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Jackson and Geckeis ( 2003 ) stated that Curriculum vitae is a elaborate biographical description of one’s instruction and work background. A CV is non similar to a sketch which merely contain a brief description about campaigner in one page. A CV contain inside informations background, educational background, working experience, accomplishments, failings, strengths and so on. Most of the campaigners, has the incorrect feeling see the intent of CV, which is, to look a occupation for them. However the CV is aim to set down the campaigners an interview. Unfortunately, non much of the campaigners are cognizant for this fact.

Part 1

Job vacancy advertise on newspaper or cyberspace presently will province a few of indispensable demands such as a certain instruction degree, understand certain linguistic communications, basic computing machine accomplishments, be responsible and so on. There are a few of qualities that the employers will necessitate to construct into their squads.


Leadership accomplishment is rather an of import qualities that will necessitate by the employers. Sandler ( 2003 ) emphasise that leading is recognized as cardinal to finding the success or failure of any administration. A leader able to supply clear way, motivate and promote the staff to carry through several undertakings. A leader is of import in a group because leader will maintain the large image of the group although he will still measure the inside informations in order to do certain everything is undergo good. A group leader will assist his group member by developing them to be better in their ain function in a squad and guarantee them to be prepare to confront new challenges all the clip. This is the ground why, a leader must be experience and he can portions his experience to others. As a leader, he should able to derive trust from his group member, member who trust their leaders will more able to portion their sentiment to their leader, on the contrary, a leader besides must swear his group members as they can finish the undertakings by their ain. I was non a good leader since I am a pupil as shown at appendix. A leader shall be confident but low at the same clip. Assurance will assist on beef up the place as a leader and low to accept the errors and rectify it. I was afraid of given incorrect direction and way and leads to major errors, I was non confidence plenty for my sentiments that needed to be discuss among the group.


Reliable worker is an of import plus for a company because an undependable worker will impact the net income and repute of company. A dependable workers shall be royal and ever priories the net income of his company, this is a major ground that an employer will engage such campaigners and advance them. A dependable worker besides must cognize the importance of clip, non merely to be punctual in working and run intoing but to hold a good clip direction to schedule the undertaking and do certain completed it by or before due day of the month. He must besides has good self-denial and shall non easy distracted by other staff, he must cognize the best clip for remainder and right clip to work. A responsible worker is require as to be honorable and responsible for what he did, no affair right or incorrectly. If such work done is wrong or neglect to fulfill the client, such worker shall be honest to acknowledge it and be responsible and do alterations until the work done right. He shall non fiddle all the mistake and duty to a whipping boy. Merely Irresponsible workers will knock other co-workers and forces them to bear such load. This will cut down the effectivity of company production. Besides that, a dependable worker will besides take attention of his physical and mental wellness. Workers are promote to intake balance diet and affect in exercising. Long period of sitting will do disease like workplace hurt and will increase workplace absence. Thus, some of the company will set up physical activity during weekend and promote workers to fall in for exercising and emphasis relieve. Worker has to be ever fix for a nerve-racking state of affairs and able to manage it, so that the work consequence will non be affected. A healthy psyche enable workers to execute good. Elementss above should be found in every dependable worker in a company. I was rather dependable as an houseman in the company and besides as a group member. I ever punctual and responsible. I will make my best occupation and honest on my errors so that I can rectify it every bit fast as I can. Mistakes is non so bad because it gave me lesson so that I will non reiterate it following clip. I take attention of my wellness to forestall ill and affected the work advancement and work public presentation.

Communication and Negotiation accomplishments

Every occupation in this universe require us to interact with colleagues. Workers with good communicating accomplishments get to show their idea, thought and sentiment to others. Language act as one of the of import medium of communicating, no affair in composing signifier or unwritten signifier. For illustration, composing signifier in missive, memo and fluctuation order, unwritten signifier in unwritten direction, interview, meeting, treatment and etc. Therefore, linguistic communication grammar is of import because wrong grammar will misdirect person to other significance that we wish to show. There are several cultural in Malaysia. As a Malayan, it is important for cognizing the major three linguistic communications ( E.g. Malay, English, and Chinese ) which normally apply in Malaysia as to cover with client with different races. In Malaysia Construction field, Malay linguistic communication may necessitate for giving direction to foreign workers on site. While, English or Cantonese Language to Client, site director, undertaking director and etc. Language has a great power that a word mistake which misunderstood by a workers will do a serious amendss hence, it important on beware of ill-defined work and direction, verifications are ever require to guarantee the rightful action to be taken. I was good in Chinese and English linguistic communication and a small weak in Malay languages as shown in Appendix 1, 2 and 3. I was able to larn to pass on with several parties liked my co-worker, contractor, client and providers during the industry preparation. As a professional Quantity Surveyor, pre-qualification study demands to be prepare which aim to bespeak feedback for tenderer.

Besides that, dialogue necessitate good communicating. Employer will necessitate a worker with good dialogue accomplishments because differences frequently rises. A good negotiant will do to the full readying by research the other party background and take the rightful negotiate manner with right attitude and scheme to accomplish ends. Negotiator are frequently encourage so that the dialogue will ensue a “win: win” phase. This will non impact the relationship between the parties indirectly and let opportunities for cooperation following clip.


Power from a squad is greater than merely one adult male power. Boller ( 2005 ) mentioned that teamwork is truly powerful because it enables persons to make together what they do non hold the ability to finish themselves. Employee need a worker with strong leading and besides teamwork spirit. A squad fill with different features of workers could assist each other to carry through the lack. Every squad member shall be divided to portion equal work load so that it is just for each member. I was assign to work in a squad with two senior and a supervisor during the internship. Our squad in-charge of a few undertakings. The work burden is separated upon three of us. I was merely a trainee and I merely be assign to help my senior on fixing contract papers, concluding history and etc. Furthermore, each member could supply different sorts of sentiment and suggestion so that the consequence can be more rational and non merely depends on one adult male determination. I can make certain measuring and other fiddling but pressing staff. It is because I was still non measure up on to the full manage a occupation.

Computer Skills

Computer act as an of import tools in this engineering epoch which accent on efficiency. Basic typewriting and cardinal Microsoft office cognition are require for most of the occupation. However, it is far non sufficient for a Quantity Surveyor, Quantity Surveyor must besides be familiar with most of the progress building measuring and pulling package liked AutoCAD and Binalink. I am glad I have the chances to larn Binalink for measuring during the intern. It is a good package when it come to the information processing, the informations will be arrange consistently in an effectual manner as comparison with other methods. Other pupil do hold a opportunity to larn because larning this package is include in the course of study. I am good in AutoCAD as there is a programme in college which enable us to larn this package. Old ages of college life enable us to get the hang Microsoft office due to the assignment and presentation. Experience in presentation will assist when Quantity Surveyor needs to show the work advancement to client.

Problem Solving

A worker who ever able to work out client’s job will pull the employer. However such worker shall do certain the jobs are solve in a positive mode to avoid bad feeling of the client. Problem Solving agencies that using logical sense and imaginativeness if necessary on the state of affairs and concept out a solution to get the better of such job. Hence, job resolution is connected to a few of accomplishments as stated below:

  • Resilience: Ability of Resilience is important for the state of affairs appraisal and besides the reappraisal if fail to make it antecedently.
  • Logical thought: Apply logic sense to look into the job and find the right solution.
  • Analytic accomplishment: Deeply analyse the job
  • Creativity: Approach the job through advanced manner and sometimes unexpected consequence came out.
  • Teamwork: Share the possible solution among the group to find the practicableness of several solutions and take the best solution.

I was non holding and first-class job work outing accomplishment as refer to Appendix 2 below. I have a good logic sense but deficiency of creativeness and imaginativeness. My hapless job work outing accomplishments had affected my public presentation in the industry preparation and my supervisor want that I can better the job work outing accomplishments every bit fast as possible.

Enthusiasm and Confidence

Enthusiasm make a people to set more attempt on a staff. An Enthusiastic workers are ever like to accept the challenges and work harder. They are extremely interested on what they making and willing to larn more. Taylor stated that there is a higher degree of assurance necessary to be successful and to be a leader of a squad, section or company in current universe. Assurance makes a people look professional and determine. I was deficiency of assurance in my plants during the internship. I was like a stutter when supervisor oppugning my plants even though I did it right.

Part 2

Personal and Time Management ( Paper 3 )

There is a ground why some people are complain about 24 hours are non plenty for them in a twenty-four hours. This is all because personal and clip direction. I have a hapless personal and clip direction because I do non like my life style to be excessively discipline, I will non schedule a clip tabular array for working undertaking because I prefer do whatever I want when I think it is necessary for certain clip. This is a bad behaviour and do me to hotfoot on the college assignment through firing midnight oil. Therefore, this state of affairs leads to unable to pay attending during the talk category at twenty-four hours clip due to insufficient dormant clip and this terminal up a nerve-racking state of affairs because I frequently require my friend for assisting my exam alteration. I get to larn a better personal and clip direction through faculty paper 3 in order to make a balanced life style.

First of all, undertakings have to be identify in order to accomplish and effectual direction. Make a regular “to do” list for pressing or critical undertakings which about meet the due day of the month. Make certain the list is ever updated as to take the “done” undertakings and add up the new undertakings. Following by prioritising undertakings, there will non be merely an pressing undertaking once a clip. Therefore, timeframe demand to be allocate to do certain every exigency undertaking. This balance attack will avoid nerve-racking state of affairs and the undertaking can be complete before the due day of the month. After prioritising undertaking, I should presume that all the assigned undertakings as a series of ends than need to be achieved. So that this will promote me to accomplish the ends. I will present myself after accomplishing ends because this will increase the efficiency of undertakings completion.

Goals shall be set to be achieve instead than unattainable. It is because unattainable ends seems like blowing attempt and clip for nil at last. Otherwise, accomplishable ends are more willing to contend for it. Besides that, good planning before beginning of the undertaking is of import for the consequence. Never burn midnight oil once more at last minute.

We are ever live in busy but helter-skelter life and if I want to stop it, I should get down from my desk. Clean out the unneeded things and file out the paper consistently to guarantee easy papers attack following clip. Follow by the “Computer desk” , clear out the debris electronic mail, use system registering to the electronic mail every bit good. I should had get down Microsoft Outlook which is a good personal contriver system which enable me to find the day of the month I am available or busy.

I should hold to concentrate on one undertaking per clip, this will allow me more dressed ore on it and do certain this undertaking will be to the full accomplish. Minimize use like on-line game, smartphone apps and societal web page will enable us finish the undertaking faster than we expected. There are 7 wonts listed in this module paper are the wonts that own by the extremely effectual people.

  • Be proactive
  • Get down with the terminal in head
  • Put first things foremost
  • Think win/win
  • Seek foremost to be understanding, so to be understood
  • Synergise
  • Sharpen the proverb

This faculty paper besides allow me understand about emphasis and how to pull off it. Stress are normally form by these factor such as long working hours, civilization, force per unit area from client, healthy issues and certain domestic issue. Theses emphasiss will do some negative symptoms

Communication Skills ( Paper 11 )

I was a diffident individual and frequently speak even with my friends even though I am good at English and Chinese linguistic communication. I am afraid to state because I was afraid of talking the incorrect word and make an awkward in the conversation.

Effective Questioning ( Paper 13 )

The replies or responds I obtained from inquiring are normally non what I require during my internship. It is because my oppugning method easy misunderstood by senior. I do non hold the bravery to raise the inquiry once more to disrupt my senior who is busy on their plants, even though I still non clear on some parts of the work. Hence, I make errors at last. This is all because I am afraid of being pointed by others and state I was incorrect. I do non cognize the right manner of oppugning. Therefore, deficiency of communicating and misconstruing the demand affected the assignment’s consequence at last. I learn that planning is of import before inquiring inquiries. I should hold ask relevant inquiry that will take to reply require. Question shall non be ask in a fast mode, it may take to misconstruing and disrupt the respondent head. Certain hesitating between the inquiries allow respondent to believe clearly and give an accurate reply. Furthermore, I learn that maneuver of oppugning may impact the respond excessively. Question shall be lead to derive positive response. Responses must be analyse because people may give reply in several ways.

Problem Solving Skills ( Paper 14 )

I am confronting the job work outing accomplishments in my college life and besides during the internship preparation. I was excessively rely on person for work outing the job during teamwork assignment. Therefore, when it came to an single assignment, I was weak unable to accomplish the higher Markss.

First of wholly, set up the aims to be achieve and barriers that need to get the better of. Then, use the undermentioned six stairss to work out the jobs.

Start with job designation.

Request farther information and proficient advice from other relevant participant and experts. Diagnose the jobs and categorised it to look upon the mistake and ground doing it. Gather the information and find the ends and barriers to accomplish.

It is unwise to be first-come-first-serve upon this phase, which is happening solutions.

Problems may happen during execution phase, therefore, eventuality demands to fix in signifier of clip and cost.

At last, the effectivity solution has to been proctor. The strength and failing of the solution shall be record because it may move as a resource for future if the same job occurs.

Negotiation accomplishments ( Paper 16 )

Negotiation is common in every calling field because differences rise everyplace. Fisher and Ury stated that Negotiation is a basic significance of geting “things” you need from others. Downs stated that a good negotiant require accomplishments and a successful dialogue goes beyond deciding differences and struggles. I was meeting jobs liked communicating accomplishments and effectual inquiring as stated antecedently. Therefore, my hapless dialogue accomplishments was an extension of those two defects. My group was involve in 3 undertakings when I start my internship. Supervisor given me a deadline for a work done while I knew I would non able to do it by due to plentifulness of plants. I did non negociate with her because I was frequently non good in negociating and avoid go forthing a bad feeling to my supervisor. Through module paper 16, I must hold a good communicating accomplishments and effectual inquiring in order to better the dialogue accomplishments. First, the difference rises must be comprehended earlier decide to negociate with other party. No 1 is born to have a glorious negotiant. There are some competences to be rely on to be a good negotiant. First, it is of import to look for the background inside informations of the parties and fix some alternate solution. Follow by the accomplishments like analyzing, interaction and communicate. Negotiator has to analyze the strength and failing for both sides and seek to accomplish the “win-win” solution with the party through good communicating. In add-on, attitude shall non be ignore, negotiant shall non affect any of the emotional attack during negotiant. Negotiator must be rational and professional upon every state of affairs, even though he dislike the clients/party. Negotiator besides shall pick the right negotiate manner to cover with the party. Finally, preparatory work has to be done before the beginning of a dialogue. These readying include research for certain information, sometimes might include legal issue. Then, concept suited scheme to manage the dialogue and put up the ends that need to be achieve at last.


In a nutshell, it is of import to be good prepare before apply for a occupation place.

We must utilize our strength and chances upon the company and cogent evidence it to the employee that we are deserving hire for without sorrow.


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