Procedure Of Job Costing Accounting Accounting Essay

Fiscal accounting is used to fix accounting information for people outside the organisation or non involved in the daily running of the company. Management accounting provides accounting information to aid directors make determinations to pull off the concern.

In short, fiscal accounting is the procedure of sum uping fiscal informations taken from an organisation ‘s accounting records and publication in the signifier of one-year or more frequent studies for the benefit of people outside the organisation. Financial accounting is governed by both local and international accounting criterions.

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Procedure Of Job Costing Accounting Accounting Essay
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Undertaking 1:

In the readying of your research, present the different type of bing methods necessary for the ramification in Sarawak.

A managerial accounting method that describes when all fixed and variable costs, including fabrication costs, are used to calculate the entire cost per unit. Full bing includes these costs when calculating the sum of money it takes to bring forth and administer one unit of end product. Full costing is besides known as “ full costs ” or “ soaking up costing ” . How a house disbursals its production and distribution costs will impact the construction of internal income statements. Because all costs incurred to sell a merchandise are included with cost of goods sold, the house ‘s gross border will be lower under the full costing method than the soaking up bing method.

Today concern and industry needs bing systems to run into their single demands. Costing experts believe that it may non be possible to invent a individual costing system to carry through everybody ‘s demands. They have developed different methods of bing for different industries depending upon the type of industry and their nature. As per the nature and distinctive features of the concern, different Industries follow different methods to happen out the cost of their merchandise. There are different rules and process for making the costing. However the basic rule and process of bing remain the same. Some of the methods mentioned are Unit Costing, Job Costing, Contract Costing, Batch Costing, Operating Costing, Process Costing and Uniform Costing.

Unit of measurement Costing. This method besides called ‘Single end product Costing ‘ . This method of costing is used for merchandises which can be expressed in indistinguishable quantitative units and is suited for merchandises which are manufactured by uninterrupted fabrication activity. Costss are ascertained for convenient units of end product. Examples: Brick devising, excavation, cement fabrication, dairy, flour Millss etc.

We all recognize that absolute costs can increase twelvemonth on twelvemonth ; but what precisely are we acquiring for our money? Are we supplying more services? Or are the services we provide merely acquiring more dearly-won? Without associating what we spend ( input ) to what we provide ( end product ) we do non cognize how cost effectual we are. Measuring the cost per unit produced ( unit cost ) is hence one manner that we can specify Value for Money. By comparing the unit cost of the service over clip we can track our advancement on cost effectivity. Comparing unit costs with other similar organisations we can measure our comparative efficiency. The computation of unit cost is really merely represented by taking the entire cost of a service and spliting it by the figure of service units provided.


= Unit Cost

Number of cost units

It sounds simple, but to be meaningful we need to understand our costs and how they behave and besides be able to place units that most meaningfully measure the public presentation of the service.

Job Costing. Job Costing is method of bing in which we calculate the cost of each occupation. Job here means a little work or group of little activities which we can place in any merchandise ‘s production. It is besides necessary for bring forthing any merchandise. Some, client can order for acquiring specific occupation non all merchandises. So, it is really necessary to happen that occupation order ‘s cost through occupation bing method.

Job Costing is used in that industry where we differentiate one occupation with other occupation. In that state of affairs, we can roll up cost of each work order or merchandise line. For doing furniture or machinery or its toolsA or ship edifice, its work can be divided in little parts and each portion will be collected under occupation costing.

In occupation costing, we make occupation history which demonstrates stuff, labour and direct disbursals at different day of the months because we use these disbursals at different period. So, when we expand, we record at that clip. After this, we add for ciphering premier cost of that occupation.

Procedure of Job Costing Accounting

1. Material Cost Accounting

In occupation bing process ‘s first measure, we have to place each occupation ‘s stuff cost and to enter it. When any stuff is issued from shop, sum-up of that stuff cost of each occupation is posted to single occupation cost sheet. On this footing, we find what material cost of each occupation is when production is in work-in-process. Here are two points which you should cognize.

First point is if there any stuff which is excess after utilizing it to specific occupation, we will return it to hive away and it will be sent with shop debit note and relevant occupation history will be credited with that cost of stuff. Second point, if there is any excess stuff which is adjusted with any other occupation work, so we will do a stuff transportation note and on that footing, we will reassign stuff and its cost from one occupation to other occupation

2. Labor Cost Accounting

On the footing of occupation clip card or sheet, we can apportion labour cost to each occupation or work order. We besides adjust of entire idle clip from labour cost in each occupation.

3. Overhead Cost Accounting

On the footing of machine hr rate, labour hr rate or any other footing we allocate and place different operating expense disbursals for each occupation. It is hard but with suited overhead rate to each single article fabrication, we identify overhead in each occupation.

Contract Costing. Contract costing is that method of bing in cost accounting which is used to roll up and place all the disbursals associating to a specific contract. For this intent, Contractor has to keep contract leger in which he has to demo contract history.

Contract here means an understanding to finish building of edifice or any other technology work which need many yearss, months or old ages to finish.

Contact history is that history who shows all the disbursals in its debit side. Credit side of this history, we show value contract monetary value or work certified value. Difference between debit and recognition side of will demo fanciful net income or loss.

Following are chief Contract Expenses and Costs which shows in Contract Account under Contract Costing: –

1. Material Cost

Material or natural stuff which is used for building is the chief disbursal or contract cost and it will be debited in contract history. It is supplied from shop or purchased from market straight. If stuff is transferred from any other contract, so its cost will be adjusted on the footing of stuff transportation note.

2. Labor Cost

On the footing of rewards analysis sheet, labour cost is calculated for a specific contract order. If same labourer is used more than one contract, so clip devoted to each contract is calculated and on this footing, labour cost is allocated.

3. Direct Expenses

Direct Expenses are those costs straight related to the chief activity of the concern. Examples include the natural stuffs used to fabricate a merchandise and the labour costs associated with the work performed to bring forth the merchandise.

4. Operating expenses

Operating expenses can be allocated on the footing of some % on cost of stuff, rewards or premier cost or MHR or LHR.

5. Sub- Contract Cost

It will besides include in contract cost, if to finish sub-construction for chief building.

6. Cost of Extra Work.

The excess work sum collectible by the contracted should be added to the contract monetary value. If excess work is significant, it is better to handle it as a separate contract. If it is non significant, disbursals incurred should be debited to the contract history as “ Cost of Extra work ” .

Importance of Contract Costing

Contract costing is of import because with this method, we can cipher cost of large occupations. If we do non cognize contract bing and ciphering of net income under this method, we will utilize occupation bing method and consequence will non be amazing because many points like value of work certified, fanciful net income, contract monetary value are non used in occupation costing. So, it is better for us to larn all things which is in contract costing.

Batch Costing. This method of costing is used where the units produced in a batch are unvarying in nature and design. For the intent of bing each batch is treated as a occupation or separate unit. Industries like Bakery, Pharmaceuticals etc. normally use batch costing method.

Operating Costing or Service Costing. Where the cost of runing a service such as nursing place, Bus, railroad or chartered coach etc. this method of costing is used to determine the cost of such peculiar service. Each peculiar service is treated as separate units in operating costing. In the instance of a Nursing Home, a unit is treated as the cost of a bed per twenty-four hours and for coachs runing cost for a kilometre is treated as a unit.

Procedure Costing. This sort of costing is used for the merchandises which go through different procedures. For illustration, fabricating fabrics goes through different procedure. Fist procedure is whirling. The end product of spinning is yarn. It is a finished merchandise which can be sold in the market to the weavers every bit good every bit usage as a natural stuff for weaving in the same fabrication unit. For the intent of happening out the cost of narration, the cost of whirling procedure is to be ascertained. The 2nd measure is the weaving procedure. The end product of weaving procedure is cloth which besides can be sold as a finished merchandise in the market. In such instance, the cost of fabric demands to be evaluated. The 3rd procedure is change overing fabrics in to complete merchandise such as shirt or pant etc. Each procedure is to be evaluated individually as the end product of each procedure can be treated as a finished good every bit good every bit consumed as a natural stuff for the following procedure. In such industries procedure costing is used to determining the cost at each phase of production.

Uniform Costing. This is non a separate method of bing. This is a system of utilizing the same method of bing by a figure of houses in the same industry. It is treated as a common system of utilizing in agreement rules and standard accounting patterns in the indistinguishable houses or industry. This helps in arrested development of monetary value of the merchandise and inter-firm comparings.

Undertaking 2:

Show a undertaking cost appraisal associated with constructed installations. What constitutes Capital Cost and Operation & A ; Maintenance costs, explicate its magnitude importance

Undertaking 3:

In a service oriented industry like Olympia College, propose on possible everyday cost study that has to be accomplished regular by the finance officer during the building of installations and how it is to be accomplished, fix a sample format.

The college is required under Ministry of Education and Sarawak to obtain preapproval of the capital undertaking or acquisition by a designated State or local planning authorization in the province in which it is located. The college filed an initial application for a certification of demand on or before 31 December 2014 that includes a elaborate a elaborate description of the undertaking and its estimated cost and had non received blessing or disapproval on or before 30 September 2014. The college expended the lesser of RM 900,000 or 15 per centum of the estimated cost of the undertaking on or before 31 December 2014.

Assume building in procedure. If a college that initiates building on a capital undertaking does non run into the demands under the fixed assed, movable equipment, or drawn-out certification of demand proviso, the undertaking costs may acknowledge as old capital cost if all the undermentioned status are me. The College Board of Directors officially authorized the undertaking with a elaborate description of its range and cost on or before 31 December 2014. The estimated cost of the undertaking as of 31 December 2014 exceeds 5 per centum of the college entire patient grosss during its base twelvemonth. The capitalized cost incurred for the undertaking as of 31 December 2014 exceeded the lesser of RM 900,000 or 15 per centum of the estimated undertaking cost and the college began existent building or redevelopment groundbreaking on or before 31 May 2013 and the undertaking is completed before 1 October 2015.

This cost centre usually includes merely the cost of disposal staff. The salary cost of direct disposal staff. Classroom cost are those associated shred formal, didactic direction on a specific subject or topic in a schoolroom that meets at regular, scheduled intervals over a specific clip period illustration semester or one-fourth and for which a pupil receives a class.

While it may affect occasional or periodic meetings to discourse or analyse instance, review public presentation or discuss specific accomplishment or techniques, it involves no category room direction. For cost coverage period get downing on or after 1 October 2014 if you do non run the plan, the schoolroom part of the costs are non allowable as base on balls through cost and hence non reported base on balls through cost. The college receives a benefit for the support it furnishes to the instruction plan through the proviso of services. The talk preparation cost must be incurred by the supplier or by an instruction establishment related to the supplier by common ownership or control cost to related organisations. Cost supplier or the instruction establishment, are non allowed. The cost incurred by the college for the plan does non transcend the cost that would hold been incurred by the infirmary if the plan had operated by the college.

Undertaking 4:

Sing the possible cost to be incurred, from the building of installations to the first twelvemonth of operation, calculate and evaluate indexs of productiveness, efficiency and effectivity of the 2015 enlargement.


The decision maps of finance, and the environment which finance operates, and how the non-financial director tantrums in a typical company`s construction.

The fiscal maps of the concern impact non-financial activities such countries as record maintaining, public presentation rating, discrepancy analysis, and acquiring and use of resources. The non-financial director must grok the ends, processs, techniques, yardsticks, and maps of finance to optimally execute his or her responsibilities. Ignorance of finance will non merely take to incorrect analysis and determinations but will besides forestall you from traveling up in the organisation.

An of import ground for which you need fiscal and accounting cognition is that without a good apprehension of these subjects you do non hold the tools needed for effectual direction determination devising. You will hold to trust wholly on the fiscal director, whose recommendations you may non be able to wholly understand or, if necessary, difference. A successful operation blends production, selling, and finance with some grade of end congruity. Decisions that make sense in footings of selling and gross revenues must besides do fiscal sense. Without some fiscal background, you can non lend sound input to the determination procedure.


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