Privacy on drones Essay

Tobi Coker English 103 Arash Saedina December 3, 2013 The Effect of Drones on Human Privacy Unmanned aerial vehicles (IJAV) which is given the nickname Drones, is a type of technology in which an aircraft controlled by a human or even a robot which is applied for a preprogrammed mission. In other words, a device shaped like a male bee that carries out tasks controlled by a ‘pilot’ remotely. This a broad category, as there are different types of drones based on the task in which they are to carry out.

As there are different kinds of drones, they fall generally into two categories, which are the reconnaissance type of drones used for surveillance used in the field of Geology, and Civil Engineering and the second category of drones which are the ones armed with missiles and bombs used obviously for military purposes. This device was designed for convenience which is one of the primary purposes of advancement in technology.

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Privacy on drones Essay
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However, there are many pros and cons to this technology, as drones can be used as urveillance in situations where human lives can be a casualty such as in the case of hurricanes where the use of drones can fly as high up to 60000 feet to monitor the movement and behavior, which is good for scientists. This is so because scientists need to know and observe a particular problem before finding a solution to it. With that being said, there are many pressing issues at hand that one has to consider in this modern age which is the issue of privacy.

It is really appalling to the extent the erm” privacy’ is gradually getting extinct. The right to privacy has been breached by all the media and all sorts of organizations whose primary purpose is to stalk and monitor ones private life. This is already an issue at hand and the use of a type of technology that deals primarily in surveillance will definitely boost and make the act of breaching privacy easy and very convenient for the organizations or Just people in general to breach privacy.

This brings up the question does anyone have the right to reach privacy regardless of whatever position of power the infiltrator is? From the moral standpoint and the ethical standpoint, spying on someone is really bad but that is a broad argument that really leads to nowhere as we often define what is ethical, and what is ethical to someone might be completely unethical for someone else. These have been an unending debate that will go on, so looking at it from the moral standpoint will be futile. Furthermore, the constitution Privacy on drones By skillaaachi


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