Profile Of The Company Visage Industries Commerce Essay

Countenance Industries Sdn. Bhd. which is located in Bukit Minyak, Penang was founded in twelvemonth 2001 is a maker of V-Steel Metal Roofing and V-Truss Roofing System has been supplying a full-service of roofing system from planing to stop merchandises. V-Steel Metal Roofing merchandises are manufactured with the latest equipment that provides top quality coatings and rigorous procedure control at all phases of fabrication. The systems are available for V-Panel high tensile roofing sheet and able to supply several curvatures roofing profile of the coveted radius with quality coatings at all times utilizing high tensile stuffs. V-Truss Roofing System is a complete roofing solution made of high tensile cold-formed trusses and auxiliary constructions. Trusss are made of high tensile which are to the full designed by the applied scientists utilizing computerized package from layout to concluding technology to guarantee maximal safety, lastingness and cost-effectiveness.

The company is a signifier of partnership concern. His spouses are the clients and friends that the laminitis meets when he was a sale executive before set uping the company. The laminitis of the company is Mr. Loh Swee Leng, Mr. Peh Chou Shien and Mrs. Wee Sin Yee. Mr. Loh Swee Leng, aged 41, is the Pull offing Director to the Visage Industries Sdn.Bhd. He holds a Bachelor grade in technology class from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in 1994. His concern spouses Mr. Peh Chou Shien is the Marketing Manager while Mrs. Wee Sin Yee is the Marketing Executive.

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Profile Of The Company Visage Industries Commerce Essay
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In order to supply the services to the clients in a timely, accurate and cost-efficient mode, the company had obtained the widely acclaimed International Quality Award-BM Trada Certification of ISO 9001 2000 in twelvemonth 2004 and at the same clip is besides under blessing list of the JKR as the functionary system supplier for Cold-Formed Roofing System. Hence, with the combination of the strengths of human and capital resources for both of merchandises, the company is able to look frontward to supply and present technology solutions to persons, concerns, authorities and establishments across whole Malaysia.A

There are entire 60-70 Numberss of employees in the company. It includes all employees in different subdivisions across whole Malaysia exclude merely Johor, Kelantan, Terengganu, Sabah and Sarawak. The company has exported the merchandises abroad to the states such as Thailand to spread out its international concern. The concern is presently divided into five sections. Among the sections are disposal and accounting section, production section, sale and selling section, undertaking section and technology section. Different sections play a different function to assist the company to be more successful.

To spread out its concern to other state, the company needs to do internationalisation determination. The determination devising procedures related to pick of market, clocking and manner of entry are of import to understand from both a research and managerial position. Therefore, it takes about 15 months for the upper direction degree to do the concluding internationalisation determination. To internationalise a concern, experiential instead than nonsubjective cognition to be the critical sort of cognition for internationalisation determination devising. A deficiency of internationalisation cognition is a strong influence on the sensed cost of internationalisation. Therefore, Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd has a really rich concern experience at the clip the company get down to internationalise its concern. Similarly, they have besides possessed above norm of international experience at the clip to internationalise concern. For Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd, at the twelvemonth of 6-10 the company merely begins to come in the international market after deriving stable market in domestic and besides run a comprehensive research.

Internationalization can supply companies legion benefits including the ability to sell to a larger market, use of location economic systems, utilizing experiences learned in assorted markets to heighten nucleus competences, development and transportation of accomplishments between subordinates and central offices and so on. For Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. , they undergo internationalisation to happen new market, fill market niche, maintain the current clients, better trade name equity and most of import is to better the fiscal place of the company. For the director, it is decidedly can increase the personal income due to the internationalisation.


Green direction has a significance consequence in the hereafter for concerns presents. Many companies are started traveling toward the “ green ” manner in making their concerns. They are viing to make and selling the environmentally friendly merchandises in the market. Green direction is a concern pattern which can assist the companies run intoing the demands of society in ways that can go on indefinitely into the hereafter. This can be achieved without damaging or consuming natural resources and accomplish its competitory advantage over its challengers. Countenance Industries Sdn. Bhd as a leader of supplier of roofing system in Malaysia besides focuses on the issues which are related to green merchandise design and characteristics.

The companies has specialized in bring forthing the professional V Truss steel roof system which is designed by the gifted applied scientists utilizing computerized package following with the latest design codification. Countenance Industries Sdn. Bhd besides allowed their clients to custom-make the made of the roof system. The roofing system is fire opposition which is the design of the roofing solution is really an thought of “ green ” merchandise characteristic. Countenance Industries Sdn. Bhd is working to transcend the demand of international criterions and national Torahs which are related to the environment. Countenance Industries is developed the merchandise to run into clients ‘ environmental criterions and legal demands. The company besides works difficult to cut down impact on the environment at every phase of a merchandise ‘s lifecycle to do certain that the roofing system is lightweight quality and better the environmental direction system.

Production section of the company makes certainly that their merchandises are conformity with Local Building Codes all the clip. For illustration, V-Steel Metal Roofing is manufactured utilizing the latest equipment that provides several curvature of coveted radius with quality coatings at all times utilizing high tensile stuffs. Besides, Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd besides continuously examines the environmental direction systems for all facets of their operations, including the supply concatenation. Mr. Loh as a laminitis of the company realized that preparation and instruction are really of import to his employees to increase their consciousness of environmental issues confronting in today concern universe. Hence, Mr. Loh will carry on the preparation for his employees one time or twice a twelvemonth for all the degrees of the employees.

Natural stuffs are really critical for Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. Green buying patterns is used during the natural stuff procurance phase as a manner to command the use of risky substances. All of the natural stuffs and auxiliary stuffs supplied to the companies must follow with all the legal demands and fulfill the strict demands on maximal allowable concentration degrees of harmful substances. It is really of import for a concern to aware of the political and legal system of the state all the clip. In add-on, the sellers should run into the criterions and demands for forming appropriate operational organic structures and set uping a green merchandise quality confidence system for Visage Industries. Through these systems, the company is able to pull off the environmental policies across the overall value chain.Most of the stuffs used by Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd are environmentally friendly stuffs which are compliant with the criterions.

Customer demands, cost factors and legal ordinances are the major factors that taking into consideration. Countenance Industries Sdn. Bhd ever gives precedence to environmentally friendly stuffs and purposes to cut down ingestion and wastage of natural stuffs to minimise the impact on the environment. The usage of environmentally friendly stuffs is done through the choice of stuffs during the merchandise development. The resource scheme involves cut downing resource use and heightening the recyclability of the resources utilizing in the fabrication procedure. This scheme may assist to cut down the use of new resources and using recycled stuffs when it is possible. Countenance Industries besides cut down the waste of resources by replacement risky substances with non-hazardous substances when possible to make an environmental friendly roofing system. The innovation and design of chemical merchandises are aimed to cut down or extinguish the usage and coevals of risky substances to protect the environment.

An review of the constituent provider ‘s installations is besides carried out by Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. Once concluding blessing has been made, the company can acquire the certifications. In exchange, the company must hold to vouch that their merchandises will go on to run into the demands of this enfranchisement. For illustration, Visage Industries had successfully obtained the International Quality Award-BM Trada Certification of ISO 9001 2000 in twelvemonth 2004 and at the same clip is besides under blessing list of the JKR as the functionary system supplier for Cold-Formed Roofing System. These enfranchisements help the company derive the quality confidence and can heighten the image or repute of the company. It is helpful for the company to run its concern because one time they obtained the certifications, interfere of authorities will be reduced because the company is met the demands that set by the authorities. This indirectly will cut down the costs of making concern and do the company easier to come in to the international market. As the company is taking an effectual control measures to guarantee that their roofing system is comply with the ordinance and client demand for green merchandise in the production.

AA waste managementA systemA is refers to a particular technique, scheme, or device used to treatA wasteA stuffs. Production section and technology section focuses on energy efficiency during merchandises development phase. These two sections are working closely with clients, engineering providers, mills and constituent providers to accomplish the energy efficiency. They work closely with the clients to supply necessary merchandise information. Countenance Industries is seek to better the design and develop the roofing system that have a high energy transition rate, and low energy ingestion. The company is endeavoring to cut down energy wastage at the same clip upgrade merchandise energy efficiency and develop environmentally friendly steel roofing merchandises. There are different types ofA wasteA include risky waste, or biodegradableA waste. Countenance Industries Sdn. Bhd put heavy attempts in recycle activities. They will recycle the stuffs that are reclaimable to take down the production costs. Mr.Loh besides mentioned that they will supply preparation plans for their employees twice a twelvemonth to increase the consciousness of green direction. Although the company has non arranged an environmental consciousness plans to the populace such as pupils, foreigner workers at this minute, it is rather frequently to set up the environmental consciousness plans for employees.

To accomplish all of these ends, before range to the clients, the roofing system must be accessed based on their relevancy, consistence and truth. Harmonizing to Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd, heightening energy efficiency will assist to cut down alterations in the clime at the same clip can supply existent economic benefits to the clients. Company has the duty to protect the environment for future coevalss by prosecuting in activities that can maximise energy efficiency during the full steel roofing fabrication procedure. Green Management can cut down the waste and pollution because of the altering forms of production and ingestion in the concern procedure.

Today, consumer consciousness of the environment and penchant for more environmentally merchandises is turning steadily. The labelling on the merchandises such as “ degradable ” and “ reclaimable ” can impact the purpose of clients to buy. To stay competitory in the industry, companies have to react to this challenge. Traditional selling attack is no longer the most suited to use in the market. Green selling is going a tendency to sell the merchandises. Consumers tend to respond to the eco-label and will do their buying determination based on the eco-label on the merchandises. Green merchandise labels are more of import than advertising.A

The same state of affairs goes to Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. The demand for environmentally friendly merchandises is increase comparison to last few old ages. Countenance Industries Sdn. Bhd is adapts to this changing and makes some alterations on its selling attempt. From the advertizement, Visage Industries Sdn.Bhd is listed out the word “ environmentally friendly ” to demo that their V-Steel Metal Roofing and V-Truss Roofing System are brought no harmful to the environment. Eco-label is really of import in the gross revenues of merchandises because consumers tend to more attract to the merchandises which is reclaimable and reclaimable. Eco-label is an effectual tool to increase the motive of consumer ‘s response.

In a decision, there are an increasing figure of companies encompassing green direction pattern. The attempts to implement the green direction are rely on the sound directors which able to transport out the direction maps in order to supply order and consistence. These may includes set uping ends and prosodies, staffing the organisation, rein-forcing values and patterns, and guaranting conformity. The green vision and values should be a portion of the civilization in the company and in the head set of all employees at all degrees.


Porter ‘s Five Forces Model

Porter five forces analysis is a model for industry analysis and concern scheme development formed by Michael Porter in twelvemonth 1979. In this analysis, the five forces appoint the competitory strength and the attraction of a market. The five forces are the menace of new entrants ( possible entrants ) , the menace of replacement merchandises or services ( replacements ) , the bargaining power of providers ( providers ) , the bargaining power of purchasers ( clients ) and the competition among existing houses ( industry rivals ) . These are the forces driving industry competition and they determine net income potency through their influence on monetary values, costs and investing.


Countenance Industries Sdn. Bhd was sing the environment that it will cover with when come ining international market. Visage Industries needs to carefully analysis its external factors which could straight impact the concern of the company. Porter Model considers the five forces that should be taken into history when a company is doing determination to get down its concern abroad.

Competition & A ; Rivalry

The “ competitory environment ” varies by industry, company, and state. Competitor is the external environment factor in international concern. Thus, Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. must take its rivals into consideration when doing determination about come ining international market. It is of import for them either in place state or in targeted state. They must understand their industries and rivals when they develop and implement their international concern scheme. The degree of competition is high in Malaysia and other foreign states for Visage Industries to spread out its concern.

Countenance Industries Sdn. Bhd. is the company which achieves the top 3 ranking of the steel roof industries in Malaysia. But, they still face the high degree of competition in this industry. For illustration, Winsteel Building System & A ; TradingA and Eagle Aspect Sdn. Bhd. are among the intense challenger of Visage Industries in Malaysia. They besides provide a full-service of roofing solutions to the local clients which same as what the Countenance Industries Sdn. Bhd. provided. If the Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. set more concentration on their export, it has to bear the hazard of losing their local clients.

When the Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. first enters to the international market, they will set most of their attempt on exporting. And this may do them losing control on their local concern finally. The rivals will take this chance to derive the market portion from them. They have to equilibrate between their local and international concern. Besides, there are many competitions abroad that Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. would confront when come ining into international market. The company must carefully analysis the actions of their rivals before they expand their market in that peculiar state. Some more, the market growing is slow comparison to others industry because clients do n’t frequently alter their roofing. So, it is really important for Visage Industries in differentiate itself by introducing the services because clients tend to compare on the footing of service quality and prices.A

Countenance Industries must happen ways to do production costs lower than other rivals to give best monetary values to purchasers at the same clip do a good net income border.

In the Thailand market, Suntech, JS Steel Co. , Ltd and I-Thana Co. , Ltd. are the possible rivals for Visage Industries. Suntech is one of Thailand ‘s most comprehensive and largest manufacturers of metal roofing. There is most challenge for Visage Industries in the Thailand market. Therefore, they should supply the higher quality metal roof to the Thailand clients to win the client trueness. This reflects that rivals for targeted state are one of the most of import factors that they have to taking consideration when come ining international market.

Buyer Power

Buyer or client is normally refers to a current or possible purchaser or user of the merchandises of an person or organisational. Customer plays a critical function in the international market. For Visage Industries, the purchaser power will be high because the purchasers have the other picks except of Visage Industries. To come in into international market, Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. needs to set more attempt to maintain current clients in place state by differentiate themselves in the industry. Powerful customersA can exercise force per unit area to drive down the monetary values or increase the needed quality for the same monetary value. At the terminal, the net incomes in an industry can be reduced.

Customers gustatory sensation and incomes may be differing in each state. Because of the different penchants of client in different market, the company needs to see whether the goods are suited to clients in Thailand. The company can make more picks of customization roofing system for the clients to excel its challengers in the market. The purchaser power is high in this industry because the clients can exchange easy to other companies to buy the roofing system. The shift cost for purchaser is rather low.Failed to understand client penchants may do the failure of the concern. The company will merely export goods to state which the income degree is considered high. This is because the company needs to do certain clients in targeted state have the ability to afford the goods. In add-on, client cognition of goods and services need to taken into history every bit good. Customer cognition of goods are differs.

Customer cognition of goods can act upon the buying power. Customer will devour more if they understand the goods good. For Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. , the clients are another most of import factor that has to take consideration. To make and prolong long-run profitableness within this industry, Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd must concentrate on one client group where competitory forces are weakest. They should bring forth the roofing system which can fit with the penchants of clients. There is an terminal for a concern if they ca n’t do any alterations to run into the consumer ‘s demands. Besides, Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd will carry on the study for clients from clip to clip to do certain that clients are satisfied with their services and merchandises.

Menace of replacements

The menace of replacement merchandises is low because without farther progress engineering, it is really hard for the new companies to replace the roofing system. So, the menace of replacements is low because it is non easy for new rivals to copy the roofing system. The permutation of merchandise is low because many clients are demanding for the environmental friendly merchandises. Presents, the demand for steel and glass roofing is increasing. Customers prefer green merchandises because the issues of planetary heating. The green and environmental friendly merchandises because the major consideration for the company when green goods something new. Countenance Industries can derive advantage over its challengers because they already received the awards and acknowledgments from the authorities which make them more popular in this industry. It is hard for the new houses to obtain the awards of authorities such as ISO 9001 in the short clip.

Political stableness is besides an of import consideration when it comes to doing determination about come ining international market. It will impact the menace of replacement merchandises. The unstable political state of affairs in place state or targeted state will impact to the enlargement of the concern. The alterations of authorities policies or from different political party besides influence in ordinance and national Torahs. Unstable political leads to the economic down. The political crisis in Malaysia since March elections doing the economic development could non be maximising. Therefore, the ingestion of goods decreased, Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. cut down the end product to maximise the net income. The alterations of authorities in place state or targeted state act upon the concern safety. Sometimes, there is no safety warrant from a authorities. So, it would do the replacement of the merchandises become harder because of the political instability in some states.

Menace of new entryway

The menace of new entryway is low excessively because the barriers to entry is high. As to come in into this industry, the rivals need to to the full busy with the farther engineering and bring forth a good quality roofing system than Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. It is rather hard for the new entryway to come in to the market because the new companies need to be recognized by the authorities foremost. Then, the new companies need to run into the demand of authorities and clients at the same clip continually run into the demands of clients. It is high cost for new entryway to successfully excel Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd because the bing company already has readily available endowments and resorts in the fabrication procedure.

Furthermore, Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd has a high repute and is taking supplier for roofing system and roofing solution in Malaysia now. The shift costs for the new companies are really high because the roofing system is regulated by authorities and it requires a immense capital. The authorities policies and regulations make the entrywaies become more hard. Hence, regulative costs and regulations is really of import factor for Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. when doing determination to come in into international market. Without estimations of the costs of ordinance there could be no regulative budget. A Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. allocated the costs discreetly in place state. Both capital and operating costs incurred in following with ordinances. The company capital costs such as spendings for excess building and new equipment. Operating costs include outgos on added research and development and excess variable inputs such as labour and natural stuffs.

The proprietor of Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. stated that high in capital and operating costs will do them confront great troubles to internationalise concern. To come in into Thailand market, the company has determined extra costs such as duty, clip costs due to surround holds and costs associated with state differences such as linguistic communication, the legal system or civilization. All of these troubles besides make the new rivals barely to derive the market portion in this industry because of the regulative and regulations of the states either are place or spouse state. The biggest advantage of Visage Industries is that their merchandise distinction and their trade name repute in this industry. They can derive the cost advantage such as natural stuffs, experiences and cognition over its rivals.

Supplier Power

The bargaining power of providers is high because there are really high shift costs of natural stuffs and labours. Countenance Industries is extremely dependent on their provider to bring forth the merchandises. The provider is powerful because the natural stuff they provided is expensive and valuable. For illustration, the monetary value of steel is ever unstable and frustrate in the universe market. To obtain more net incomes, Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd must construct a good and strong relationship with providers. They must purchase in the natural stuffs such as steel during the monetary value is low or before the monetary value of steel addition. Hence, provider is a cardinal factor of success for the company because the monetary value of the steel can straight convey impact to the grosss of company. Supplier power is low if there are many other options for the company. However, Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd has a few of options to take from particularly the labour. So that the bargaining power of provider is high.

Labor markets normally an informal market where workers find paying work, employers find willing workers, and where pay rates are determined. Labor markets may be local or international in their range and are made up of smaller, interacting labour markets for different makings, accomplishments, and geographical locations. Employers in international concern must be efficient, profitable, and competitory. So, the quality and measure of the labour market become of great importance.

Countenance Industries Sdn. Bhd. requires more quality and measure worker in their place state, Malaysia instead than targeted state. They require them to bring forth the higher quality metal roof that supply to the local and Thailand clients. For Thailand, they merely require the first-class agents to carry on their merchandise to Thais. They did n’t construct up the mill at Thailand because this will increase their cost comparison with Malaysia. The company tends to exchange their production line to the states which are cheaper labour costs. Besides, Visage Industries can besides seek to use backward integrating in their fabrication procedure in order to cut down the dependant on the providers. Most of the companies are become their ain providers to bring forth the natural stuff themselves to acquire better clasp of production costs.

Entry Mode

There are six different entry manners to come in the foreign markets: exportation, turkey undertakings, licensing, franchising, set uping joint ventures with a host-country house, or puting up a new entirely owned subordinate in the host state. Many fabrication houses begin their planetary enlargement as exporters since it has two distinguishable advantages. First, it avoids the frequently significant costs of set uping fabricating operations in the host state. Second, exporting may assist a steadfast achieve experience curve and location economic systems. The Countenance Industries Sdn. Bhd. besides chooses to be an exporter as their first measure of internationalize because its start-up costs and hazards are limited, and net incomes can be realized early on.

The major ground for the Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. to internationalise is to happen new markets for its merchandise. The state that it chooses to come in is Thailand. Thailand is one of the major emerging economic systems in the Asiatic part. And it is one of the states that import the Fe and steel merchandises. Since Thailand has the demand for steel merchandises so the Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. decides to provide their merchandises to Thailand. The merchandises that it has export to Thailand included metal roofing, bracket, truss, prison guards and ground tackle bolt.

The major factor that leads to win of the Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. as a provider of truss and steel accoutrements in Thailand is their exportation through foreign agents. Before enter to the market in Thailand, they have considered several types of entry manner which are export through foreign agents, export through concerted spouses or direct export without foreign spouse. But after evaluate the pros and cons of each type of entry manner, they choose to export through foreign agents.

In contrast to incorporate corporate channels ( foreign gross revenues office or subordinate ) , nonintegrated channels ( independent agents or distributers ) provide a comparatively easy signifier of foreign-market entry ( Root, 1994 ) . Experts note that the bulk of universe trade is handled through independent jobbers and that these export mediators possess strong local-market cognition, important contacts with foreign purchasers, and the ability to supply sophisticated selling services ( Clasen, 1991 ) .

Because many makers are unable to incorporate vertically into planetary distribution, the unintegrated market entry manners of foreign distributer and agent are often used. The Countenance Industries Sdn. Bhd. faces the same job as good. As targeted state ‘s market cognition is deemed critical, so the Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. decides to use the foreign agents to manage their exportation.

In the position of Mr. Loh, the Managing Director of Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. , there are many benefits to using an export agent, including the agents will convey specializer cognition to his concern. The agents besides allow the concern to rapidly prosecute with an established trade web. Using an agent may cost-effectively fulfill a accomplishments spread in the company. The agents will assist the concern to keep focal point on its nucleus accomplishments while deriving cognition of a new market.

After make up one’s minding to utilize an agent construction to serve the export market, the following ambitious portion that Mr. Loh faces is happen the best agent. He uses a set of specific choice standards to assist his company employ the best agent, including selling experience, sector experience and resource. The agent has to rapidly supply the company with expertness in a foreign market either equal to or better than their ain domestic expertness. The agent should be able to show their market apprehension and proved path record. Ideally the agent will hold worked in their sector or related countries. Besides that, the resources of the agent besides really of import and this may include the agent ‘s staffing, premises, equipment and fiscal security.

The last but most critical portion is that Mr. Loh and his spouses must manage is about the managing of agent. They have to follow the will and processs to pull off a positive, long-run relationship from the start of this procedure. They besides have to keep regular communicating and rating of the agent to construct the relationship in a manner, which positively impacts on their concern.

SECTION D – Discussion

The line of production the company wishes to internationalise is truss with its accoutrements. Harmonizing to Mr. Loh, he wish to internationalise truss with its accoutrements because the potency of its company and the other environmental factors. The company realize that it is really of import to internationalise its merchandises to avoid their rivals will travel in front them in the hereafter. Their company addition advantages in internationalize this merchandises because of their system of production. Their system of production was keep development and turning along the clip. The upper degree of direction ever aware the changing of the engineering and environment. Mr. Loh believes that with their professional direction squad and advanced production system, their merchandises can be decidedly success in the international market.

The execution of green direction can assist the company better their fiscal public presentation in the long tally at the same clip increase the repute of the company. Green direction concern pattern brings many benefits to the concern. It non merely assist the company increase the sale and grosss, it can assist the company better the net fiscal public presentation in the hereafter. For illustration, green supply concatenation in the Visage Industries help the company utilized the resources more effectual. By integrating Green Supply Chain Management believing in their full concern procedure, Visage Industries now able to buy green input resources in produce the desired green merchandises. On top of that, green direction increases the effectivity of pull offing the providers excessively in the supply concatenation. By pull offing the resources and providers efficaciously, Visage Industries can benefits from production costs decrease and salvage the use of natural stuffs. Besides, by bring forthing the environmentally friendly roofing system can forestall organisations from being fined because of go againsting the environmental ordinances. Company that produce merchandises which are technologically advanced and environment friendly will happen this will heighten the trade name image in clients ‘ head. Consequently, the relevant operational costs will be reduced and the company can run in the more effectual and efficient manner than earlier.

Besides, Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd believes that by pattern the green direction in the concern will really helpful in distinguish their roofing system with other rivals. In the clients ‘ perceptual experience, the roofing system is environmentally friendly. It can assist the company pulling more new profitable clients and give competitory border over the rivals in the market topographic point. Because of progressively awareness toward environmental friendly, clients now prefer to take the company which has green concern pattern. It is helpful in beef uping the image and repute of Visage Industries in market topographic point.

Mr. Loh feels really confident and proud when he mentions that his company has already own the acknowledgment of authorities of Malaysia. Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. had widely acclaimed International Quality Award-BM Trada Certification of ISO 9001 2000 in twelvemonth 2004 and at the same clip is besides under blessing list of the JKR as the functionary system supplier for Cold-Formed Roofing System. They gain advantages in human and capital resources for the production of truss related merchandises. This may enable his company to look frontward and export their merchandises to other states. Furthermore, his company has already success in stamp several immense undertakings in domestic market. All of these should thanks to green merchandise that practising in the company. By using this green pattern in the fabrication procedure, the company can put a better control in the merchandise safety and quality to run into the demands of the authorities ordinances and regulations.

However, Mr. Loh feels that it is really of import to associate all the sections of its company in order to success in the international market. As we mentioned in the subdivision 1, the concern really runs follow by the system. Each section has their ain function. For illustration, the sale and selling section may non be stand entirely without the cooperation of another section. Last, Mr. Loh explained that their company provides the cultural differences developing for all his employees when they decide to come in the international market. Although the size of company is considered as moderate, he really experience that analyze the civilizations of other states will benefits them in the hereafter. He added that, many international concerns failed in the international market because of pretermiting the of import of host state ‘s civilizations excessively. The successful or failure in the international market is extremely depend on the five forces which are mentioned in Section C. The provider, purchasers, new entrywaies, replacements of merchandises and rivals are extremely correlated in impacting the operation of concern abroad.

Mr. Loh as a Managing Director is sensitive to the changing of the environment when he decided to export his merchandise to Thailand. Most of the determinations are made based on the rivals, clients, regulative costs and regulations, political stableness and labour market of host state ( Thailand ) . The monetary values of merchandise are depending on its rivals and clients. When its challengers increase the monetary values, his company will take to increase the monetary value of merchandises. However, he said that he will merely increase the monetary values of certain merchandises but non all the merchandises. The monetary values will non be highly higher or lower than its challenger. The scene of monetary value in the international market is normally depending on the action of challengers.

Customers will be taken into most of import consideration when enter into international market. Mr. Loh put clients as the first topographic point in his concern. The clients abroad may be criticized on them if they failed to bring forth the high quality merchandises. For keeping the royalty of clients, it is necessary for them to put the right monetary value for their merchandises. The right monetary value for international market is different with the monetary value in the domestic market. In international market, there is a demand to compare the monetary value of merchandises with the cost of regulative and regulations of the host state. Thailand has a rather lower of regulative cost comparison with others states. Strict and gluey regulations of host state may increase the operating costs of a concern.

The most ambitious portion of Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd is supply of natural stuffs by providers. Because the monetary value of steel is ever frustrate and unstable in the universe market, it is really hard for the company to sell the roofing at the same low monetary value all the clip. When the monetary value of steel is increase, the grosss of company will diminish. Hence, maintains a strong relationship with providers is a challenge for Visage Industries Sdn Bhd because it can assist them to obtain the natural stuffs in a good quality and cheaper monetary value. The company mentioned that Thailand is a state which is non stable in politic. However, Mr. Loh still chose to internationalise their merchandises at at that place. The ground buttocks is that the company can bask the lower exportation cost in Thailand. Mr. Loh emphasized that sometimes they are confronting quandary. Although export to Thailand may benefits his company, the instability of political in Thailand is really convey some problems for them. For illustration, when there is a presentation or protest in Thailand, the exportation of merchandises may be stuck for certain period.

To internationalise the merchandises, the Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd feels that the labour market of host state may convey consequence to their concern although the consequence is non really important. The labour market of Thailand has begun to alter in recent old ages as Thai industrialists are forced to get by with volatile export markets characterized by of all time increasing competition from the universe market. The labour market in Thailand is experienced transmutation from low-end labors intensive industries to more capital intensifier or labour salvaging engineering. The production of some labour intensive fabrication merchandises has shifted to neighboring states with lower rewards, a move necessary to keep their monetary value fight. The pull offing manager of Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. therefore believes that they possibly will transform some portion of production of the merchandise to Thailand. But, now is non the suited clip for them to make so because it may affect hazards and really long detailed of program.

The company chose to export its merchandises through foreign agents. By exporting through foreign agents, Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. can cognize more about the market construction abroad. The agent may rapidly supply the company with expertness in a foreign market either equal to or better than their ain domestic expertness. The agent should be able to show their market apprehension and proved path record. Mr. Loh said that through the foreign agents, the company can salvage a big sum of outgo. This is because the agents are normally come with expertness, accomplishments and experiences. It may supply company much more utile information and assist the company derive more understanding about the exportation. The Managing Director, Mr. Loh said that his company merely chose to export to Thailand for this minute. However, he does non deny that the Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. will hold farther enlargement to another state in the hereafter. To maximise the net incomes, the company take to export to Thailand foremost. By get downing the exportation of merchandises to Thailand can forestall the company from the immense losingss in the international market. This is because of the get downing cost in Thailand is low. The operating cost and other costs in that state besides lower.

Presently, the company has internationalized its concern to Thailand. Since the market in Thailand has achieved stableness, the company wishes to internationalise the concern to South East Asiatic states. Over the last few decennaries, the East Asiatic part has grown as a new growing pole for the economic system. It is a good chance to spread out the concern in those states since there are many advantages of internationalisation in those countries. Countenance Industries Sdn. Bhd. is able to benefits from larger economic systems of graduated table. The company will in a better place to reexamine its operational constructions by taking into consideration of a larger market potency than they used to. It is an chance for the company to overhaul its operations by puting in modern engineerings and larger workss to supply for a larger market. Simultaneously, Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. could enlarge its regional concern web. Coupled with improved efficiency and fight, this web is a window of chance for the company to travel planetary.

ASEAN Free Trade Area ( AFTA ) is aimed at heightening economic development, growing and linkages among the ASEAN member states through a broad trade and investing government. AFTA will take to increased intra-regional trade and investing and rapid economic development in the part. It will besides ease efficient use of scarce resources and supply chances for the ASEAN member states to foster beef up their competitory advantage. With the constitution of AFTA, AFTA has cut duties on fabrication and agricultural merchandises to less than 5 % . The cut of duties result in merchandise monetary value decreases. Therefore, the company benefit from lower cost inputs. Costss of inputs are expected to cut down due to increased competition among providers. This competition will non merely heighten the efficiency of input providers, but will besides profit other industries in footings of hiking the company ‘s competitory border. At the same clip, consumers will profit from cheaper monetary values of goods given lower duties on a host of natural stuffs used by the company. As a consequence, the company gross revenues will turn continuously.

Since most of the South East Asiatic states are developing states, developing states do non possess the same substructure as to the full developed states do. It would be good for the company in developing states to increase the sum of consumers they can aim across a larger geographic country. By making concern in those states, the company can besides cut down the hazard of loss to the concern.

Harmonizing to Mr. Loh, start the exportation map in developing state is the best manner to heighten the image n repute of Visage Industries Sdn Bhd. Company can really implement the Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) in developing state. Execution of Green Management besides can be considered as one of the CSR in the company because it helps to salvage and protect the environment by minimizes the waste of use on resources. Some of the developing states in the universe do non hold good concern substructures in their states. Countenance can take this chance to construct substructure such as schools, main road and so on. The end of CSR is to encompass duty for the company ‘s actions and promote a positive impact through its activities on the environment, clients, employees, communities and stakeholders.The green direction can assist the company successfully perforate the market at international market.

Mr. Loh stated that, a positive attack to CSR may take to lower operating costs at the same clip enhanced trade name image, greater productiveness, increased client trueness, better entree to capital and finally to improved fiscal public presentation. Many companies tend to pretermit the of import of CSR when they are making concern apart from their place state. Nowadays, the company non merely concentrates on how to maximise their net incomes any longer. Conversely, they should concentrate more on implementing socially responsible policies excessively. By pattern the CSR, concern will be benefits in the long term and can derive a competitory border over its rivals.


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