Procurement Case Study Essay

In this undertaking the procurance chiefly consists of the securing the technology service form the providers it involves the outsourcing of the design activities to the tier one providers who have a really much skilled in those activities the decision for outsourcing has been done on the footing of the brand or purchase analysis done below

Project name- Toyota fuel cell Hydrogen vehicle ( FCHV )

Background- Toyota motors corporation is in a program to develop a new fuel cell H vehicle with H as fuel which is really environmentally friendly with no C emanations and have to see the design and development procedure for its new vehicle the clip graduated table for the executing stage is 20 months and have to do a determination on conditions to outsource the work of developing of initial merchandise specifications into 3D computing machine aided design ( CAD ) theoretical accounts and its analysis utilizing some simulation package ‘s or to make it in-house by enrolling the skilled people.

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Procurement Case Study Essay
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Decision being analysed – Outsourcing the CAD work

Option 1: Make the work in house by enrolling the people or utilizing the same work force who are working on the other similar undertakings.

Estimated cost per hr per individual is & A ; lb ; 30

Estimated adult male hours per individual – For 300 yearss and with 8 hours per twenty-four hours entire adult male Hours will be 2400 hours

The approximative work force required will be entire 450 people from all maps like Body, Electrical, Trim, Powertrain etc

Cost incurred from all other demands like Licenses for the package ‘s and infrastructural installations will be about & amp ; lb ; 75000

Entire cost from this determination will be & amp ; lb ; 32.475 million { ( 30X2400X450 ) + 75000 }

There is besides demand for an extra enlisting to cut down the work burden on the bing resources this will be an extra operating expense since the new employees should be given some installations.

Option 2: Outsourcing the design work to the providers in the states like India and China.

The estimated cost per hr from these contractors will be around & A ; lb ; 20 per hr due to the handiness of the big skilled resources and the currency value of these states.

Sing the same work hours as above entire adult male hors required will be & amp ; lb ; 21.6 million and by sing an extra cost of & A ; lb ; 50000 lbs as the extra cost of administrating these contractors the entire cost from this option will be & amp ; lb ; 22.1 million


From the above analysis of the two options it is suited to travel for the 2nd option since there will be nest eggs of around & A ; lb ; 10.4 million and this besides reduces the work burden on the bing workers in other undertakings.

The choice of the providers will be in the signifier of dependability analysis the procedure of procurance will get down with aid of petition for citations ( RFQ ) and with the aid of a pilot undertaking which is normally a mock undertaking ( some parts to make patterning and analysis in CAD package ‘s ) given to the providers to prove their ability to make the work.

The providers will be selected on the footing of the undermentioned factors.

  • * Technical high quality
  • * Price
  • * Management capableness
  • * Past public presentations
  • * Financial strengths
  • * Intellectual belongings

Along with the above factors the quality of their work is assessed with the aid of the pilot undertaking and the work will be outsourced to them after the dialogues with regard to the contract and its footings.

Procurement procedure

The procurance procedure for this undertaking consists of E- procurance, the services are received with the aid of package bundles i.e the information is sent and received through a common package which is used by Toyota presently for other undertakings and the reappraisal meetings will be done through the web conferences or through a coordinator from the provider who is onsite and act as an interface between the provider and the Toyota. The choice of the coordinator will be left to the provider but his accomplishments will be assessed by Toyota to give concluding blessing for the assignment.

Supply concatenation direction for Toyota FCHV undertaking

Some of the supply concatenation schemes for this undertaking are as follows

Concurrent technology

The above figure represents the concurrent technology for an incorporate merchandise development procedure.

Harmonizing to Morris ( 2009 ) concurrent technology is an extension of the multiphased attack to project direction. At the bosom of its construct is the coincident executing of tasks sections, which creates convergences and interaction among the assorted undertaking squads. It besides increases the demand for strong cross-functional integrating and squad engagement, which creates both managerial benefits and challenges.

Concurrent technology fundamentally involves incorporating all the maps including the providers in a undertaking to cut down the undertaking lifecycles and to increase the efficiency in a undertaking by following benefits

  • * Better communicating with providers.
  • * Early sensing of the design jobs or mistakes.
  • * Engages all providers in information sharing.
  • * Encourages cooperation, trust, regard, and consensus edifice.
  • * Enhances ability for get bying with altering demands, engineering.
  • * Minimizes design-build-rollout reworks.

With the aid of the concurrent technology attack in this undertaking it is possible to cut down the communicating jobs and besides strengthens relation by increasing the trust, cooperation among the providers thereby ensuing in successful completion of the undertaking by avoiding any differences.

Relationship with providers

Constructing strong relationship with the providers and sing them as a portion of the administration acquisition and developing them like ain associates with the execution of the new direction schemes like kaizen ( uninterrupted betterment ) six sigma etc.

The tier construction of the provider should be based on the duty of the providers and with rigorous cost and clocking marks without impacting the quality of the bringing. Adding value to the administration by promoting the people and spouses to turn has been the slogan of Toyota for many old ages which will decidedly give the benefits.

With the aid of incorporate merchandise development systems like concurrent technology the undertaking, waste riddance in the signifier of clip the instance of design with really good communicating and information channels with the providers can be completed successfully and with the accurate quality on clip.

Agile and thin supplychain schemes

In a planetary competitory universe there is a demand for the new supplychain schemes which are different from the traditional supply concatenation methods for the successful completion of the undertaking.

Augustine ( 2005 ) defines Agility as the ability to present the client value while covering the built-in undertaking capriciousness and dynamism by recognizing and accommodating to the alteration by equilibrating stableness with flexibleness.

The current undertaking driven by the sustainability factor i.e the environmental factors and which demonstrates the societal committedness of the Toyota and the success is measured based on the response from the client there is a demand to believe for advanced schemes which helps the undertaking success.

The Agile methodological analysis contains the following techniques

Small releases – work is divided into little bundles with the manageable complexness

which makes easy to supervise and command the undertaking.

Collocation – all squad members including the onsite coordinators from providers are collocated in an unfastened workcell to ease the face to confront communicating and interactions.

Self organizing squads – squad members are allowed to self organise and finish the undertakings collaboratively without top down direction contol.

Tracking – trailing of the work should be done continuously and with little intervals of clip during the executing phase which allow rectifying the errors in preliminary phases instead than at the terminal.

Thin supplychain scheme is a construct of cut downing the waste or non value added activities to the entire supplychain flow. In this undertaking context the waste can be measured in the signifier of clip and unneeded cost that will happen in executing of the undertaking.

The success in cut downing the waste can be achieved with thin supplychain schemes with the undermentioned actions.

1. Top direction support for the uninterrupted betterment procedures.

2. By carefully mapping the supplychain.

3. By analyzing the hazards proactively.

4. By incorporating the merchandise design procedure and the supplychain.

5. By placing the non value added activities their consequence and the cause.

6. By streamlining the procedure of procurance and supplychain by avoiding complexness.

7. By holding a good alteration control program and able to integrate the alterations without impacting the undertaking range.

With the aid of the new techniques like concurrent technology, incorporate merchandise design, Agile and Lean supplychain schemes in this undertaking, Toyota will be cut downing the waste and will be constructing a good relationship with the providers which increases the trust and the bond between client and providers which leads this undertaking to success.


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