Professional Knowledge and Abilities Essay

Developing abilities and increasing professional knowledge is imperative to both personal and professional success. Professional knowledge and abilities are skills that continue to develop on a daily basis. Knowledge is consistently changing within every profession. By developing personal skills and increasing professional knowledge, people are more likely to accomplish a variety of tasks and goals. Those skills and knowledge are a defining factor for professional career success. Professional success is the result of taking action on the most important career goals.

By becoming a member of a professional organization, people might be able to increase their professional knowledge and abilities. An organization such as the National Education Association, NEA, is one that could help increase and develop professional knowledge and abilities for the educational system. Since 1857 the NEA has been crusading for the rights of all educators and children. NEA is committed to creating quality public schools for every student and fulfilling the promise of education, which is to prepare every student to succeed.

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Professional Knowledge and Abilities Essay
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The NEA is an advocate for education professionals ensuring equal opportunity, democracy, professionalism, partnership, and collective action. The NEA is a large contributor to professional knowledge. The NEA ensures teacher quality for each student. They believe that each student “deserves a fully qualified, caring, and enthusiastic teacher, one who knows the subject matter and has knowledge and skill in how to reach different types of students no matter what their racial, ethnic, cultural, linguistic, or socioeconomic characteristics are. The NEA supports teacher development by stressing the federal government and states to provide financial incentives for qualified teachers. They also stress advancement training programs for teachers to ensure that everyone is well prepared to provide a quality education to all students. The NEA also supports teacher professional pay, funding for all levels of education, dropout prevention programs, minority outreach programs, and one of their largest programs, “No Child Left Behind. ”


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