Prior learning (non-formal Education) Essay

Assessment of Prior Learning In Lifelong Learning and Its application for promotion of personality and career development *Dry. V. Rough In India we have seen a series of non-formal/adult education programmer aiming at the educational development of the non-literates and oppressed since independence. Social Education, Farmers Functional Literacy Programmer (FLU), National Adult Education Programmer (NAPE), Rural Functional Literacy Programmer (RAFF) Point No. 16 of 20 point programmer etc were some of the important programmer launched to promote literacy in our country. National

Literacy Mission was the major programmer, through which Post Literacy and Continuing Education Programmer in the country were strengthened. Sahara Bath Is the latest programmer In the field, with focus on women In the country. National Literacy Mission (ML) played a key role in promoting literacy rate from 36. 23% to 52. 11% in India during 1981 to 1991. Even though the participants were non-literates in the beginning, the system failed to identify their capacities and skills as adults.. Majority of the participants in these programmer were from rural areas with certain skills and capacities.

Their skills and capacities were under estimated and focus was given only on their abilities In reading, writing and innumeracy. Concept of Prior Learning Assessment (Indian context) Prior leaning is an emerging area of study bracketed with Lifelong Learning in the national and international scenario. In India after independence we have seen variety of programmer In the field of Non-formal / Adult and Continuing Education programmer which led to the concept of Life Long Learning. Adults learn In many different ways throughout their lives.

Their social skills develop over years: their chemical skills develop while they work and at home as needs arise. Many people have no documentation or other means to verify their knowledge and skills. Lifelong Learning (UNESCO, FLГ¤oceans, et al. , 2004, p. 55) is clarified as “the formal acknowledgement of skills, knowledge, and competencies that are gained through work experience, informal training, and life experience”. Now It Is high time to take positive measures to Identify and assess the knowledge and skills of the participants, which will strengthen the process of individual / national development.

We live in a society that aloes a balance of both credentials and experience Recognition & Assessment of Prior Learning : We need to develop simple, but highly scientific tools of measurement. Systematic research is necessary to develop such instruments.. Government bodies and related agencies will have to take lead in the matter, under the leadership of the Dept. Of Education / HARD. Recognition & Assessment of Prior Learning (RPR) does not create skills, knowledge and competencies, but it is is tool for ‘ Education For All’ with equity. Recognition of Prior Learning : Why ? Gains an understanding of personal strengths, limitations and likes.

Validates learning through work and life experiences. Increases self-confidence. Identifies areas requiring further study. Encourage learners to pursue education. Provides career development In brief: There are thousands of skilled [semi-skilled or certifiable learners in our country. They have acquired certain skills as result of informal/non-formal/formal training & learning. It is the responsibility of a democratic culture to provide facilities and provisions for their advancement in the development of their career which will enhance their capacities and confidence. The Gobo.

Departments, institutions of Geiger learning at central and state level will have work together to achieve the national goal (The Prime Minister’s National Council on Skill Development was constituted in India on 1st July 2008. National Skill Development Corporation (NCSC) is a unique Public-Private Partnership (APP) Enterprise which has been mandated to skill 30% of the overall target of 500 million people by the year 2022. ) This programmer, if implemented properly, is expected to revolutionize the career advancement of millions of young people in our country, which in turn will strengthen the technological advancement of our motherland.

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Prior learning (non-formal Education) Essay
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