Preparing cash budgets under two alternatives Essay

Harmonizing to Braun, Tietz and Harrison ( 2010 ) , the combined hard currency budget merges the budgeted hard currency aggregations and hard currency payments to project the company ‘s stoping hard currency place. The beginning hard currency aggregations are added to the beginning hard currency balance to happen the entire hard currency that is available. The budgeted hard currency payments are so subtracted to acquire the stoping hard currency balance before funding and based on this, the company knows whether it needs to borrow money or whether it has to borrow money or it has extra financess to refund or put.

Measure 1: Combined Cash Budget for four months stoping December 31.

Harmonizing to Braun, Tietz and Harrison ( 2010 ) , the budgeted income statement helps directors know in progress whether their programs will ensue in an acceptable degree of income. If non, they will hold to cut their disbursals and increase gross revenues grosss. I used Exhibits 9-5, 9-10 and 9-12 to make this portion of the job.

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Preparing cash budgets under two alternatives Essay
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Step2b: Budgeted Balance Sheet

I have done this utilizing Exhibit 9-17 from Braun, Tietz and Harrison ( 2010 ) as a mention.

Requirement 2

Based on fiscal considerations merely, I believe that by go oning to weave the topographic point mats in cotton utilizing the bing loom, De Angelo will hold $ 401 ad the terminal hard currency balance ( from measure 1 in demand 1 ) . If the new looms are used, the hard currency balance on December 31 is merely $ 96.

( Continued C9-72 )

Besides, from measure 2 in demand the net income difference is $ 235- $ 225 = $ 10. Hence I suggest that De Angelo can go on to weave the topographic point mats in cotton utilizing the bing loom instead than purchasing new looms and pay debts.

Requirement 3

The non-financial affair that De Angelo must see is: She might believe that with the new loom, she may weave more originative & A ; attractive mats instead than with the old cotton.

( B ) Exercise E9-23A, page 513: Direct Labor Budget

The driving force of budgeting is our company ‘s long term ends and schemes. The budgeted income statement prepared for the twelvemonth stoping July 31 shows that the company would incur net loss of $ 2,025. Hence I believe that the company needs to better its gross revenues gross to avoid this operating loss.

I suggest that in order to accomplish high / addition gross revenues grosss, we need to first increase our gross revenues monetary value and utilize proper advertizements to advance our merchandise to clients. The salary and committee disbursal is $ 46,000. We can cut down this operating disbursal by cut downing the figure of employees. Assorted disbursal is besides high and needs to be reduced. Besides, rent disbursals can be reduced by traveling to a vicinity where we would incur less disbursal.

Requirement 2:

Harmonizing to Braun, Tietz and Harrison ( 2010 ) , directors must cognize why a discrepancy occurred to nail jobs and to place disciplinary action. To cognize why inactive budget discrepancy occurred, directors separate the inactive budget discrepancy into two different parts: Gross saless volume budget and flexible budget discrepancies.

I understand that all favourable discrepancies addition runing income and all unfavourable discrepancies lessening runing income. The gross revenues volume discrepancy is $ 133,600 for the operating income. This is higher and is non favourable.

As a member of Reel Time ‘s direction squad, I would wish to look into both the unfavourable gross revenues volume and all flexible budget discrepancies. The rent and the advertisement disbursals must besides be investigated. Care should be taken that there should be proper advertisement for the merchandise which would hike its gross revenues.

If consumers are proroguing purchase until after the debut of a new format for recordable DVD Players, so I feel that it is of import that Reel Time direction usage proper advertizement run to better gross revenues. The company might make a good occupation this manner by increasing the demand for the merchandise through proper advertizements.

Essay Question

1. C10-78, page 613: Ethical quandary associating to criterions

The Institute of Management Accountants ( IMA ) is the professional association of all direction comptrollers. There are many ethical challenges that direction comptrollers face these yearss. IMA hence developed some rules and criterions to assist them follow ethical behaviour. The companies must keep professional competency, preserve confidentiality of information, uphold unity and execute responsibilities with credibleness by following certain ethical rules that include honestness, equity, objectiveness & A ; duty. The company directors must swear the other parties ethical concern patterns which acts as a critical constituent to the company ‘s concern determinations.

Issue One

In this instance, Willis wants Landers to supply her with the last three old ages of Sun Coast ‘s criterion and existent costs which I believe is a company ‘s confidential information. Harmonizing to the IMA criterions, it is unethical for Landers to supply this information.

( Continued C10-78 )

Since Willis house is a new house, it is of import for Landers to do certain that they maintain the client confidentiality. Besides, since Willis is ready to supply Landers with benchmarks for the out-of-door furniture industry free of charge, I once more believe that it is every bit of import for Landers to see the fact that the Willis house is new and if they will be able to supply proper benchmarks.

However, Landers needs permission from his accountant to travel in front with this offer.

Issue Two

In this instance, I understand that Landers standard cost determination is really of import as they are get downing a uninterrupted betterment policy that requires a 10 % decrease in standard costs each twelvemonth for the following three old ages.

Harmonizing to the IMA criterions, it is of import for Landers to uphold unity of his company and execute his responsibilities with credibleness by following certain ethical rules that include honestness, equity, objectiveness & A ; duty. Landers might besides discourse about this to his accountant to do a wise determination.


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