Prince Among Slaves

Prince Among Slaves considered as a historical documentary directed, written and produced by Andrea Kalin. This film is a story of Abdul Rahman Sori, a prince from West Africa who had become a slave in the United States and got freedom 40 years later. Abdul Rahman was a prince of a kingdom in Futa Jallon, West Africa. In 1788, at the age of 26, his father sent him in war, where he captured and sold to English slavers. A slave- ship headed for American shores from West Africa with hundreds of men, women and children and Abdul Rahman was among them.

Eight months later the survivors came with other goods in Mississippi for sale. Abdul Rahman was purchased by a struggling Mississippi farmer named Thomas Foster. Foster hoped that the strong African would help establish his farm. Sori tried to tell Foster that he was a prince and he stole from his familybut foster didn’t listen to him. He cut Suri’s long hair, which was a sign of nobility and made him to work. Once Abdul Rahman escaped from Fosters firm but after several weeks, he realized that he never could go back to Futa Jelon.

So he voluntary returned and started working in Fosters firm as slave. With Abdul Rahmans hard work, Foster quickly became one of the wealthiest men in Mississippi. In the mean time, Foster brought another woman slave named Isabella who became Abdul Rahman’s wife later and together they had nine children. Twenty years later, at a crossroads market Abdul Rahman met Dr. John Cox whose life had been saved by Abdul Rahman’s father many years ago in Africa.

Cox offered to buy Abdul-Rahman from Foster, but he refused. Two decades later Cox’s son William with the help of local newspaper editor Andrew Marschalk wrote articles about Abdul-Rahman’s cause. Articles caught the attention of then Secretary of State Henry Clay, who convinced President John Quincy Adams to free Abdul-Rahman. Abdul Rahman set out on a quest to raise enough money to purchase his family’s freedom and immediately purchased the freedom of his wife for $200.

Later he succeeded in raising only enough money for two of his children and their families. He forced to leave America witout his children. In 1829, he returned to Africa. In Africa he continued to press for his children’s freedom, but died only four months after his return. He never went back to his kingdom in Futa Jallon. Prince Among Slaves based on true story which tell us that Muslims first started coming in America by those African slaves. Today our Muslim position in America is the sacrifice of African Muslims.


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