Present this business assignment Essay

1 Introduction

I present this concern assignment 1 for Business Management for Advanced Business Management HETAC Level 6 on the company Cuisine 365 Limited. I am presently working in the histories section of Cuisine 365 Limited as an histories helper and office trough.

2 Footings of Mention

Due to the economic downswing in Ireland, companies are contending for endurance in a state that has seen consumer disbursement diminution by 3.3 % in non specialised shops including supermarkets ( ) . Everywhere we look now we see concerns puting up and publicizing local streamers, marks and posting cusps detailing their monetary value decreases on goods to lure people into their concerns. Supermarkets particularly need to do certain their stock turnover remains reasonably much the same. They need to do certain stock is non wasted as this will ensue in a loss of stock and low net incomes. This industry is extremely of import to Cuisine 365 Limited as supermarkets are seen as our largest client. The state has seen some of its biggest companies fail at this clip with surprisingly little to medium sized concerns ‘getting through the recession ‘ . Peoples are literally afraid to pass any ‘spare alteration ‘ they may hold. The Consumer Market Monitor conducted by UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School and the Marketing Institute of Ireland showed the Irish Market continued to be in a really weak province in the second one-fourth of 2009. The study states “ consumers have reacted carefully to the on-going economic jobs by increasing nest eggs and restricting outgo ” . As a little to medium size hot and cold nutrient production company it is vitally of import to Cuisine 365 Limited to go cognizant of placing new chances and menaces that may impact the company. Companies need to internally analysis the value of each section to find the sustainable competitory advantage if any. We will necessitate to look at a twosome of tools that analyse the internal value concatenation of the company.

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3 Method of Procedure

A assortment of beginnings were used to build this study. The study comprises of chiefly secondary research and academic theories. These theories and the research have been applied and used to back up the findings. I have used the Internet hunt engine for any statistic figures associating to the study and I have reverted to college press releases for my academic theories.

4 Findingss

a ) Description of Cuisine 365 Limited

I have prepared the concern study on the company Cuisine 365 Limited. Cuisine 365 Limited was established in October 2004, the company is a little to medium sized private limited company, it is a household concern that supplies the convenient nutrient market with ready made repasts.

The company is a level organisation and has a little span of control comprising of 3 chief sections.

Preparation, Cooking and Product section

Quality Control, Stock and Storage and Despatch Department

Histories and Administration Department

The company is located in Units 1-3 of Oxmantown Lane, Dublin 7.

Appendix 1:

These premises are rented from Spade Enterprise and are about 140 m? each. Each workshop is specifically equipped with all hot and cold nutrient readying installations with built in lavation and cleansing installations. These premises besides facilitate cold storage electric refrigerators for the retention of stock and the storage of merchandises prepared and ready for despatch to clients. Both premises have built in offices on the upper degrees for usage of the day-to-day maps such as telling of merchandises, stock, client orders and questions and all disposal and history maps.

Appendix 2:

The company prepares and supplies hot and cold ready made repasts with merchandises dwelling of a scope of sandwich fillers, cold salads and convenient hot nutrients such as Lasagna, Shepards Pie and a assortment of Curries. These merchandises are supplied to a figure of little and medium size wholesale and retail Irish concerns. Cuisine 365 clients are made up of little concerns such as gasoline garages and Stationss, delicatessen stores, meatmans, take away constitutions and larger supermarkets. Cuisine 365 Limited besides prepares and caters for private, household and company maps.

The company employs over 30 staff members. The staff Numberss are made up as follows:

  • 1 Second HEAD CHEF
  • 3 DESPATCH Packaging STAFF

Cuisine 365 Limited is a level administration with all determinations, ends and schemes coming from the managers.

Below is a diagram of the organisation chart:

  • 2 Directors ( one of whom is besides a caput chef )
  • Head chef and 2nd caput chef
  • Food Preparation & A ; Production Quality Control and Despatch Accounts/Office

From the administration chart we can see all staff members study to the manager and the 2nd caput chef, nevertheless a alteration was introduced to cut down the duty of the manager. I was brought into the company to cover with all client and staff questions. I will sketch my responsibilities further on in the study.

The manager sets out the day-to-day orders and undertakings for the company and delegates the information to the single section members through staff meetings or single negotiations. Each section has its ain day-to-day maps back uping the company ‘s production.

Preparation, Cooking and Product Department:

This section consists of two subdivisions for the hot and cold nutrient production readying and is located in unit 3 of the premises. Members of staff prepare the ingredients for the merchandises needed for the client orders. Our clients are provided with our merchandise list as there are is a choice of sizes available to them for their demands therefore our merchandises for each client are specificaly made to order. The manager reviews the day-to-day orders for the section and lists the sum of ingredients needed for each hot and cold merchandise. The manager so delegates this information to the 2nd caput chef who in bend delegates the day-to-day orders and ingredient undertakings to the readying staff.

Once the ingredients are prepared the cookery production phase takes topographic point and when all hot and cold nutrient merchandises are ready staff members weigh out the orders and box them in the single containers and boxes and direct the goods to despatch for labelling and conveyance.

Both subdivisions include cleaning staff who maintain the kitchen hygiene and utensils. Their responsibilities may besides include helping in the readying of merchandises if the kitchens are short of staff members.

Quality control, Storage, Despatch and Logisticss

The quality control section is located in unit 1 of the premises beside the storage installations for dry and frozen nutrient stock. The quality control section is made up of one staff member who checks all incoming bringing of supplies and the stock degrees. Quality control maintains all our merchandises are of good quality and trades with any questions associating to the merchandises. As Cuisine 365 Limited is a nutrient production company it needs to maintain in line with nutrient quality criterions. The quality control officer needs to maintain on top of these regulations and ordinances and will inform the manager of any alterations.

All storage installations are located in unit 1. All stock for hot and cold nutrients are stored here. The unit contains a walk in electric refrigerator for all frozen stock. The dry goods are stored upstairs in the unit.

The despatch section is made up of four staff members. This figure can be broken down to a despatch director, despatch bagger and two drivers. When the finished merchandises are sent to despatch, the staff members allocate the merchandises to each order. The merchandises are labeled with the merchandise name, ingredient content and size of the merchandise. Label bundles were implemented to the company to supply good presentation of the finished merchandises and to rush up the packaging procedure. Excel bringing dockets are set up to corroborate the client name, reference and dislocation of the orders ready for dispatch. These dockets are so printed off for the drivers for transit of the goods to each client.

The logistic section is made up of two drivers who deliver the finished merchandises to our clients. Both drivers besides assist in the readying of the bringing orders and roll up any supplies that are needed desperately from our providers.

Histories and Office Administration Department

The histories section is located in the upstairs of unit 2 of the premises. The section is made up of one history helper and office director and one fiscal accountant. I was hired to keep all day-to-day maps of the company. For the first half of my twenty-four hours my duties include taking the orders from the clients. The orders are so sent down the kitchen for readying. I so fix all bringing dockets needed for despatch that twenty-four hours. Quality control cheques stock degrees and one time this is done both quality control and the caput chef put together a list of stock needed. The list is in bend given to me to name the providers and order the stock needed.

For the 2nd half of my twenty-four hours I am responsible for the histories section. I prepare the gross revenues bills from the accounting system and send on them to each client. I input all purchase bills received and allocate payments and lodgments into the bank for day-to-day rapprochements. I run daily studies for the fiscal accountant and managers to look into the hard currency in and hard currency out state of affairs. I besides run the hebdomadal paysheet and keep all employee record files and cover with any employee questions. The fiscal accountant is out-sourced from an accounting pattern and maintains the fiscal histories twice a hebdomad.

As Cuisine 365 Limited supplies ready made nutrients to the convenient nutrient market the company needs to be cognizant of the importance of client satisfaction and value to derive competitory advantage and more significantly sustainable competitory advantage in a tight market and besides to last through an economic crisis. The company needs to be able to present these two factors and to see the added value of the company ‘s maps. So how can a company analyze itself? We can utilize two tools to internally analyse what is go oning within the company to see if it is of added value.

These internal analysis tools are known as

  • Resource Based View
  • Value Chain Analysis

Let us see how these analysing tools work for the company.

B ) Internal influence on organisation

To find if sustainable competitory advantage is accomplishable we need to look at the resources that are of value to the company. As mentioned above we can utilize two tools to internally analyse our company. The first tool we look at is the Resource Based View.

This analysis tool looks into three parts of the company.

  • Tangible Assets- we look at the premises, fixtures and adjustments, cash-flow, motor vehicles, systems implemented within the company
  • Intangible Assets- we look at the company ‘s trade name name and repute
  • Capabilities- we look at the company ‘s ability to make something better than other companies.

To find if any of the above countries add value to our company we can look at some headers to help us in doing our determination.

These headers are as follows:

  • Value
  • Rare
  • Immobile
  • Non-Substitutable
  • Inimitable

Let us look at the touchable assets of Cuisine 365 Limited.

Premisess– Cuisine 365 rents the premises from Spade Enterprise. Spade Enterprise antecedently installed all the kitchen equipment in the edifices for the lease of these specific units. The premises are of value to the company for the production of their goods to the company ‘s clients.

The premises are specific to the company ‘s demands for production of the goods nevertheless they are non rare. Although the edifices are immobile the company is looking to travel to larger premises in Ashtown to accomplish it ‘s economic systems of graduated table so we know there are similar premises available and are hence substitutable and imitable.

Motor Vehicles-Cuisine 365 limited usage two new waves to transport the finished merchandises to each client and to roll up any pressing supplies. The new waves add value to the company for this intent as without the new waves the company would non be able to set bringings into action as portion of the company ‘s client service.

Fixtures and Adjustments– The company ‘s managers purchased and installed it ‘s ain computing machine equipment and package required for the day-to-day running of the company. The accounting bundle in usage aids in the day-to-day maps of the histories and disposal section. The accounting bundle is non rare and has been substituted and imitated by a figure of different package companies. The company still uses separate labeling and bringing docket systems adding clip and money to the company. Cuisine 365 limited demands to implement a system that incorporates all accounting, stock control, labeling and bringing docket maps in one bundle. There is no IT section within the company so any advice or aid needed is out-sourced adding more costs to the company.

Intangible Assetss of Cuisine 365 Limited

Brand Name– Although Cuisine 365 limited has been established since 2004 the company has non yet gained countrywide acknowledgment like other convenient nutrient providers in the Irish market. The company has focused on smaller start off concerns to provide their merchandises excessively. This is great if you can supply them with good merchandises and services that are non available from other companies. The company needs to concentrate on larger more established nutrient providers with the Irish market to derive this acknowledgment. Their trade name name has no added value to the company at this clip.

Repute– a batch of major established companies have been recognized for their client service repute. This has been established through word of oral cavity from old and bing clients. Bing a portion of the Cuisine 365 limited squad I have noticed that the company does non plume itself on this theory. Both managers are rather un-approachable and deficiency empathy for staff and clients. They tend to concentrate on deriving new concern alternatively of supplying a better service and repute for their existing clients. This type of repute spreads fast and would non derive the company competitory advantage ne’er mind sustainable competitory advantage so once more their repute adds no value to the company.

Capabilities of the company– I do n’t experience Cuisine 365 Limited has the capableness to supply better services and merchandises compared to what is already available in the convenient nutrient market. With the likes of larger well known shops such as Fresh and Marks and Spencers who prepare their ain ready made repasts and cold merchandises and have repeated clients, Cuisine 365 would hold to come up with an astonishing merchandise and offer that will see them set on the convenient nutrient market map. Without a good trade name name and repute Cuisine 365 Limited could still be upstaged for another four or five old ages if the company does non set a new strategic program into topographic point.

The 2nd value analysis tool is known as the Value Chain Analysis. Below is a diagram of Michael Porter ‘s value concatenation model. Michael Porter designed this theoretical account to assist analyse certain activities in the company that can make value and competitory advantage.

1. Inbound logistics: Cuisine 365 limited uses a figure of different providers for the stock needed for the concluding merchandises. The list of stock needed is put together by the quality control section and the manager and is so ordered over the phone. Orders are made every twenty-four hours for stock. Each provider delivers the stock to our units the undermentioned twenty-four hours. This procedure adds value to the concern as we can fix all goods in clip for our clients demands. If any natural stuffs are needed desperately or may hold non been ordered when it should hold, the drivers normally pick the order up, so all stock is ever on the premises when needed. The usage of so many providers has caused confusion to staff members as the same stock is being ordered from different providers or new providers are being introduced with cheaper merchandises and it has non been communicated to staff members. All stock is stored in the warehouse for dry goods and frozen stock is stored in the electric refrigerator installations built into the premises. All staff members have easy entree to all storage installations within both the edifice.

2. Operationss:the kitchen or assembly line is ever to the full staffed and ready to do our natural stuffs into our finished merchandises. The procedure begins by weighing out the natural stuffs needed for each merchandise. The weighed natural stuffs are so allocated between hot and cold merchandises and one time this has been done they are prepared and cooked for the concluding result. All staff members are to the full trained so they are able to work without supervising. This adds value to the company as there are no hours lost by developing new staff members and all finished merchandises are prepared right. When the concluding merchandises are ready staff members contain and box each merchandise and allocate each merchandise to the clients orders and are ready for despatch. As packaging is portion of the operations this adds value to the company as there is no separate section needed for boxing staff. As our merchandises are made to order it is really of import to the company to hold trained staff members to maintain up with the merely in clip procedure.

3. Outbound logistics: Our finished merchandises are so sent to despatch. All finished merchandises are sent up from operations. As the units are close to each other there is no demand for forklifts or excess machinery to switch the finished merchandises. The dispatch section input all clients orders into bringing boxes and a bringing docket is prepared for the drivers. The finished goods are ready for transit to each client. There are two drivers covering our North side clients.

4. Selling and gross revenues:The managers prepare all selling schemes themselves. They are both really busy so the selling thoughts are ne’er truly set into action. This saves the company money by non holding a selling section nevertheless it does non add value to the company as Cuisine 365 limited have been established since 2004 and the company still struggles to derive clients and acknowledgment in the convenient nutrient market. A gross revenues member of staff has been introduced to increase the sale of our merchandises but without a selling background this may non be achieved.

5. Servicess: Cuisine 365 limited has an efficient merely in clip service for their clients. All merchandises are made to order and bringing yearss were allocated to suit clients demands. However I find the managers missing in accomplishment when it comes to after gross revenues client service. The attitude of the managers is one time the finished merchandises are sent out to clients the money comes in for the merchandise and that ‘s how it works. Customers can pick up on these attitudes and it may turn a client to purchase from other companies who have a good repute in client service. There is no communicating between the managers and Cuisine ‘s clients. Companies need a good repute to add value to their concern and holding a good client service repute can add that value.

6. Procurement– Cuisine 365 does non use a buying section. All buying of goods are prepared by the manager and quality accountant by look intoing stock degrees. As the company prepares the same merchandises for each client the manager has an inherent aptitude of what stock is needed. The buying orders are so given to me in the office to phone each provider and order the stock. The managers look around themselves to see what providers stock the goods that are needed. The company has a figure of different providers in usage for dry and frozen goods. I feel the company could shop around for a provider that supplies most of the goods under one roof.

7. Technology Development– Cuisine 365 does non hold a engineering section in topographic point therefore does non add value to the company.

8. Human Resource Management– Cuisine 365 does non hold a human resource direction section in topographic point therefore does non add value to the company.

9. Firm substructure– The edifice adds value to the company as without it Cuisine 365 would non be able to run. The edifice was to the full equipped with all installations needed to run so there was no added edifice costs needed for get downing the concern.

Cuisine 365 Limited, as a company, needs to be able to analysis internal and external influences on the organisation. What are these influences on the organisation?

Let us hold a expression.

The Marketing environment is made up of the factors and forces outside selling that affect marketing directions ‘ ability to develop and keep successful minutess with its mark clients. The Marketing Environment allows us to scan the company ‘s internal and external factors that may impact us in the hereafter. A company needs to constantly watch out for any alterations that may impact it. The company needs to be prepared and able to accommodate to any of these alterations in the selling environment. We can analyze the selling environment internally and externally by looking at the Micro and Macro environments by utilizing a figure of different selling tools.

When we look at the Macro environment we are chiefly looking at the external factors impacting our administration. The factors involved in the Macro environment are listed below:

  • Geographic
  • Social
  • Technology
  • Economic
  • Politicss and Law
  • Natural

Some or all these factors may be taken into history for scanning the external environment for Cuisine 365. The chief factors impacting Cuisine 365 are Economic, Political and Social which we will analyze utilizing the SWOT and PEST method.

When we look at the 2nd environment, the Micro environment we take into history the factors impacting the company internally. The Micro environment looks at the followers:

  • Company –
  • We look at the Top direction who implement the marks, ends and schemes of the company. Are these mark and ends realistic, accessible?

  • Suppliers- who can give us the best monetary values and merchandises? Which providers can provide us with the merchandises we need? Is there a demand for our merchandise?
  • Customers- Are we taking our clients fortunes into consideration.
  • Is this an low-cost merchandise for our clients?

  • Marketing Intermediaries- do we hold the right selling accomplishments, are we being advised right on our selling, does the company use the selling market?
  • Public

degree Celsius ) External Influence on Cuisine 365 Limited

I have prepared two analysis studies utilizing the selling tool methods PEST and Porters Five Forces for Cuisine 365 Limited.

My first analysis involves the PEST method. The PEST analysis is similar to the SWOT analysis the difference being the PEST analysis the Macro Environment. We will look at some of the outside factors impacting Cuisine 365 Limited.

Porter ‘s Five Forces of Competitive Position

  1. Competitive competition within Cuisine 365 industry is rather high as we already have larger well-known established convenient shops such as Fresh, who have a sum of four big shops already open within Dublin and programs to open a sum of 20 over the coming old ages. Fresh pride themselves on the scope of in shop merchandise picks and the value. Fresh besides prepare hot and cold convenient nutrient merchandises in- shop extinguishing the demand for external ready made repast providers. Cuisine 365 demand to go more constituted within this market to acquire countrywide acknowledgment like Fresh. “ Competition among rival houses drives net incomes to zero ” . ( )
  2. Dickering Power of Customers is at a high as the Governments addition in the higher VAT rate in the April exigency budget resulted in the addition of across the boundary line purchasing and has seen the lessening in consumer disbursement in retail sectors in the South of the state. Businesss have been dropping their monetary values to vie with the monetary values in the North and to keep consumer disbursement in the South. Even with all the advertisement and lower monetary values consumers continue to buy in the North.
  3. Dickering Power of Suppliers is at a low due to the economic downswing. Previously providers had the upper manus due to the economic roar. Suppliers were in a place to halt orders if clients were non adhering to their recognition bounds, now they tend to keep onto to any clients they have already and offer better monetary values and footings for payment to keep onto their concern and to see some kind of hard currency flow.
  4. Menace of New Entrants into this industry due the economic downswing is weak. Companies in the same industries are be givening to work together as opposed to viing against each other to last the recession. However one time the economic system stabilises we may see a growing in the convenient nutrient market once more.
  5. Menace of Substitutes is nil.

vitamin D ) Internal and External influence on Cuisine 365 Limited

The SWOT analysis for Cuisine 365 Limited scans both the internal ( Micro ) and external ( Macro ) environments. These selling tools are used as ocular AIDSs for the managers to nail the countries where betterment is needed and besides fix the company for any menaces that might discourage success and besides lists the chances that will assist Cuisine 365 to turn.

5 Decisions

Cuisine 365 limited has the ability to be a really successful company in the convenient nutrient market. They need to concentrate on the weak countries within the company and implement a system that will supply a more effectual and efficient work topographic point and besides achieve sustainable competitory advantage. Cuisine 365 demands to use the selling and advertisement market available to them. A good selling scheme could increase their gross revenues entirely. The managers need to work together with the fiscal accountant on a regular footing to see hard currency flow projections and to reexamine the company ‘s fiscal position and histories, they need to listen and be cognizant of the statute law that is put by the Government and take any advice given to them from the histories section. The managers should apportion clip for hebdomadal reappraisal meetings of gross revenues with the fiscal accountant and gross revenues squad. If all sections are involved in the hebdomadal meetings this could ensue in brainstorming between sections ensuing in new thoughts to deriving new concern and new merchandises that could see gross revenues growing. Individual sections need to pass on affectively between the company to supply and effectual working environment.

6 Recommendations

I recommend Cuisine 365 focal point more on the selling country to construct up acknowledgment and gross revenues. I would besides urge the managers set up networking meetings with some of the larger established convenient nutrient markets to present their merchandises and the concern to possible new clients. In important economic times concerns in the same industry can work together to assist their concerns survive. I would besides urge that the managers adhere to the regulations and ordinances put in topographic point for employment Torahs and Health and Safety ordinances.


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