Problem Solving and American Funding Model Essay

Questions: 1. What is the major reason to cause the Unit States education funding so low on these past years? Our economic has been facing economic crisis for a very long period. 2. What is AFM stand for? And how does author think about it? AFM stands for American Funding Model. The author thinks the current government is failing on doing this. 3. What is the first? (Based on the article) The first feature is the reliance on high tuition. 4. And what is the second specific feature on the current funding model?

The second is the AFM is two-thirds of four years college enrollments. 5. How many proposition as the author set up to solve the problem? There are total of four propositions Audience: The audience for this article will be for those people who are going to participate the coming up election is November. And also for people who want to know more about how is raising tax can help to fund education. Purpose: The purpose that author is trying to make is to explain how the proposition will work if the proposition gets pass.

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Problem Solving and American Funding Model Essay
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Also, author wants to let people know one of the serious problems that we have been facing for long time which is high tuition with low finical support. Persona: One of the reasons why author wrote down this article is because he/she wants to let everyone know the bad situation that we are all in right now especially college students. Author wants to be appear as an important article for every reader and wish the readers can take it serious and think about what might solve the problems too. The author didn’t claim to be authorities.

The texts let me know more about how are high tuition and low funding on education can affect us as a student greatly. The texts are credible for me because I found this article from a credible website. Evidence: Mostly the evidences that author used were all facts and the other parts of them are just some sources about the topic of the article. Organization/ structure: I thought the organization of this article is pretty well. The author didn’t Jump from a topic to other topic randomly and it was all clear step by step. Format:

The words that author used in the texts were not very deep; almost all of them were some simple vocabulary words. But in some terms, there were some professional words in the texts were kind of hard to understand. Other than that, it was easy to unaerstana. summary: The article is basically talking about the high tuition fee for college education in the United States. Also, the author is arguing that the current American Funding Model cannot solve the problem. Author thinks the government and people need to come out with a new way to solve the funding soon.


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