Problems of modern higher education in KZ Essay

Thus, the most serious problem of higher education in Astrakhan consists not only in the lack of qualified and skilled pacifists and insufficient orientation of educational institutions in the practical training of future specialists but also it consists In misconception of credit system. It Is common knowledge that the Republic of Astrakhan has signed Bologna process also this fact involved a lot of changes. In 2011 there was a complete transition to three level higher education system: Bachelor program, Master Program and PhD program.

In consequence of this event all the dissertation councils were closed and there are not any more candidates or doctors of sciences who graduate. Therefore there is an urgent problem of absence of research staff and university professors and Phd programs are under the state of establishment and they do not yet train enough specialists to substitute “old” candidates and doctors of sciences. Also It Is necessary to tell about a problem of insufficient orientation of educational institutions in the practical training of future specialists.

Partly it develops due to low mobility of educational institutions which don’t manage to introduce all innovations emended in work of the modern employee in the training program. So, after graduating the university, every student, as a well-educated man will expect that his work will be a piece of cake, something at which his Intellect would allow him to excel without undue effort. But unfortunately, whenever, he will realize that he is woefully ill – equipped for both life and work.

And he will be right in this case because it’s true that the knowledge that students receive at universities Is nothing more than the simple theory. Anyway, we can’t rule out the necessity of preparing the students better for life and work and I think that it requires to train the students’ mind to deal with not only closed problems but also with open – ended problems. In addition to the problem of Bologna process and a problem of insufficient orientation of educational Institutions for practice, there Is one more Issue In modern higher education which is called credit system of education.

This system was introduced in the beginning of the years of 2000. But it took several years for the Ministry of education and science and universities to inculcate it. Still some of the principles of credit system of education are misunderstood and not always interpreted correctly. As a result there is a definite mess in the state standards of some programs and curricula. The problem of the percentage of obligatory and elective courses is still under discussion.

These examples show us that despite great number of changes occurred In an educational system of Astrakhan since 1992 nevertheless here Is no fixed and well-defined educational system. Most of the companies refuse to employ university graduates without working experience, so this is a very 1 OFF Important social problem at present wanly Is closely connected Walt unemployment. On the one hand, there are too many graduates holding a higher education diploma, on the other hand, the country lacks a lot professional and qualified specialists and is forced to employ a great number of specialists from foreign countries.

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