Problem Solving Simulation Essay

Question 1: How did you construe the job?

The job presented was about traversing a river with three different animate beings: a cat. a Canis familiaris. and a rat. The status given was to traverse utilizing a raft. with merely one animate being to attach to me in traversing the river. There is nevertheless. a gimmick in traversing the river with these animate beings. If the Canis familiaris and the cat are left with each other. the Canis familiaris battles with the cat. If the cat is left with the rat. so the rat gets eaten by the cat. Because of this. the animate beings should traverse the river in a peculiar order that they don’t stop up contending or eating one another. The existent job is non traversing the river. but how to properly order these animate beings in siting the raft with me so that they will all be able to traverse the other side of the river. The job will be solved if they will all make the other side of the river.

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Problem Solving Simulation Essay
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Question 2: What scheme did you usage and how did you measure your advancement?

With the job at manus. I foremost made a few efforts or tests on work outing the job by traversing the river with any random animate being. They ever end up contending and eating each other. so I look at the state of affairs closely. The scheme that helped me calculate out the job was pulling a image. I was making the test and mistake method at first. but as I end up neglecting after every attempt. I got frustrated so I turned to pulling the possible results with the combinations and orders that I have in head. With the usage of a pen and a few sheets of paper. I was able to set up an order which would safely traverse the three animate beings to the other side without any of them acquiring harmed. By utilizing the scheme of pulling up the job. I figured out what I should make with the animate beings. which of them to travel foremost. and which would travel back with me to avoid any battles.

Question 3: Did you encounter any obstructions while work outing the job?

In work outing the job. the obstructions I encountered were more on during the procedure of test and mistake. where I tested several orders in the animate beings. The chief job is that I assumed that all I have to make is to transport it towards the other side. where all that needs to be done is to drop the animate beings. However. the inclination of these animate beings is to still contend each other. therefore doing me fail to work out the job. In several tests where my end is to merely set them in the other side. the rat or the cat ends up acquiring eaten. I so pondered on where I made a error. and I realized that I should besides transport one animate being back to the other riverside. If I carry an carnal back. so it would take a longer clip to finish the undertaking. but still. it would turn out right.

Question 4: Were you aware of this thought procedure as you worked through the job?

I am cognizant of the thought procedure as I go about my work sing job resolution. I learned that when faced with a job that needs to be solved. it is of import to concentrate on the job while undertaking the relevant inside informations that accompany it. As I easy discovered the right thing to make in order for the animate beings to traverse the river. I learned that job resolution may be a small less hard as compared to those who didn’t receive any other instruction. In order to make this. those who are seeking farther response from their audience wished make their experience more synergistic. every bit good as unattractive.


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