Primark Good Looks For Low Prices Commerce Essay

Quick revolution in manner and trade names are doing people more cognizant while taking their merchandise. We have figure of stylish shops in United Kingdom but all are non low-cost. Besides these disbursals shops we have Primark to look at. In this instance survey we would cognize how Primark vesture attacks consumer demands in cost effectual manner.


Primark is a retail company that deals in vesture accoutrements.Arthur Ryan founded Primark in 1969 in Dublin Ireland. Primark ‘s chief office is in Ireland and it ‘s a portion of Associated British Foods. It has more than 200 shops in different states like Germany, Spain, Belgium, and Netherlands. Primark owns adult females ‘swear work forces ‘s wear, kids wear, footwear, accoutrements and place merchandises

Approximately Company: The concern purposes and aims

As the expression goes – if you do n’t cognize where you are traveling it does non count which manner you go. So it ‘s really of import in concern to hold purposes and aims to derive net incomes and to cognize how your concern is making and where you want your concern to raise in future. Objective agency policy to accomplish the set mark. It has following purposes and aims.

Primark has targeted every group from kids to oldies.Its basic concern end is to supply merchandises to public of good quality at low monetary value. To accomplish this purpose it has inclusive scope of picks to pick from. To run into this purpose the company works with makers around the universe who has low labors and material cost like India China and some more states. For the client convenience Primark has good figure of staff and helpful excessively. Staff in Primark helps the client on the topographic point and consumer can alter the merchandise every bit good if they find any mistake subsequently on. By making so Primark has increased the figure of purchaser for the company. Primark has offered worth for money by doing designs simpler and in most popular sizes. Most significantly Primark do non pass a batch of money on advertizement still gets the good response from the purchasers. In short we can state that Primark ‘s chief purpose is to be Cost-efficient and maintainable that means

Making net income

Better employment

Meeting consumer demands

Making part to society

Corporate SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ( about us 7/may/2011 ) mention

Primark besides has a sense of being responsible corporate citizen and by making so it helps in making repute of company. It builds the trade name assurance and besides reduces the hazard of bad promotion. Primark besides follow concern moralss every bit good as they can. By stating concern moralss means taking attention of all those who are involved in concern procedure. It includes

Taking attention of staffs

Keeping corporate relationship

( PG: 68 OF BOOK ) the power of milliliter

Analysis OF COMPANY: In this the company has been analyzed on the footing of repute individuality and image.

There are several factors involved to find how your company conveys its vision to public and in return what sort of repute your company has in the market. There are three chief factors that contribute to the repute of your company which are:

Identity it shapes.

How public perceives the overall image.

Alliance of company ‘s individuality with the image held by the constituencies.

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Primark has built the repute of being inexpensive vesture retail merchant in the market which is really good for deal huntsmans. From the last five old ages Primark has become a successful manner narrative. Throughout the high street autumn it has built the repute as a marketer of extraordinary inexpensive apparels and clients besides welcome their new shops. Besides the positive mark the company has gained negative repute every bit good. In 2005 the Primark was criticized for non holding the codification of behavior and besides in June last twelvemonth the intelligence came that those mills where Primark apparels are made are utilizing child labour. But after fresh unmaskings of holes in its supply concatenation moralss, Primark is working actively to sew its repute back together. For this Primark sacked some of its providers those were utilizing kid for the work. Besides they have joined an ETI ( Ethical Trading INITIATIVE ) .

Image AND IDENTITY: Image is something that reflects the organisation individuality. That means how clients, investors or company ‘s ain employees view the company. In another words we can state the relationship company enhances with them. On the other side Identity is carried frontward by the company ‘s Son, merchandises, services, edifices, uniforms and any other noticeable grounds created by the company to pass on with a assortment of constituencies.

Primark in other words Prime Mark as the name says they do non necessitate any other logo besides the name of the company. It has its ain trade names like atmosphere, Denim, backswing, secret ownership and few more. For client convenience Primark has return and exchange policy in which client can alter or endorse the merchandise they have purchased from the demoing the reception of class.

Consumer Percept:

Harmonizing to the remarks in the consumers are happy with the company. They do non hold to wait long in the Queue besides at the boulder claies on client service and no waiting in the adjustment suites. The value for money company offers to the clients besides helps in garnering more and more purchaser. Particularly the pupils are glad to happen company like Primark as the merchandises there are low-cost. Most significantly the merchandises in the shops are available in about every size which is the plus point for the company. And that is how consumer perceives Primark


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Corporate Communication

“ Corporate communicating is a procedure a company uses to pass on all its messages to identify constituencies- a combination of meetings, interviews, addresss, studies, image advertisement and on-line communicating ” . ( PAUL A. ARGENTI & A ; JANIS FORMAN ) ( The Power Of CORPORATE COMMUNICATION )

“ Corporate communicating is a strategic tool for the modern-day corporation to derive a competitory advantage over its rivals. Directors use it to take, actuate, persuade and inform employees and the populace every bit good ” . ( Michael B. Goodman ) ( Corporate Communication Theory and Practice )


In today ‘s concern life Corporate communicate has become a critical portion of concern policy. Nowadays every company or organisation desires to develop their concern in every bit many zones they can make. Here corporate communicating helps companies to determine or construct corporate presence individuality and repute in the head of clients, stakeholders and others.



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In External stakeholders it includes client, provider, or investor that influences and is influenced by an organisation but is non a member of it. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Primark do non publicize for their merchandises as they have direct communicating with the purchasers. Customers are the lone dependable beginning for the company ‘s selling. Though company has its web site but with small information as in shoppers can non purchase merchandises online.

After media and run force per unit area to amend the issues like child labour or pay issues Primark truly draw their socks to acquire back their stakeholders. In 2009 ETI study Primark said to be “ accomplishing sustainable betterments in working conditions and regard for worker rights by battle with providers, trade brotherhoods, authoritiess and clients. These actions are informed by, but travel beyond its provider appraisal programme ” .

( Ethical Trading Initiative Management Benchmarks 2010 )

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The company has set its codification of behavior on the International Labor Organization codification which is applicable to the providers and the mills fabricating for them.








The concern is carried frontward by the people who have a complete passion for retail, are enthusiastic, dedicated and committed to presenting consequences and excellence in all their activities. Primark has policy named “ EQUAL OPPURTUNITY POLICY ” . In the policy every single gets the equal opportunity to turn or come on within the company.

The intent of this policy is to show the Company ‘s committedness to an environment of equal chances to both employees and possible employees.


There are figure of people from different states countries who are working for Primark. Company has employee from states like India China and Bangladesh. To construct strong communities and relation Primark assist the employees for better hereafter chances every bit good. Following are some of the work done by company to heighten the relation with their employees:

Bank histories for workers

Health attention instruction for adult females

Working with homeworkers

Better rights for adult females workers

Working towards populating rewards

Better topographic points to work


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Technology has carried the universe much closer together. This means that people of different civilizations find themselves working together and pass oning more and more.

Constructing connexions with people from around the universe is merely one dimension of cultural diverseness. You besides have issues like actuating people, structuring undertakings, and developing scheme.

There are Five Dimensions of Culture

Power/Distance ( PD ) – This refers to the grade of inequality that exists – and is accepted – among people with and without power.

Individualism ( IDV ) – This refers to the strength of the ties people have to others within the community. A high IDV mark indicates a loose connexion with people.

. Masculinity ( MAS ) – This refers to how many a society sticks with, and values, traditional male and female functions.

Uncertainty/Avoidance Index ( UAI ) – This relates to the grade of anxiousness society members feel when in unsure or unknown state of affairss. There are really few regulations and people are encouraged to detect their ain truth.

Long Term Orientation ( LTO ) – This refers to how much society values long-standing – as opposed to short term – traditions and values. This is the 5th dimension that Hofstede added in the 1990s after happening that Asiatic states with a strong nexus to Confucian doctrine acted otherwise from western civilizations.


Prior there were no engineerings like wireless or telecasting but now they have brought mass agencies of communicating, which changed the manner of communicating and having information among the people. The Internet once more causes many alterations in the manner people communicate with one another, and it has changed client behaviours dramatically.


Primark aims to supply value-for-money merchandises, while maintaining its ethical criterions high. This involves paying for independent audits and working with providers and external bureaus on cardinal issues. By being unfastened with its procedures, Primark shows its committedness to responsible fabrication. This helps to guarantee people that its goods are ethically produced.


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