Pre-Ap Science

Question Answer
Natural Selection "survival of the fittest"
What will happen if the offspring survives? it will pass on, by reproduction, useful variations to its offspring that will help that species better survive in their environment because the “weak” traits will eventually be eliminated by nature
Overpopulation a species’ ability to produce more offspring than the environment can support
What are some factors of the offspring not surviving to adulthood? 1. predation
2. limited resources
3. disease
Variation different traits exist within a given species or population
Why is variation important? f there is no variation or “options” to choose, then a species is limited to what is available; even if it is weak or unfavorable
When do variations come into existance? only with a change in the organisms DNA
What is the change in an organisms DNA known as? mutation
Why are mutations rare? (only occur in gametes)because these cells are normally not exposed to the environmental stresses an organism may encounter in their existence;mostly occur on somatic cells because these cells are exposed to the environmental stresses
Why does competition occur? because there is an overproduction in a species’ population
Adaptations a specific variation that is or becomes a common trait within a population because it helps the species better survive in their environment

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