primary and secondary succession

A lava flow
Primary Succession would most likely occur after
Secondary succession behings on soil and primary sucession begin a newly exposed surface
What is one difference between primary and secondary succession
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primary and secondary succession
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Clearing and farming
A tropical rain forest may not return to it’s orginal climax community, after which of following substances
An example of human-caused disturbance
Which of the following likely to be a pioneer species
Floods and forest fires
What kind of natural distances helps some forest communities by allowing some trees to release their seeds by clearing away dead wood and by encouraging new growth?
New speices make the environment less suitable for previous ones
Sucession is possible beacuse
Growth of plants after a forest is destoryed by fire
Which of the following is an example of secondary succession
Cast off of plants of shrubs and trees
Which of the following not a likely component of soil formed during primary sucssion
Primary Sucession
What type of succession occurs after a volcano?
Secondary Sucession
A landslide causes part of a mountainside to fall away, leaving bare rock, in the years immediately following in the landslide, the area will experience
Exotic species
An invasive species is also conisdered
European Honey Bee
Which of the following is benefit invasive species?
Non-native organisms that spreads widely in a community
What is an invasive species

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