Preliminary analytical procedure: A definition and analysis Essay

Hearers are required to fix the preliminary analytical process at the planning as a portion of the risk-assessment processs under ASA 315.6. The definition of preliminary analytical process is that ‘comparison of client rations to industry or rival benchmarks provides an indicant of the company ‘s public presentation ‘ . The intent of preliminary analytical process is to obtain apprehension of the client ‘s company and industry. ( text edition )

In common, two major phases, simple comparings and ration analysis, are used by hearers during analytical process ; nevertheless ration analysis is a better apprehension of the entity. Based on the information from inquiry 6.33, the analysis process is allocated in two major phases. ( text edition )

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Preliminary analytical procedure: A definition and analysis Essay
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Simple comparings.

Simple comparing is to compare sums between the 2009 fiscal statements and 2010 fiscal statements of Gourmet Pty Ltd.

The “ net net income ” additions from $ 56 240 000 in 2009 to $ 63 562 000 in 2010, the increasing sums are up to $ 7 3220 000.

The “ entire stockholders equity ” additions from $ 141 300 000 in 2009 to $ 204 862 000 in 2010, the increasing sums are up to $ 63 562 000.

The public presentation of company is better from 2009 to 2010 in regard of above informations, because company owns a steady and experient direction squad ; efforts to widen the scope of merchandises in order to heighten competition of industry and depends on appropriate scheme to get other smaller rivals. The simple comparing is a general analysis, nevertheless, auditor demand to utilize ratio analysis in order to obtaining the specific informations.

Ratio analysis

Based on 6.33, following ratios could be calculated for analysis.

The ” current ratio ” is 0.195 in 2009 and 0.280 in 2010. These two ratios are less than the better benchmark 2, even are lower than positive current ratio 1.5 every bit good.

The “ speedy plus ratio ” is 0.070 in 2009 and 0.096 in 2010.

The “ gross net income ratio ” is 0.481 in 2009 and 0.463 in 2010.

The “ net net income ratio ” is 0.183 in 2009 and 0.193 in 2010.

The “ debt to equity ration ” is


( a ) ‘The built-in hazard is the susceptibleness of an history balance, category of minutess or revelation to material misstatement given built-in and environmental features, but without respect to internal control. ‘ ( text edition ) Based on the background information from 6.33, following factors could impact the built-in hazard:

A new finance manager has joined in the company. The alteration of of import direction place would increase built-in hazard. At the same clip, the new finance manager will confront force per unit area to surpass pervious consequence ; the force per unit area could supply an inducement for him or her to affect the misstatement and fraud of fiscal study. Besides the built-in hazard would increase.

The company owned 25 mercantile establishments of changing sizes and geographic locations, which would increase built-in hazard, because it is difficult to be controlled by directors of entity.

Company has signed contract sing the building and development of a eating house and amusement composite, which would increase built-in hazard due to the deficiency of expertness about the new market.

The company installed a new computing machine system ; the alteration of information engineering may non work every bit expected or may be undependable and could impact the truth of fiscal study. Therefore, the built-in hazard would be increased.

( B ) ( I ) Based on the audit hazard theoretical account, three constituents consist of audit hazard: built-in hazard, control hazard and sensing hazard. The addition of built-in hazard will ensue in that misstatements likely to happen in company ‘s fiscal study, which would take to the addition of audit hazard as good. ( text edition )

( two ) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

( degree Celsius ) The degree of materiality should be considered as a cardinal point to be after the nature, timing and extent of audit process, and the relationship between audit hazard and materiality is reverse. ( text edition ) Therefore, the sum of preliminary materiality degree reduced from $ 5000000 to $ 3200000 after reappraisal of built-in hazard, because that the built-in hazard is higher than the hearer ‘s expectancy. Therefore, hearer should increase the extent of audit processs, choosing a more effectual audit process and executing audit processs closer to the balance day of the month, peculiarly in regard to history is considered significantly by hearers. ( text book )


( a ) The aims of internal hearers are that ‘Internal auditing is an independent, nonsubjective confidence and consulting activity designed to add value and better an administration ‘s operations. ‘ ( Adam Cunningham ) . ‘The internal hearer ‘s range of work is comprehensive. It serves the organisation by assisting it carry through its aims, and bettering operations, hazard direction, internal controls, and administration procedures. ‘

( hypertext transfer protocol: // ? i=1086 )

External hearer is to verify that the one-year histories supply a true and just image of the administration ‘s fundss ; and that the usage of financess is in conformity with the purposes and objects as outlined in the fundamental law. ( Mangifera indica ) ? ? ? ? ?

The range of external hearers? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

( B ) External hearer can follow the information from internal hearer included that:

The internal audit map as a portion of the internal control, will impact the external hearer ‘s appraisal of control hazard and the range of audit processs.

The descriptions and other certification of internal control will lend the external hearer to derive an apprehension of the company ‘s internal control.

The direct aid by internal hearer will assist external hearer to do substantial trial or trials of controls ( text edition )

( degree Celsius ) Along with internal hearer involved in measuring the company scheme and placing the associated hazards, which will supply aid for the external hearer sing to set about a concern hazard attack to the audit. In add-on, internal hearers should keep equal accomplishments, cognition, experience, unity and objectiveness to guarantee the effectual information for external hearer. ( text edition ) Based on the information on 8.34, Gourmet Pty Ltd owns an experient and professional internal auditing squad. However, the external hearer should see carefully for these information, because that “ the aims of the internal hearer should be the same as the aims of the company ” ( David A. Wood ) .Therefore, external hearer must choose information under the demand of independent audit.

( vitamin D ) The nonsubjective 1, nonsubjective 2 and nonsubjective 4 are related to guarantee the effectual operation and skill of maximum benefit for company, which are non included in control activities. The control activities is that ‘policy and processs that pertain to public presentation reappraisals, information processing, physical controls and segregation of responsibilities ‘ . ( Textbook ) Therefore, the nonsubjective 3, nonsubjective 5 and nonsubjective 6 are related to internal control activities, which are need to be relevant to external hearer.


( a ) The related internal control must be identified effectiveness if hearers plan to trust on this control. Therefore, hearers need to put out trials of control to corroborate effectivity of controls. From this instance, the audit spouse has decided to utilize the work of the internal audit group ( LAG ) . One of the work documents from LAG is to analyze payments made to creditors throughout the twelvemonth and find whether the processs laid down in the Accounting Manual have been decently followed. On the other word, this paper is related to the trials of control about payment. The consequence of this trial indicates some mistakes:

( I ) Payments that were non matched to an sanctioned purchase order, nevertheless, all other certification was attached.

The aim of this is to prove the happening of purchases of inventory dealing. This mistake implies that related dealing may non happen or the dealing is unauthorized.

( two ) Payments that were non made to an approved provider.

The aim of this is to prove the happening of purchases of inventory dealing. This mistake implies that related dealing may non happen or the dealing is unauthorized.

( three ) Payments that were authorized by a 2nd party, although this was non required.

The notes explain that new fiscal comptroller being incognizant of house policy. Although it has been remedied, the related minutess may make non happen or is unauthorized.

( four ) Payments that had no back uping certification attached.

The aim of this is to prove the happening of hard currency expenses minutess. This mistake implies that related dealing may non happen or the dealing is unauthorized or the goods or services may non have.

( V ) Payments that did non bear grounds that calculation on creditors ‘ bills had been checked.

The aim of this is to prove the truth of purchases of stock list minutess. The mistake implies that related minutess are non recorded right.

Besides, these mistakes indicate that the internal control sing payments is non really effectual, because the proportion of mistake is about 28 % of 60 samples. It means that the hazard of this related internal control is higher than mean degree.

( B ) Under this state of affairs, external hearers should see whether the groundss adopted by internal hearers are satisfied sufficiency and rightness. Particularly in regard of the rightness should be discussed here. Gourmet Pty Ltd is a big private company ; therefore it must hold a big volume of minutess. If internal hearers merely selected 60 samples, it should be considered by external hearers that the sums of samples are non sufficient and the control hazard is higher than its existent degree. Therefore, they can take to increase the extent of trial of control to seek to cut down the hazard degree to an acceptable degree. If the control is still non working as they expected, they can take increase the extent of substantial testing in order to continual trust on this control. If the control hazard still can non be reduced by these trials of control, external hearers will give up the trust on the control. In consequence, hearers have determined that control does non be or the being of control can non supply dependable grounds. ( text edition )


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