Problems That International Students Face and How to Solve These Problems Essay

Today, international education is more popular than ever before. However, overseas students will face a lot of problems when they are studying in a new cultural system. In this essay, some possible problems and methods that solve these issues will be shown. It is obvious that the problems, which overseas students face, are diverse. In the first place, the overseas students will face a problem that they have no place to live after they leave an airport. For instance, some students fail to hand in an application for accommodation on time. Therefore, they have to live in a hotel until they find an appropriate place to live.

In the second place, international students always start their trip without necessary things. Especially, students come to their new home just with some clothes. Thirdly, different countries have different approaches to learning. Students may become very unfamiliar with new learning styles. It is difficult for overseas students to acquire a totally new learning style in a short time. Accordingly, the solutions for these issues should also be varied. First, students must hand in the application on time, or make sure that they have a safe place to live after they arrive in the new country.

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Problems That International Students Face and How to Solve These Problems Essay
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Secondly, students should take enough essential things with them. However, they could also buy those things after arrival the new country, which is a good chance to touch with the new culture. Above all, the university should give some special courses, which are related to approaches to learning, to help students change their methods of learning as soon as possible. To conclude, many factors contribute to problems that overseas students meet. The students and universities should work together and take measures to solve those problems.


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