Prison Population Essay

Prison Population Tammy Settles CJS200 August 17, 2010 John Scott Throughout history prison has and continues to reach high rates in population. The increase in prison population has different possible causes. These causes range from strict drug laws prohibiting repeat offender’s more time in prison. Parole violations land some of the worse offender’s back in prison for longer lengths of time. Sex offenders would be more likely to go back and repeat the same crime or even murder their victims. Therefore the offender could get a life sentence for a worse crime. In 1980, drug offenders accounted for 25 percent of the inmates in federal prison; today they account for almost 60 percent. ” (Gaines & Miller 2006 pg. 316 ). For example, if an offender has been released and arrested for the same charge and has been out on probation then, back to prison he/she will go to finish the rest of their time. The offender has violated his/her parole causing increased prison population. With drug offenses and sexual assaults, those alone can cause an increase in prison population. The federal prison population increased by 3. 5 percent which, accounted for all the increase in the U. S. prison population. ( Klug, Elizabeth A. 2002). ” The only way to keep crime rates down is incarceration and prisons. That is what keeps families and communities safe. Victim’s families do not care about the increased prison population they only want the offender locked away. Some people would pay the extra tax except with that in mind new prisons are built and they are full as well.

No one wants to see their attackers set free but, unless they have a life sentence or a death penalty eventually the offender is free. The space is needed for the next offender waiting to be transferred. Work cites and Reference Gaines, L. K. & Miller, R. L (2006). Criminal Justice in Action: The Core (3rd ed. ) Belmont, CA: Thomson/Wadsworth. Klug, Elizabeth A. “Federal prison population increases. (National News Briefs). ”Corrections Today 64. 3 (2002): 16. Academic One File. Web. 16 Aug. 2010.

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