Principles and Values Sample Essay

a. A state of affairs where a immature individual has a contact visit. Contact visits are of import to the immature individual and their households so to esteem their clip and confidential information that may be shared we provide a meeting room where it is off from other immature people in the house and merely the relevant people are present. and it besides gives immature people and their households and carers choice clip. B.

c. These state of affairss made me experience confident that confidential information would non be shared and merely he relevant people would cognize. Besides made me experience good to see the immature people holding contact with their households. The immature individual feels happy to be seeing their households and besides confident in talking about any issues as they have as they are in a private topographic point. They besides feel respected as they are treated as peers leting them to voice their sentiment. The household besides feel happy to be spending clip with the immature individual and besides are reassured in confidential information being shared as merely the relevant people are present. The household may non accept that everyone is treated as an equal depending on the state of affairs. being equal agencies that everyone has the same rights. d. A

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Principles and Values Sample Essay
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Thinking deeper
1. The immature person’s safety and wellbeing are most of import. 2. The workers work together with the immature person’s household in the attention. larning. development and safeguarding of their kids as they are primary carers and pedagogues for the immature individual. Valuess

1. Young people are cognizant that people have different beliefs. civilizations and cultural backgrounds. Young people respect these differences. The beliefs are of import and celebrated. 2. Young people have the opportunity to see new things and are cognizant that people enjoy different things depending on their background. This means that favoritism is non acceptable.

Principles and values
Sample inquiries

a. It is of import to handle people reasonably and non to know apart because people are different and we all believe in different things. We don’t have to believe in the things other people do but respect that we are all different and give people the chance to show this. Discrimination is against the jurisprudence and can impact the victim in different ways for illustration: depression. low self-esteem. isolation. loss/gain in weight. self-harm. reduced single rights. B. Sex favoritism act 1975. Disability favoritism act 2005 c. To handle a individual reasonably if they requested information in big print I would happen a font size suitable for their demands enabling them to hold the same information and able to read and understand this information. To handle a individual reasonably if they complained a colleague was doing homophobic remarks I would reassure them that favoritism is non acceptable. inquire if they wanted a ailments signifier. and/or hold a three manner meeting to see if the issue could be resolved as it could be a misinterpretation. To handle a individual reasonably if they asked me to put aside a infinite for them to pray I would organize a clip and topographic point suited and agreeable to the individual to let them this clip.

Child centred attacks
Sample inquiries

a. Being healthy – holding a balanced and nutritionary diet. besides acquiring adequate exercising. Information and support given on intoxicant and drug pickings. Besides support in accessing any other services. Staying Safe – following with child protection statute law. set abouting CRB cheques. Protecting immature people and vulnerable grownups from strong-arming. torment and other signifiers of ill-treatment. favoritism. offense. anti-social behavior. sexual development. exposure to force and other dangers. Guaranting that all relevant staff is suitably trained. Enjoying and accomplishing – to measure and supervise immature individual advancement. support immature individual with hapless attending and behavior. Besides by advancing societal. cultural. featuring and recreational activities. Ask immature individual their positions about the grade to which they enjoy their learning life. Making a positive part – development of assurance. to guarantee apprehension of rights and duties. the extent to which immature people are consulted about cardinal determinations.

Opportunity to develop by including community activities. Besides a focal point on enabling immature people to develop appropriate independent behavior and to avoid prosecuting in antisocial behavior. Achieving economic well-being – agreements for developing assurance. endeavor and teamwork. the proviso of good callings advice and preparation for fiscal competency. and the handiness of chances for work experience and work-based acquisition. B. A clip when I changed the manner I worked was making instruction with a immature individual. reading through inquiries and explicating and assist work out the jobs and inquiries. It made a large difference to me as this helps to construct a relationship with the immature individual. it gave me satisfaction as I could see I was doing a positive difference to the immature individual. The immature individual feels more confident and is constructing trust in me. The immature individual is deriving more cognition and is non losing out on instruction. c. Before we are traveling out on an activity we would discourse with the immature people wellness safety whilst out. we encourage them to indicate out possible wellness and safety hazards and effects of non following these instructions.

Thinking deeper
If a immature individual wanted to make something I considered hazardous or unsafe I would inform them of the wellness hazards and dangers and explicate that this peculiar thing couldn’t go on but if they could believe of an alternate thing that is more safe so we could make that.

Confidentiality and sharing information
Sample inquiries

a. Confidentiality to me means what. if any information is shared with other people. Information shared is on a demand to cognize footing as information shared is private. Confidential information could be shared if it is in the best involvement of the person but the person should be made cognizant of this. B. One illustration of when I would portion information given to me would be if a immature individual made an allegation sing something that had happened to them. If a immature individual wanted to state me I would inform them that the information they provide may hold to be shared and recorded to relevant people. c. Confidentiality is of import but non sharing information could hold effects on immature people. If for illustration a immature individual is being abused by a staff member and has shared this information to a different staff member. if that staff member does non portion the information the maltreatment could go on or acquire worse.

Thinking deeper

If a comparative. friend or neighbor asked for information about a immature individual I would inform them that I can non give information out sing a immature individual due to confidentiality.

Standard 2
Understand your function in the kids and immature people workforce

Thinking Deeper
Childs that come into attention are of different exposure. and have different fortunes some of which require more staff to care for them. Working entirely with immature people will go forth you unfastened to allegations. disputing behavior in which they could flog out.

Sample inquiry statute law. policies and processs

a. Important Torahs associating to kids and immature people are National Care
Standards. Childrens Act 1989 and 2004. Childrens Act 2006. Education Act. UN convention on the rights of the kid. Disability Discrimination Act. There are legion ways to happen out information about these Torahs I could inquire my director or utilize the cyberspace to happen out more information. B. Policies are rules. regulations. and guidelines that are in topographic point to let the administration to accomplish its long term ends. Procedures are the specific actions to be taken for the relevant policy and sketch the stairss to be followed or the manner the undertaking is to be performed. Policies and processs are in topographic point to enable to supply the best attention for the immature people. c. Our policies and processs are kept in a filing cabinet in the office which we can entree.

Thinking deeper

Mobile Telephone Policy – staff are non permitted to hold their nomadic phones on them whilst working with the immature people. Some immature people are non so privileged to be able to hold nomadic phones so cabinets are provided to staff in which they can hive away points and usage Mobiles in interruption times.

Sample inquiries relationships with carers. parents and others

a. Sing their household whilst in attention is of import to immature people and a manner to assist back up them whilst in attention is to go to visits which are planned. Families who cancel frequently or make non demo up to planned visits could take to the immature individual going negative in their behavior. and could go forth them experiencing neglected or allow down. Another manner could be to go to of import meetings or reappraisals which are about the future programs of the immature individual. B.

Thinking deeper

One thing which I appreciate a immature person’s female parent making is informing the immature individual on the appropriate behavior which is required. Sometimes the immature individual can go verbally and physically opprobrious and at times finds it hard to be informed of this by staff. The immature individual listens to their female parent so holding her support on these issues is good and it besides demonstrates that we are working together.

Sample inquiries Team Working

a. Other people working with immature people in attention are societal services. IRO ( independent reexamining officer ) . place coachs. schools. GP’s. Dentist. Opticians. Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services ( CAMHS ) . responsibility societal worker. outreach services. clinical psychologists. b. Fdsf

c. Listening – if a immature individual is stating you something it is of import to listen in order to acquire the right information and besides show to the immature individual you are listening efficaciously to what they are stating. Ask for aid – being excessively proud to inquire for aid when you need it. Not inquiring for aid when you need it can do legion jobs for illustration hurt to you or the immature individual. Give support – it is of import to give immature people and colleagues the attention and support they need. Having a helpful and friendly environment will slop over into the place. Helping each other out will assist develop positive dealingss with colleagues and will assist give a positive attitude while we are working. This positive attitude will besides slop over onto the immature people. and can assist do their attention pleasant and gratifying. Respect – in teamwork state of affairss it is of import to esteem your colleagues and to immature people in attention. If you are supercilious and speaking about people behind their dorsums. relationships with colleagues will be negative. Treating your colleagues the manner that you want to be treated is of import. Making this will do the occupation easier. and the teamwork will be much more effectual in giving proper and complete attention. d. Multi-agency working is the different professional services working together to supply the best attention for the immature people in which we work with.


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