Professionalism: Education in Scotland and Patients Essay

Professionalism As for me, professionalism consists of three main elements. Firstly, we have to master a body of medical knowledge and skills that required by the profession. Secondly, we must uphold the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior in carrying out our profession. Lastly, I am looking into building quality relationship with patients. I think that the practice of medicine involves a compact trusts between patients and us, a social contract termed a fiduciary relationship. This contract with society allows us to regulate ourselves, both personally and professionally.

Throughout these four years, I realized that professionalism covers quite a number of core values in supporting the three elements above. As for me, the evaluation of the professionalism based on the development of our professional identity in preparing our future roles as clinicians that care for people that are being ill. I have developed the core values during my studies. I have put all of them in a chronological order as following: Year 2010 As I recall back to four years ago, professionalism meant of dedication and self- improvement. It is important to carry out the responsibilities well and to help the atients with my best efforts.

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Professionalism: Education in Scotland and Patients Essay
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Anyw???ay, there was a point from Prof. saying that Chiropractor has great market value in Malaysia and how successful you could be with this profession. I did not want to associate my profession with money at that time and, therefore, I think that was wasting time in that lectures. I was uncomfortable with this money making concept with the profession of Chiropractor. The most important core values by that time were dedication towards my studies as in to develop my knowledge as well as to improve myself in time management in self- directed studies.

Year 2011 Back to 2011, my second year of studies, the additional core values of professionalism was about compassion and empathy towards my patients. I did problem-based case studies of Chiropractic that I found that patients did suffer a lot from osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, cancer, and tumor which I was unable to help. I feel discouraged at that moment. Therefore, I think that compassion and empathy towards patients were important. Year 2012 When I was in the third year of my studies, I have broader view regarding professionalism.

At that point, it covered the core values of responsibility and ccountability too. I realized that the trusts between patients and Chiropractor were the most essential part as in I was going to enter Junior clinic in that year. I was being equipped to deal with patients. I started to deal with patients that were under the supervision of the clinicians. I am accountable for the privacy and confidentiality of their medical records. I need their trusts in doing my Jobs well. Year 2013 In this clinical year, professionalism covered integrity in the relationships between the patients and us.

I would let them know their current health status no matter it is ood or bad so that they will be well-prepared to fght against the disease. I learnt to personal relationship with them. In a nutshell, professionalism reflects the attitudes of us towards our Jobs. The thought of doing the Job in a professional way determines how well we could perform our Jobs. After all, we need the right attitudes in practicing professionalism with the three elements that are supported with all the core values stated above. Feelings I am now in my last semester. Looking back, the thought of “How did I put it through all these years? as spinning around my head. Anyw???ay, I am glad that I did not give up and I make it. I raised questions to myself, “What have I learnt throughout these four years? Did I grow? Did I practice my professionalism well? ” Now, I am trying to put all these in words. At the beginning, I chose to be what I am right now. I have seen grieving patients with cancer during my childhood; I wish I could do something to help. After years, I chose to be in health care industry. I want to contribute in making the world a better place by offering comforts and healings to my patients.

Therefore, I end up with the profession of Chiropractic. I told myself that I would cheer them up throughout the whole treatment process. Somehow, everything changed when it comes to reality. I have to read piles of books for medical knowledge develop perfect practical skills for spinal manipulation therapy and write on tonnes of diagnosis report. The learning process has been extremely stressful. It really hit me hard in terms of my confidence and self-esteem. I doubted myself in accomplishing all these more than once. Description These four years has not been easy for me.

In fact, it is a lot harder from my expectation. Somehow, the thoughts of bringing comforts and healings to my patients have always been my biggest motivation. These four years of my university life taught me that there is a huge gap between reality and my dreams. I have to work hard to bring the gap closer; I have to stay motivated all the times. I realized that to master both the medical knowledge and the practical skills at the same time. I could not let this gap pull me further from what I want to achieve in life. I met great friends and mentors in these four years.

They guided me throughout the Journey. I respect them for their passion and determination. Mentors did their best to equip us with everything we need to carry out our profession well. At the same time, I found that some of them did not do very good Jobs. In this case, it acts as a reminder for me to do better and be the one to be looked up by someone by doing great Jobs. I do not want to let anyone down, especially my patients while I am practicing my profession. As I could recall my Semester 7 when I first started to treat patients, I was at one’s wit’s end.

I have no idea on what was I supposed to do. I was not sure whether I could get them out of their misery. I was lost. I picked up the skills from day to day. In the fourth year of my studies, in the last semester specifically I have learnt to communicate with patients and provide appropriate treatment for them. It was hectic in last semester. I have been working from Monday to Saturday. It was tiring but I was glad that my hard work finally paid out. I could treat patients with confidence right now. I was thankful to our clinicians that were being helpful during the clinical year.

I would not have done it without them. Clinical training enhanced my professionalism because I get to deal with patients directly. It was the stage that I put all the theories into practice. I got to know that which treatment plans work for the As for future plan, I wish to communicate effectively with patients in their report of findings. I am aware that most of them do not understand the medical terms very well. So, I will have to deliver the report in layman’s terms. Apart from that, I shall be more patient and must not show my temper during the consultation period or treatment process.

Of course, I need to put in tonnes of efforts and work hard in becoming a professional Chiropractor. My patients are going to rely on me. I will need to be well equipped with skills and knowledge in order to provide comprehensive treatments for my patients. Conclusion In conclusion, we do not develop professionalism in one day. It is a life-long process and it is all about how well we are doing our Job. We must always seek for improvements in enhancing our professionalism. As for me, I am going to practice my professionalism based on the core values that I have learnt throughout these four years.


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