The Calvin cycle depends on the products of the light reactions.
The reactions of the Calving cycle are not directly dependent on light, but they usually do not occur at night. Why?
assemble sugar molecules by fixing carbon
The Calvin cycle is a series of reactions that…
6 CO2 + 6 H20–(light energy)—-C6H12O6 + 6 02
Which of these equations best summarizes photosynthesis?
The light reactions of photosynthesis use water and produce NADPH.
The light reactions of photosynthesis use…and produce…
The ultimate energy source that supports most life on Earth is…
They make their own food from inorganic materials.
They are among the producers of the biosphere.
They are in the same nutritional category as some bacteria and protists.
They use light energy to drive the synthesis of organic molecules
Plants are photosynthetic autotrophs. What does this mean?
The photosynthetic membranes are found in the …in plant cells.
making sugar
The overall function of the Calvin cycle is..
Which of the following is produced by the light reactions of photosynthesis and consumed by the Calvin cycle?
The thylakoid membranes
What is the greenest part of a chloroplast?

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