Problem Diagnosis Using Organisational Behaviour Concepts Business Essay

There are several important constructs which are used when pull offing the workplace in altering concern environment. The workplace environment becomes more complex in which the complexness of interactions, relationships and procedures frequently makes hard to understand. In the organisation, directors are required to be effectual in forming, decisive, and maintain good relationship with employees ( Kimball 1997 ) .

Harmonizing to the instance analysis, practise of authorization is used as the new tool by Becker for the hotel to be more effectual and implement the capacity of employees to do determinations and to be advanced in the on the job environment. On the other manus there are certain state of affairss where employees were non familiar with alteration in the direction. Focuss on issues and jobs of implementing authorization within the organisation.

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Problem Diagnosis Using Organisational Behaviour Concepts Business Essay
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Motivation refers to the forces moving on and coming from within a individual that history, in portion, for the willful way of one ‘s attempts towards the accomplishment of specific ends ( Dennis & A ; Michael )

Harmonizing to the instance, in the past Regency Grand Hotel was one of the most esteemed hotels in Thailand and the employees enjoyed working.

Example: The hotel provided good public assistance benefits and good wage rates to the employees. End of the twelvemonth employees were given a salary increase regardless of the hotels overall public presentation.

This could be due to personal relationships to construct a more close relationship with the employees. Employees were motivated and they enjoyed working with the current general director.

Motivation theories are really of import in the corporate universe. Primarily motive theories are divided into two types. ( Dennis & A ; Michael )

Theory 1: Content theory

This focuses on placing the specific factors that motivate people internally which contributes to beef up and direct the behavior of employees within the organisation. ( Dennis & A ; Michael )

Contented theories focus on specific factors that motivate people. McGregor ‘s Theory X and Theory Y and Herzberg ‘s Motivation-Hygiene Theory will be discussed linked to the instance.

3.1 McGregor ‘s Theory X and Theory Y

Douglas McGregor proposed two different motivational theories. Directors tend to believe one or the other and handle their employees accordingly.A

Theory X states that employees dislike and seek to avoid work, and must be coerced into making it. Most workers lack aspiration and value occupation security more than anything else.

Harmonizing to the instance the employees were rewarded with a yearend fillip regardless of the hotels overall public presentation, may be due to miss of motive which the director saw in his subsidiaries to work within the organisation. Due to that we can place that employees were satisfied and occupation security was ensured and besides for it to go a esteemed hotel the efficiency of the fellow employees would hold been a ground.

3.2 Herzberg ‘s Motivation-Hygiene Theory

Harmonizing to Herzberg, occupation satisfaction and dissatisfaction exist in the corporate universe. Hygiene factors could do an employee to go unhappy with their occupation. Lack of motive could convey out occupation dissatisfaction such as wage, occupation security, and physical work environment.

On the other manus Motivation can increase occupation satisfaction by supplying acknowledgment for their accomplishments and more duty ‘s.


Internal and external factors affect the organisation towards the complexness and altering state of affairss.

Largely, people do non accept and understand the benefits in altering the direction. Organization needs to see the internal and external factors in implementing a new strategic direction. It is of import to develop scheme to assist employees larning about the alteration ( Cameron & A ; Quinn )

Directors are besides required to develop good communicating within its employees since people may come from different cultural background, accomplishments, age, and gender ( Holden 2001 ) .

These differences will make barriers in communicating based on different values and perceptual experiences. The effectual direction of workplace in organisation requires an apprehension of leading and motive in pull offing the workplace on executing the occupation and being motivated to make so. ( Holden 2001 )

In the instance with the alteration of ownership there will be a alteration in the organisations concern practises. It ‘s of import that the bing employees are cognizant of the alteration and that they should follow harmonizing to the alteration. For that there should be preparations, workshops organized by the direction in order to do them understand about the alteration.

Without effectual diagnosing, directors may believe that the job is significantly different than it is, and the alteration option may be uneffective in deciding the job. ( Dennis & A ; Michael )

In organisational development one should acknowledge ;

The demand for alteration

Diagnose jobs

Develop alteration options

Execution of alteration

Support of alteration

Evaluation of alteration

Implementing farther alteration actions

4.1 Delegating authorization

When deputing authorization Becker did non explicate decently what are the duties of the employees. As stated in the instance he did non give a standard to distinguish childs and major issues which arose in the organisation. Proper organisation construction was non implemented.

5. CultureA

Harmonizing to the instance the Regency was able to unify with a big American concatenation that was really acute on spread outing its operations into Thailand. With the new ownership the current general director decided to take early retirement. There is nil more valuable than local cognition or understanding civilization of a peculiar organisation when unifying with an organisation. It is of import to be cognizant of the civilization and concern patterns particularly when altering ownership with a different state.

Organizational civilization is referred to, a codification of attitudes, norms and values and the manner an single thinks. It determines how we see ourselves and how we see the universe. Culture can be either right or incorrect inherited about single behavior. Organization civilization affects the manner scheme is determined, how ends are established and how the organisation operates. ( Marie & A ; Roger, 2008 )

With the retirement of the current general director a new general trough from the US was appointed to the Regency. Harmonizing to the instance, John Becker the freshly appointed general director has 10 old ages of direction experience in the hotel industry and was selected because of his old success. The instance states that in his old accomplishments he took over organisations with hapless profitableness and hapless morale and managed to win in accomplishing coveted aims.

Organizational civilization can be different from one state to another. The success of an organisational civilization has to make with external and internal factors ( Marie & A ; Roger, 2008 ) . With the alteration of the ownership one should place the cultural fluctuations from one organisation to another or from state to state. Sing the civilization in Thailand and in the US the concern patterns can be wholly different there can be a transverse cultural affect within the organisation. Cross civilization explains the behavior of people in organisations around the universe and describes and compares organisational behavior across states and civilizations seeking to understand and better the interaction of its subsidiaries ( Adler, 2002: 11 ) .

Identifying organisational civilization

6.1 Corporate Culture in the United states

The universe ‘s 3rd largest state both in size and population, the United States is a state traveling frontward quickly and successfully with its alone cultural diverseness. Today, the US is considered to hold the strongest and most technologically powerful economic system. ( Communicaid Group Ltd. 2009 )

In the US people are more work oriented where individuality and equality are two chief of import facets in the US corporate civilization which has a important consequence on their concern etiquettes ( Cameron & A ; Robert ) . In the US public presentation is more of import and persons will be rewarded harmonizing to their accomplishments this is why individuality is of import in the US. American concern civilization is task oriented. Paying attending to guidelines and regulations dictated by concern policies, Torahs and processs is of import in the US.

6.2 Corporate Culture in Thailand

Tai people are mo rhenium relationship oriented when making concern. International concern patterns are widely accepted for Thai concern individual. In general, Thais are of course friendly and open-minded ; nevertheless, there are some patterns and values to be considered ( Thailand Business Guide, 2010 )

Thai concern people can accept new thoughts rapidly. Tai people are unagitated and rather. Thais take confrontation highly earnestly. In the West you fring pique may be familiar and accepted where in Thailand it ‘s non accepted. There is nil worse than an disquieted, impatient employer who is doing demand on Thais. Acting this manner will function no intent other than alienate. ( Thailand Business Guide, 2010 )

6.3 Cross Culture – ( United States & A ; Thailand )

Harmonizing to the research carried out it ‘s clear that from one state to another their concern practises diverge. Culture in one state can be different from one another. What is suited in the US will non be applicable in Thailand. Certain practises used by Becker will non be applicable in Thailand. His success in old organisations can be a failure in the Regency. Understanding organisational civilization at all degrees is of import because the civilization points out both appropriate and inappropriate behaviors of the employees.

Harmonizing to the instance Becker wanted his employees to “ believe out of the box ” . He expected the employees to be originative, advanced and to do judgements to fulfill guest demands. Throughout my research I identified that being advanced and originative will assist to accomplish organisational ends. The civilization Becker antecedently worked is a civilization based on invention and creativeness. With his new arrangement in a different state ( civilization ) he implemented the same theory presuming he will win.

Contrary to the civilization in Thailand and the US, the bing employees were used to a different organisational civilization from the civilization Becker worked antecedently.

Harmonizing to the instance, under the old direction ‘the duties of the employees were to guarantee that the instructions from their directors are carried our diligently and scrupulously. Invention and creativeness were discouraged. Indeed, employees were punished for their errors and discouraged from seeking out thoughts that had non been approved by direction. As a consequence, employees were afraid to be advanced and to take hazards.

This can be due to the normal organisational civilization carried out in the industry in Thailand. We assume that they were more undertaking oriented. Team work was non encouraged and single accomplishment was encouraged. An organisation ‘s civilization besides determines the manner in which employees are rewarded. ( Business Management Group, Inc ) But without sing the public presentation of the employees everyone was rewarded with a yearend fillip. Because of this there can be dissatisfaction and un-equality among employees.

Management tends to concentrate on a dominant beginning of motive, such as wage, position, or chance for personal growing and accomplishment. The handiness of direction and the ways in which determinations are made are contemplations of an organisation ‘s civilization every bit good. ( Business Management Group, Inc )


Authorization can be defined as a term used to show the ways in which employees can do independent determinations without confer withing their higher-ups. Employee authorization can get down with preparation and change overing a whole company to an empowerment theoretical account. Conversely it may simply intend giving employees the ability to do some determinations on their ain ( Murrell & A ; A Meredith )

Harmonizing to the instance Becker is a strong truster in authorization. He believes empowerment additions employee motive, public presentation and occupation satisfaction. He expects employees to travel beyond guidelines and do work more effectual. Harmonizing to Becker employee authorization has ever been a successful tool for him in the corporate civilization. He believes that by presenting authorization to the new organisation will retroflex his old success in the industry.

Implementing authorization might non work in the new topographic point where it will be hard to alter one ‘s perceptual experience and employees will non wish to divert from his/her believes, attitudes and modus operandis. Since authorization is new to the bing employees they might non understand what Becker is anticipating unless he should supply certain preparations to educate his subsidiaries. On the other manus authorization will promote the employees to be advanced, originative and make judgements.

Directors believe when they delegate occupations, they are authorising their employees ; authorization is more than simple deputation. It is giving the employees the authorization, preparation and resources to do determinations within defined boundaries. Through these actions, employees gain the power and potency to both grow and beef up the companyA ( Weiss, W. H. )

Existing employees at Regency had to travel through administrative control which result more bureaucratic processs in the organisation. “ The front-counter employees needed to seek blessing from their director before they could upgrade invitees to another class of room. The front-counter director would so hold to compose and subject a study to the general director warranting the ascent ”

With Becker ‘s execution of authorization, the employees will hold to follow his direction if non there will be a contradictory between the employees and the general director.

In the old direction employees were punished for errors and they did non hold the freedom to be advanced or originative or do determinations on their ain. With Becker ‘s new program the employees might waver to follow straight harmonizing to the alteration if relevant preparation and briefing is n’t done suitably. So Becker should pass on to the full in order to construct assurance among the fellow employees.

7.1 Advantages of implementing Empowerment at the Regency

Gives more freedom for the employees to be advanced, originative and do determinations

End end product will be more effectual

More flexibleness within the organisation

Motivated employees – creates a good working environment

7.2 Disadvantages of implementing Empowerment at the Regency

Fear about occupation security – when the lower degree employees in the organisation have power/authority the bing directors will hold a fright of losing their occupations.

Employees might utilize the power un-necessarily

There will be more people involved in the determination devising procedure which might take more clip and dissension will lift ensuing divergency.

( Murrell & A ; A Meredith )

Problems and symptoms

Employees had deficiency of assurance

High employee turnover rates within the organisation – due to deputation of authorization

With the implement of the new program Becker did non supervise the advancement of the new program implemented

Becker did non hold options if the program of implementing authorization failed

Becker failed to identify/study the corporate civilization of Thailand – did n’t analyze the civilization before implementing new tools to the organisation he is non a good advisory leader

Premises were made without any prove based on personal opinion

Employees who displayed enterprise and made good determinations in fulfilling the demands of the invitees seldom received positive feedback from the higher-ups

Becker did non take in to account the feedback he got from several directors – the organic structure linguistic communication ( nodding their caputs ) meant a dissension to some extent

Delegated authorization without sing the damage which will happen within the organisation

Proper organisation construction was non implemented – employees did n’t cognize to whom they should describe.

Lack of forming, planning and commanding


9.1 Having options

Authorization is non the lone tool to actuate employees in the corporate universe. A By utilizing public presentation assessments, superior ‘s can praise and acknowledge the employees at Regency who displayed good advanced and good determinations to fulfill clients. Employees like been appreciated and like to hear the higher-ups say that they have done a good occupation. Reward systems for their achievements such as inducements, salary increases, yearend fillip for good performing artists and publicities can be used to actuate employees instead than merely utilizing authorization. A director should ever be crystalline and should non be biased when measuring 1s public presentation.

9.2 Conduct research

When implementing a new program one should ever analyze the civilization and place the demand for alteration. Harmonizing to the instance, Regency was a net income devising organisation and the demand for alteration was non needfully of import. Without analyzing the civilization Becker implemented authorization in to the organisation based on his personal opinions. To actuate employees at Regency, Empowerment was non the appropriate tool. If anterior research was conducted Becker would hold introduced different tools to actuate employees. It ‘s really of import understand that corporate civilization can change from one state to another.

9.3 Conduct Trainings

With the execution of empowerment employees at Regency was non cognizant of what precisely they should make and was afraid to be advanced and to take hazards due to the bureaucratic processs conducted by the past direction. In order to construct assurance in employees, preparations, workshops such as “ Employee Performance Management ” preparations can be conducted to educate them about how of import authorization is to win in the corporate universe.

9.4 Observe the employees

By detecting the employee higher-ups can place what employees should halt making, what employees should go on making and what employees should get down making and compose studies about relevant employees in order to be more effectual and achieve desired ends.

9.5 Have a proper organisation construction

Becker had deficiency or planning, forming and monitoring. He did non supervise after implementing the new program. Once a new program has been implemented it ‘s of import to supervise the advancement to see whether it has been effectual throughout the organisation construction.

Close relationship with the employees

Harmonizing to the research Thai people are more relationship oriented so it ‘s of import that Becker should hold a more close relationship with the subsidiaries. Having meetings at least twice a hebdomad is of import in order to construct up a good relationship. It ‘s of import to listen to your subsidiaries. Active hearing warrants that the other party understood him or her. It is a necessary portion of any exchange to actuate employees.

9.7 Decrease employee turnover

To diminish employee turnover in future higher-ups bing should confer with ex-employees and discourse the grounds for go forthing and do determinations to avoid turnover in future and seek to keep a lower figure of employee turnover within the organisation. Implement better engaging determinations to make full in the bing spreads.

9.8 Keep employees up-to-date

It ‘s of import to maintain the employees informed about all alterations that may impact them. When implementing tools within the organisation it ‘s of import that you make them cognizant about every individual regulation and ordinance in order to avoid emphasis and un-efficiency.


Sing the above solutions the most appropriate recommendation is to first place the difference between organisational civilizations and when implementing new concern practises it ‘s of import to develop and supply sufficient information to the employees in an organisation.


The intent of this study was to name the jobs in this instance utilizing organizational behavior constructs and urge solutions to get the better of or understate the jobs and symptoms in this instance. There are several solutions identified in order to understate the jobs and symptoms occurred during the execution of authorization at the Regency.

Using several organisational behavior constructs to name the jobs at the Regency, such as motive, organisational civilization, employee authorization, crosses cultural consequence and alteration. The study found out that what may be applicable in one civilization will non ever be applicable/suitable in a different organisational civilization. Authorization was non effectual in Thailand though it was effectual and gave first-class consequences in the US.

There are a figure of contradictory findings among different writers and hence due to a deficiency of clear findings at this phase it is non possible to definitively province whether authorization is the lone method of actuating the work force. Monitoring the advancement one time a new program is implemented will greatly increase efficiency and productiveness within the administration. Having options will hold a great trade to make with the organisations advancement and how it handles the assorted unexpected state of affairss such as employee turnover and low profitableness. Planning, forming and supervising the organisation are of import tools in order to win.


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