Problem Solving And Decision Making Construction Essay

This is the concluding research study on the subject of organisational civilization. The study is done on Dowie & A ; Dowie Painters & A ; Interior Decorators. Based on the observations the research squad members made when the first proposal was done, it was observed that this company did non hold the effectual control at workplace. The research squad has chosen this of control because this relates to the wellness and safety of employees at workplace in New Zealand. In New Zealand, there are many accidents at workplace. The research squad was fascinated with the informations that was obtained from Statistics New Zealand. Harmonizing to the statistics New Zealand ( 2012 ) , 187,300 people made 209,700 claims for hurts at workplace in 2010. The major claims were made by the four industries. These were shopkeepers, fishing and agribusiness, workss and machineries and simple residents. Since shopkeeper falls in this class, the research squad decided that this was a really realistic attack to make the research on the organisation civilization at workplace.


This research was about the job of organisational civilization at Dowie and Dowie Painters & A ; Interior designers Ltd that is located in Mangere in South Auckland. The research squad has identified this job because had observed that there is unequal control of some of the ways in which company operates. The job identified is non critical but it affects position of the company to some extent and may take to fiscal loss so it needs to be rectified. The employer and employees need to work harmonizing to rectify wellness and safety processs implemented by Health and Safety Employment Act 1992 at workplace. The research workers believe that if this job is solved so the workers will non be exposed to any jeopardies that will impact their public presentation and will hold negative consequence on their wellness. Therefore, this was chance job.

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Problem Solving And Decision Making Construction Essay
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Company Background:

Dowie and Dowie Painters & A ; Interior designers started operation in New Zealand twenty-eight old ages ago. Its chief office is located in Panmure in the Auckland. Mr. Dowie had makings in the picture and interior designers field so he had the cognition and he besides had adequate financess to get down the concern. Since this company started, it has made a steady advancement due to acquiring many occupations from the Auckland City Council. However, the workers started go forthing the company. After, three old ages in service, the supervisor left his occupation and went to work someplace else. Then, he employed another supervisor who was made in charge of the full picture occupation as Mr. Dowie was out on interceding with clients in acquiring more occupations. The new supervisor, Mr. Anup Kishore, has been working for Mr. Dowie of all time since. This company ‘s success was due to the high quality of work they produced and the company ‘s vision that had allowed them to thrive so fast.

Today Dowie and Dowie Painters & A ; Interior designers employees eight staff. They work in two squads. One squad has four members. Each squad works individually in different locations around Auckland. While making this research, the research squad has observed that there is a batch of harmoniousness amongst the employees and they have developed a great teamwork. Many procedures are involved in making picture work. It has to travel through many procedures before seting on the concluding bed of pigment. While making this and the readying work that is involved, some of the employees neglect their safety. The research squad did detect this carelessness in some of the phases of work. In the procedure of skimming, first carelessness was observed. Skimming is a procedure where the wooden wall is plastered. This is done so that the underlying surface that would hold the rough, uneven and damaged surface is levelled off utilizing the plaster mix. Once this plaster has dried off so a sanding machine is used to sand off the surface so that the surface becomes smooth for painting. This is where the first carelessness takes topographic point. It was observed that one of the employees barely used the inhalator while sanding. As it was noticed that during the sanding operation, the dust atoms filled up the ambiance and there was no inhalator worn by the employees. This is in fact deleterious to wellness and it can do annoyance to external respiration and vigorous sneeze. Second, the research squad has besides observed that after the picture has been done and when the employees go and wash their equipment, one of the employees washes his paintbrushes and trays on the grass. As it is logically understood that, there are harmful chemical contents in the pigment. For illustration gum terpentine is washed away and it has really lifelessly chemical therefore it becomes a jeopardy to the environment and causes pollution. In add-on, if the local council finds that this company is non decently following the right processs so, they the council can put a heavy mulct on the company. It will be a immense loss in footings of finance and the repute of this company will be at interest. In add-on, it is really clear that the employees do non hold equal control in the executing of their work any suffer from wellness jobs in future and this could be the company a batch of fiscal loss in the signifier of compensation and mulcts for pretermiting the wellness and Safety Procedures.


The information that collected in this undertaking was be by giving out the questionnaires, carry oning interviews and doing personal observation. This is the triangulation method that the research squad has used to roll up informations and comparison to see if the job identified was a job to the organisation.

The research squad consisted of two members. Each member had a particular function to every bit far as the aggregation of informations. One member was responsible for questioning, entering the information that has been collected. The 2nd member was to do assignments with the relevant individuals who will be interviewed and fixing the questionnaires. Both of the squad members were straight responsible for doing the concluding notes that needs to be submitted. A missive of petition was sent to the supervisor of this peculiar company so that the squad can travel and interview him, questionnaires was distributed to five employees and critical observations were made at the workplace. The company would be clearly explained the intent of this research and how it would profit them and the environment. In add-on, the squad will let go of this concluding study to this company so that they besides make alterations to their work patterns, go more responsible, and carry out the undertakings harmonizing to the regulations and ordinance set by the regulating governments.

However, the group worked as a squad in all the procedure and helped each other if one member was dawdling behind in one undertaking. The recommendations would be made to Dowie and Dowie Painters & A ; Interior designers so that it can follow with wellness and safety demands towards each other and towards the environment.

Literature Review

Control is a really of import facet in any organisation. It is besides of import so that “ planning can be done, an organizational construction can be created to ease the efficient accomplishment of ends, and employees can be motivated through effectual leading ” ( Robbins, Bergman, Stagg and Coulter, 2009, p.570 ) . There are few ways control can be measured. Robbins et al. , ( 2009 ) tell that the common beginnings of information for mensurating acting are personal observations, statistical studies, unwritten studies and written studies. ( p.572 ) . If proper control is practised at workplace so, the work will be safe and company will hold high position and there will be less hazard of fiscal loss.

Statement of Problem

The employees of Dowie and Dowie Painters & A ; Interior designers Ltd do non hold equal control at their workplace. Observations were made that is grounds that codifications of patterns were missing and henceforth at that place was non adequate control in their organisational civilization. The concern has been truly successful in the last 28 old ages since it has started. However, in these old ages, the employees tend to be pretermiting the wellness and safety facets. The research squad conducted a desk research and found out that there have been few incidents in the yesteryear that had let to injury at the workplace. In add-on, the research squad has besides observed many signifier of carelessness associated with this painting profession at the workplace. The workers that are working for this company are all immigrants from Fiji and India. Therefore, these workers did non pattern the wellness and safety processs efficaciously in their ain state. They believe that there is no demand for them to pattern wellness and safety, as they are non to the full cognizant of the chronic effects.

Population Sampling

There are two types of informations control that are used in this study. These are quantitative and qualitative informations. In this study, the research squad used both of these methods. The information from employees and the supervisor that are collected was noted down in the questionnaires are based on the qualitative informations. These are the based on the sentiments and positions that are expressed. This information that was collected from all the respondents and analysed in the terminal. The quantitative informations includes informations that was tabulated and graphed consequently. There were two squads working at two different locations. The first and squad is controlled by the proprietor himself and the 2nd squad is controlled by a supervisor who is a painter every bit good. The research squad did research on the 2nd squad because of its vicinity that is near to where the research workers reside. There were four members working in the 2nd squad. Three of them are front-line workers and the 4th one is the main supervisor. The three front-line employees from the 2nd squad was given questionnaires to make full, the head supervisor was interviewed while he filled the questionnaires and eventually the factual information was collected based on the observation carried out by the squad members. The research squad distributed questionnaires on the 20th of July 2012 to the frontline employees and were given at least three hebdomads to finish this. In add-on, on the 20th of July 2012, one member of the research squad interviewed the supervisor. The research squad managed to give out the questionnaire to an employee from the first squad.

Ethical Issues

A missive of petition was sent to the Chief Supervisor bespeaking him for the squad to carry on research. Once he gave blessing, the research squad made necessary observations, conducted interviews and gave out questionnaires. In add-on the respondents were clearly explained the intent and the benefits of this research and to this organisation and the environment as a whole. It was assumed that the employees gave the research squad the right information. However, the research squad conducted observations that made the analysis easier.

Strength and Weaknesses

One of the rating tools used in this research was the questionnaires. It had both strength and failings. The strength of questionnaires was that foremost, it was a really effectual manner of roll uping information. Second, information sing any issues was collected. In add-on, it could be distributed to many people and does non necessitate to be told about each inquiry that needs to be answered. The disadvantages of giving out questionnaires are as follows. First, the failing would be that the respondents may non hold given ethical feedback sing certain issues. Second, the respondent can misapply the questionnaire by make fulling irrelevant information. To see that the information collected was factual, personal observations were made to traverse cheque with the information from the questionnaires. It was a good signifier of confirmation of informations from other beginnings. Personal interview was much effectual manner of obtaining informations. It was effectual when miring complex issues and information provided will be in item and henceforth was be easy understood and analysed. However, the failing of personal interview was that it was bit hard to make a common for the interview, as the interviewee was a spot loath in unwraping critical information.

Resources Required

The resources required for transporting out this research included, clip, money, people, cyberspace, conveyance, stationary, APA citing manner, talk notes, pressman and citing text editions. The research squad needed to utilize their cherished clip and travel and interview, write questionnaires, do studies, consult the coach and do observations. In this procedure, the research squad needed money to purchase stationary, pay for fuel and printing. In add-on, conveyance was besides be used to travel to topographic points and do observations, conduct interviews and do research work in the library. APA referencing is done so that the research squad acknowledges the writers who have written the books.

Result and Discussion:


The first beginning of garnering information was through questionnaires. The consequence and the analysis of the inquiry are tabulated in the graph below.

Question Number


Number of people said ‘Yes ”

Number of people said ‘No ‘


Are you good informed about the criterions of wellness and safety patterns?




Have you of all time had an hurt at work?




Make you utilize the baseball mitts while painting?




Make you cognize the importance of have oning baseball mitts?




Make you utilize the inhalators while sanding?




Make you cognize the importance of utilizing inhalators?




Are you aware that the above wellness related jobs you ticked is due to the deficiency of wellness and safety patterns at work?




Have you of all time disposed or washed the pigment into storm H2O drains?




Are you cognizant of the effects of rinsing the pigment and gum terpentine into storm H2O drains?




Make you have on goggles while utilizing sanding machine?




Make you cognize the importance of have oning goggles?




Is there a jeopardy designation checklist at your workplace?




Has this been followed on a regular basis?



The analysis of Question 1 is graphed harmonizing to per centum of employees engage in which types of work.

The graph above shows the figure of people ( Vertical Axis ) executing the different types of responsibilities at work ( Horizontal axis ) .

The analysis of Question 2 from is graphed below:

The graph above shows the figure of people ( perpendicular axis ) that suffered from the different wellness related issues ( Horizontal axis ) .

Interview Analysis:

Interview analysis of the Chief Supervisor:

The Mr. Anup Kishore, the Chief Supervisor stated the followers in the interview the research squad conducted:

All the staff is to the full cognizant of the wellness and safety control policies at workplace. He stated that the employees neglect these patterns because they do non experience it is of import to have on the protective protection vesture.

Mr. Kishore explained the research squad that there was an incident one time he did inquire the employees why they are non have oning the protection cogwheel. They responded that could get by it without them, as they have non used these in their place states.

All the employees have signed a wellness and safety enchiridion when this company at the first topographic point employed them. The policies were clearly explained to them. However, the employees themselves non follow this efficaciously.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

In this research, the research squad applied the Kepner-Tregoe Problem Solving and Decision Making. When organisations are confronted with jobs, necessary actions should be taken to happen the best solution for the jobs. This theory helps to work out most complex jobs that arise in any organisation. This will assist to develop good thought accomplishments that will be needed to work out these jobs.

This theory tells that are six-steps in decision- devising. The first measure is taken when the director recognises a job. Here at Dowie and Dowie painters & A ; Decorators the employees did non transport out their wellness and safety processs efficaciously so there is unequal control. The observations that were carried out provinces that there was in unequal control in the organisation in respects to the wellness and safety criterions. The people that are involved in this job are the employees, the supervisor and the employer himself. The chief job in this job designation was that the employees of this company hold unequal control every bit far as the wellness and safety processs are concerned in this organisation. My chief end was to set in topographic point the proper wellness and safety process at workplace of Dowie and Dowie Painters & A ; Interior designers so that the employees have a good criterion at workplace.

The 2nd measure was to garner informations comparative to the job. The observations that have made this job a fact is that based on the research ‘s squad observation. Second, the members of the research squad has personally went and talked to the employees and have found out the right wellness and safety criterions non followed. The premises that ware made are that, the employees themselves have neglected the wellness and safety processs because it would hold the duty of the employer to supply all the personal protection equipment in making this work.

The 3rd measure for this determination doing procedure is to do the list of the possible barriers that will in involved in transporting out the concluding study. Some of the barriers included are the deficiency of cognition of employees, the negative feedback from the employees, the incapacity of the employees to accommodate to the new criterions of the wellness and safety facets of the workplace, the damaging behavior the employees about the personal protective equipments.

The 4th measure was to prove the possible solutions to this job. The undermentioned solutions can be tested:

Teach the employees about the wellness and safety pattern. This will make awareness amongst the employees and each of them will look out for each other. In this, the employer should clearly explicate the responsibilities of employer and responsibilities of employees.

The employer for the new employees should supply wellness and safety preparation. Harmonizing to the analysis of the questionnaires, most employees are incognizant of effects of the carelessness in wellness and safety. Since all of the employees are migrators, they do non experience necessary to have on the personal protective equipment because they have non worn these in their place states. The research squad strongly believes that the things that they are pretermiting should be taught and implemented.

The employees need to turn to their concerns to the employer. It can be a instance where the employees may experience that their occupation might be at hazard if they voice their concern their issues sing wellness and safety. The employees need to gain that a major accident could go on if they keep quiet.

Review the wellness and safety policies of the company on a regular basis so that workers are invariably reminded about the responsibilities they need to execute.

Keep a Material Safety Data Sheet ( MSDS ) at workplace all the clip. It a papers that contains information on the chemical contents, the usage, managing and storage, . Emergency processs and wellness related hazards to a risky stuff and how to describe an incident/ accident. The MSDS has more information sing a peculiar than the label on the container.

The 5th phase was that the best solutions was selected that could used to get the better of these barriers. Since it is a bit-by-bit procedure, alternate solutions was tested to see which 1 was the best solution out of all.

The concluding measure in Kepner- Tregoe job resolution is the execution of the determination. In this one, the positive consequences should follow. The employees, the supervisor and the employer by the terminal of the concluding study should cognize their functions and duties so that everyone is involved in following the right wellness and safety processs at workplace.


Discussion of relevant point associating to:

Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE ) :

There is non adequate control on implementing the employees wear these. The policies are in topographic point to follow but the employer is non ever around to invariably have on this personal protective equipment. The background of the employees provinces that they did non have on this equipment while working in their place states. They do non cognize the intent of have oning this equipment. Effectss on the wellness of each employee were clearly apparent in the information they provided in the questionnaires. The employees are merely non cognizant of the chronic effects of the chemical they are exposed to daily.

The followers shows the types of personal protection equipment that one should have on when they perform a peculiar undertaking:

Duties Performed

Personal Protective Equipments

Effectss if non have on


Goggless, inhalators

Asthma, cough, sneezing, febrility


baseball mitts

Skin annoyance


Respirators, baseball mitts

Asthma, cough, febrility, skin annoyance

Washing Paints

baseball mitts

Skin annoyance

Using Management Theories:


Planning is the first measure in direction maps. Planning is done so that organisations achieve their ends and implement ways on how to accomplish their ends.

Dowie & A ; Dowie Painters & A ; Interior interior designers have a good planning every bit far as their how their work is being carried out. However, it needs to implement schemes that incorporate the wellness and safety of the employees. This will better the company ‘s organisational construction.


In any concern, if the good administration takes topographic point, so the function of each worker is clearly identified.

The workers in this company cognize their functions good. Each of them know what is expected of them. This includes the specific people to describe to in instance of any issues. However, the company needs to form their files and documents that it contains the Material Safety Data Sheet ( MSDS ) and Hazard Identification Forms.


Leading is a really of import facet of concern direction. taking merely non intend acquiring things done, but it means acquiring work done by actuating, work outing struggles, supplying inducements and developing squad work etc.

In this company, there is non good leading displayed by the supervisor. A supervisor is supposed to do things go on and non pretermiting the workers safety. While, the workers know the importance of have oning the personal protective vesture, they do non have on it. The chief duty goes to the employer who should set patterns so everyone abides by the regulation.


Robbins, Bergman, Stagg & A ; Coulter ( 2008 ) states that commanding is done after the ends are set and programs are formulated. To see that ends are met and programs are being followed to acquire the things done, the troughs should measure if these things are done rationally. If there are some issues sing how work is being carried out, so the directors should supervise the procedure and rectify it. ( p. 12 )

In this company, the control is weak. Based on the observations and interviews and the questionnaires, due to the deficiency of control, the employees are acquiring injured and ill. Tghe employees are incognizant of the chronic effects.


All concerns make determinations daily. Whether it is little administration or little, whether it is doing net income or loss. Decision-making is a daily modus operandi.

This company needs to do effectual determinations so that there are good wellness and safety control at workplace.

Effectss on the Environment:

Harmonizing to the reply from the questionnaires distributed, five of the respondents ( 100 % ) stated that they dispose the pigment and gum terpentine in the storm H2O mercantile establishment. These storm H2O drains lead to watercourses, waterways and coastal Waterss. However if these chemical are non treated so it has a damaging effects on the environment. These pollutants can damage the environment by polluting works and carnal life and impacting fresh water and coastal ecosystems. People ‘s wellness can besides endure if they eat contaminated fish, shellfish, and other aquatic animate beings, or aquatic workss such as watercress and comestible seaweed. ( Waikato Regional Council, 2012 ) .


This study done by the research squad found that there was a job with the administration ‘s construction every bit far as the wellness and safety patterns is concerned. Employees of Dowie & A ; Dowie do non follow the wellness and safety patterns. The policies and processs are in topographic point but the workers neglect this. The consequence from the questionnaires, interviews and direction theories proves that the informations triangulation of consequences proves that it is the employee ‘s damaging behavior about the personal protective vesture. They have stated that they have non used the personal protective equipment in their place state.

The job that the research squad did the research is an chance job. There are chances for the company to better on their policies and processs. This will ensue in better wellness of the employees and this will increase their production rate. Finally, a better healthier workplace patterns will assist in motive, teamwork and integrity.


The undermentioned recommendations will be made to Dowie & A ; Dowie Painters & A ; Interior Interior designers:

Teach the employees about the wellness and safety processs at workplace.

The workers to be send for the wellness and safety preparation externally.

Material Safety Data Sheet ( MSDS ) should be kept at the work topographic point so that everyone can mention to it when working with all different pigments.

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