Processes of Plants - NWMS

Question Answer
What is the process of reproduction that involves only one parent plant or parent plant part? Asexual Reproduction
What kind of asexual reproduction are strawberries since they send out above ground growths? Runners
What is the process that plants go through to make their own food? Photosynthesis
Where is the stomata found on a plant? On the top of the leaves
What process occurs only in the presence of light? Photosynthesis
What is the pigment called that makes plants green? Chlorophyll
What process is the opposite of respiration? Photosynthesis
What is the process called when plants lose water through their leaves? Transpiration
Respiration is the process by which plants break down ___ and use the energy to perform life functions. Sugar
Where is most of the water in plants lost though? Stomata
What process is this equation for?
Sugar + Oxygen –> Carbon Dioxide + Water
What is the process called when the plant is absorbing carbon dioxide and water and it is producing sugar and oxygen? Photosynthesis
What process is this equation for?
Carbon Dioxide + Water –> Sugar + Oxygen
90% of the oxygen in our atmosphere is the result of what plant process? Photosynthesis
In the fall, an oak tree will drop its leaves and stores most of the sugar it has produced in its roots. The oak tree does this to prepare for _____. Dormancy
What is it called when plants change their growth in response to the environment (or to a stimulus)? Tropism
What is the response in the plant called when a Venus Flytrap closes when I fly lands on one of its sensors? Thigmotropism
What plant response is occurring when roots are growing into a creek (a small river)? Hydrotropism
When a corn seed is planted, it will grow roots down and stem up. What plant response is this? Gravitropism
Sunflowers follow the sun during the day. What plant response is happening here? Phototropism
Which type of plant response is occurring when the stems begin to wrap around objects? Thigmotropism
Corn smut is a type of ____ which damages crops of plants. Fungi
Fungi are a kingdom of organisms that ______. Cannot make their own food.
What is dormancy in plants? It is a period of time when plants OR seeds stop growing.

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