primary investigation Essay

The method of gathering information I have chosen for my primary research is an interview as I think it is a method that isn’t very time consuming for giving excellent data. I am going to ask prepared questions in the hope of getting plenty of honest opinions. I can clarify any questions not understood. I hope that the interviewee will attempt all questions and answer then in detail and efficiently. There are no costs involved such as postage or photocopying. Aim The aim of my primary research is to receive qualitative data on the breastfeeding health benefits for the baby.

Plan of Action ?? I will interview a teacher and Gillian Anderson, the breastfeeding co-ordinator at Antrim Area Hospital. My teacher will arrange the letter to ask along with the rest of my class. ??? I will create suitable and appropriate questions ??? I will ask the questions to my teacher to check if they suit the aim and if they are clear enough. ??? I will redraft any questions based on the advice given. ??? I will record the information carefully ??? I will present the information gathered analysing the results.

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primary investigation Essay
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Analysis The first question I asked was “what are the main factors which influence a woman’s ecision to breastfeed? ” Each interviewee answered in great detail. Both the teacher and breastfeeding co-ordinator agreed that there must be adequate support for the mother in the making of her decision. The breastfeeding co-ordinator said, “The woman must receive peer support from other mothers” I think she said this because the woman can receive information on past experience from others mothers and advice on what her decision should be.

In comparison, the teacher said “it’s good to receive advice and information from mothers who naturally would have more nowledge about breastfeeding rather than someone who doesn’t breastfeed. ” I think this advice is constructive but only to a certain extent. The choice to breastfeed should be made by the mother and no one should force her into thinking their way. Subsequently, I asked, “How long should a baby be breastfed for and why? ” The two respondents presented similar answers as they both agreed that a mother “should breastfeed exclusively for the first six months”.

From my research I have identified that it gives a healthy start in life for the baby. I think that both responded with the same answer as there seems to be a tradition passed on throughout the generations that this is the most beneficial way to feed a baby. However the breastfeeding co- ordinator went into more depth and stated, “There is a lot of debate due to the drawbacks of breastfeeding” I think this is due to putting babies off certain foods due to breastfeeding for six months. aby’ I have researched this already in great detail, however I realised that this might be a chance to find out additional information. Each interviewee stated that breastfeeding helps assist the bonding process” which I think could be expected as both respondents breastfed and experienced themselves the bond that’s created. The teacher went on to say that due to this, breastfeeding is “recommended by health professionals”. The teacher mentioned that breastfeeding “… educes the risk of infections” and the breastfeeding co-ordinator expanded this by saying, “chest, ear and urinary tract infections”. It’s important to prevent these infections but I think the most important benefit is to prevent cot death as an infection could easily be cured ut cot death takes away a life. In my next question I asked, “what are the health benefits of breastfeeding for the mother” Both interviewees agreed that breastfeeding is “exceedingly beneficial for the mother’s heath” Mrs Anderson responded further in detail that a mother “reduces breast cancer by 4. % and “reduces ovarian cancer by 25%” I think these statistics are very intriguing and I was surprised to find out Just how a mother can really benefit in life-saving ways. They also commented “it helps the mother regain her fgure quicker” and therefore this can provide confidence and prevent postnatal epression which can be severe and put a strain on the family. Continuing my interview my fifth question was “what are the main problems which can occur when breastfeeding and how can these be overcome? Both expressed that some mothers feel as if “they don’t have enough milk to feed their baby. ” The teacher suggested that this can occur due to “lack of support and being told negative comments and myths” which leads me to think that this is why mothers give up due to feeling discouraged, guilty and negative towards feeding their baby. Mrs Anderson dded that some mothers suffer from “damaged nipples and abscesses” which can reduce her confidence and increase her chances of developing postnatal depression.

Both suggested that to overcome these problems the key step is to “talk to other mothers who have been through a similar experience for peer support” I think that this is vital as questions can be asked and encouragement can be given to assist the mother in making breastfeeding a more pleasant experience. “What makes breastfeeding successful? ” was the next question I asked. Mrs Anderson tated that for breastfeeding to be successful “the public needs to be non- judgemental towards breastfeeding” and to stop giving conflicting advice which would discourage a mother to continue breastfeeding.

The teacher states that “successful breastfeeding comes down to being comfortable feeding the baby whether it is in public or in the home”. I think that breastfeeding, especially in public shouldn’t be looked down on as it is a natural process and breastfeeding can be successful if women are comfortable breastfeeding in public. My final question I asked was “what is your opinion about the statement “breast is his statement due to her own experience with her eldest daughter. My child was lactose intolerant” so therefore this would have been difficult for her to find the best formula milk. However in contrast, Mrs Anderson disagreed with the nature of this statement and believed that “mothers should have the freedom to make their own choice without biased advertisements affecting their decision. ” I think perhaps the media should be honest and change their approach to their promotion of breastfeeding. I think that each mother will have different opinions depending on their situation.


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