Princess Diana Essay

I. Introduction a. “The worst illness of our time is that so many people have to suffer from not ever being loved. ” This is a quote by Princess Diana. b. When I was ten years old, I came downstairs and saw my mom had tears in her eyes from watching a funeral on TV. When I investigated, I figure out it was Princess Diana’s. Ever since that moment I have been intrigued to find out more about her. Seeing that she influenced that many people amazed me. c. Princess Diana had many admirable traits but the three that stand out to me are: determination, nurturing and strength.

II. Body d. Determined i. Princess was determined from a young age to make a difference in her life. ii. From birth, she knew that her parents had lost a son before she was born and that they hoped she was a boy. iii. With this weighing on her shoulders, Princess Diana always wanted to touch people in a different ways than others had. iv. With this determination she was able to bring attention to issues that did not get as much as attention in the public, such as Leprosy. . With the quality of determination, Princess Diana become a great mother and showed the next quality of nurturing. e. Nurturing vi. Princess Diana was a mother to two sons, William and Harry. She was a great mother; she was caring and loved her children with all her heart. vii. Her children were her main priority in life, and this could be seen by how her children turned out in life. viii. Not only was she nurturing and caring to her family, but also to other individuals.

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Princess Diana would go out of her way to let children who may have AIDS or other disease touch her. To me, that was a big ordeal because it showed how much of a loving person she was and how much good she meant for everyone. She loved to help children with an open mind and heart. ix. Princess Diana not only had determination and nurturing characteristics but most of all she was strong. f. Strength x. I believe that Princess Diana’s strength was a foundation for her other qualities in life.

Without being strong, Princess Diana would not possess the qualities of determination and nurturing. xi. When one marries a prince is it very hard to get divorced. xii. Princess Diana not only got divorced but she did not let that stop her self esteem or her strength. xiii. Getting divorced was one thing but also she was always in the public eye. xiv. Being in the public eye was not always beautiful as some may think. Princess Diana was always being brought into the spot light in positive ways but a lot of negative ways too. xv.

Although she was being accused of having an affair on her husband at the time Prince Charles, she never let the media get to her. She kept her head high and overcame the rumors that were going around about her. xvi. This main characteristic about Princess Diana is one of the main aspects that I look up to her for. Her ability to stay strong even in difficult situations. III. Conclusion g. In summary, I have always admired Princess Diana from that first day I saw her funeral on TV. h. Princess Diana’s strength leads to her determination and her nurturing characteristic.


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