President Barack Obama Essay

President Barack Obama Depends on how an individual’s view is of a person doing a good deed or going to war to fight for freedom, the definition of a hero can vary. Within our reading there were many heroes, because of the characters they played within the stories and the causes they fought far. My definition and view of a hero is his or her heroic characteristics and the ability to fight through misfortune and achieve a greater destiny above all. My hero is our 44th and new president of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

President Obama has devised and currently developing plans to restore this nation that he inherited in a time of economical danger to the integrity it once held. I believe through his leadership of perseverance, and his belief for everlasting equality, he will enable us to overcome the challenges and improve this nation. Simply put, he is my hero because he has given not only to me, but the world the most precious intangible gift anyone could give which is the gift of hope.

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President Barack Obama Essay
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President Obama is where he is because of his perseverance and his public speaking skills and outstanding speeches has imparted a new sense of hope into people all over the world. In getting elected to the highest position of political power, he has given me along with everyone, regardless of class or income, the ability to believe in them. Through his achievement, I am reminded that I am special, good things can happen; I can overcome obstacles and adversity and fulfill my purpose and destiny.

In seeking my personal goals through his message and inspiration of hope, I also cling to aid with the long term goals of this nation. Within his book “The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream” in fulfilling my goals, it will help him to achieve what he wants for us all (Obama). The Audacity of Hope” phrase derived from his 2004 Democratic Convention keynote address. His life has been nothing less than interesting. He had to overcome many obstacles during his life and proved to be of great success despite all the adversity he interfaced.

With everything he has done throughout his life, there is an abundance of evidence of his desires and what he is striving for. His primary focus is to make the world a better place and influences many people to do the same to make the world a more peaceful place. He has stated many times, “We did not come together to pass one single piece of legislation. We are fighting for nothing less than a new foundation for our country — and that work is not complete” (Haas, “Organizing for America: 100 Days Post”). His overarching message is that America has the innate potential to offer hope to anyone, regardless of their background or experiences; however, in order to ensure that opportunities exist for all in a secure, functional, and sustainable national environment, a number of key policy changes are necessary” (Wikipedia, 2010). President Obama’s hope for this nation has changed me along with my relatives’. I visit his website and listen to so many of his speeches for encouragement for my dreams. In each speech if you listen, there is a message that I take very personal. His beliefs are now my beliefs.

I do believe that no matter where you come from rich, poor, or class you can still achieve anything you put your mind to and stick to it. There are so many morals within his speeches that reiterate try and try again you will always get what you deserve, just never give up. You must maintain hope. This is why he has been referred to as the “Hero of Hope”. Hope is the very fuel for a person’s ability to achieve success. We must remember that success is nothing more than a person’s progressive forward movement in a lifelong mission or journey, and hope is the fuel for this progressive journey.

President Obama has already made a significant impact in the world that will last for centuries, and this gift of hope is what makes him a real hero and a champion to me. I was overjoyed after reading an article online with regards to how “Anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela hailed Obama as a “new voice of hope” for the world and compared his inauguration as U. S. president to South Africa’s historic transition to democracy. ” In this article, it speaks to a letter handed to Obama before the inauguration.

The former South African leader congratulated the new president on what he called a “truly historic” moment for the United States and the world. “We are in some ways reminded today of the excitement and enthusiasm in our country at the time of our transition to democracy. People, not only in our country but around the world, were inspired to believe that through common human effort injustice can be overcome and that together a better life for all can be achieved. ” (News Agencies). President Obama has impacted my life in many ways.

I am from a small rural town in California, hoping to achieve my dream of owning my own contracting firm within my field, continue to care for my family, leave a legacy for my grandchildren and help make things better for my country. Hope has come for me. I’ve been revived through this man. I have been invited to pitch a concept dealing with the nations Health Plan. We have another president who brings the same hope of democracy as Abraham Lincoln. I have learned that it is the simple virtues of character which make one a “hero. We all have these virtues within us. It is our mission to use these God-given gifts and talents to the best of our ability and to reach out to others to make this world a better place for all people, regardless of race. Its not that I had given up, but needed something to give me that drive. In 2008, I not only got to see history being made and help make history, but during a time of turmoil and war along with a failing economy, a hero is just what I needed to inspire me and allow me to appreciate how things could be great again.

I have been inspired by the actions of President Obama. If we all, no matter where we live or what we do can emulate President Obama’s love for Democracy and hope, family values, and virtues in our lives, then we all can have the American Dream. Because he has given not only to me, but the world the most precious intangible gift anyone could give which is the gift of hope. President Barack Obama is a hero, MY HERO!


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