Project Implementation, Control, and Termination Essay

Team A has demonstrated their capacity for conceptualizing the concepts and practical application of project management and life cycle phases. This paper is the compilation of three successive papers submitted and revised by Team A that includes the project proposal paper, the project planning technical paper, and the project human capital paper.

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Project Implementation, Control, and Termination Essay
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In the final phase of the project lifestyle the implementation process of terminating the project will be presented in such a way that the Input will be based on observations In elation to how well the triple constraints and tradeoffs were handled. The balance between timing, budget and project specifications is used as a performance measurement to guide Team Ass future success by determining lessons learned, what might be performed differently that must be corrected with the next project, and help determine what went right with the project that must be repeated on the next project.

In addition, the steps needing to be taken to return the human resources to the organization will be provided. Background and Statement of Needed increasing population of Lo Ski, California has exulted in an influx of new apartments, condominiums and small homes being built with little or inadequate storage and deed restrictions limiting what can be placed in driveways and side yards of the homes. Lo Ski is a mild-sized community lacking storage faceless within proximity, This has created a need that Store -N- Lock, a California-based self-storage facility, plans to address by bulging a new storage facility.

This facility will meet the needs and demands of the citizens of Lo Ski for storage space, in addition increasing profits for Store -N-Lock. Building a new storage facility will require a project management team that has a Lear understanding of whom Is responsible for what. This management team needs a clear vision of what the facility would look like, what the costs would be, what the processes and procedures would be, what the time frame Is from conception to completion, what revenue would be expected from the final project and what the payback period would be.

With that being said financing would be needed with a loan that allows some breathing room during lease up. In addition, in any new type of construction the management team will need to have a good relationship with the contractors, engineers, the architects, and any stakeholders. Clearly communicating the plan and approach will be beneficial because this will provide a way for stakeholders and anyone involved in the project to have a clearly defined goal, vision and mission of what the expectations of this project are in addition to any profit and loss sharing, equity positions, decision making and exit strategies.

Once this project is up and running a permanent loan can be locked in. Project Stakeholders project customers Include the investors and owners of the the project off the ground, and stand to lose the most if the project fails. The customers will hold Team A accountable for any unforeseen circumstances that might occur. These project customers have also given time and assistance to ensure that the project will succeed. Other project stakeholders include the city of Lo Ski since permits and licensing from the local municipality is required.

This project will provide revenue to the city in the form of taxes. In addition, the bank providing the financing will be a stakeholder and benefit from the interest and association with the project. The project leader and team members of the project, such as upper management, the architect, the instruction team, the management team (Team A) the classmates and instructor of this Project Management course including resource managers, and line managers involved in the project that stand to gain financially from this project.

Each of these additional stakeholders will stand to gain either from recognition of a successful project completed or from the benefit of having a storage facility that they can use to store their belongings. Project Goals in Terms of Triple Constraint triple constraints of timing, budget and scope are being monitored daily by the project managers and the team. This is one to make sure that everything is completed in the correct order in which the network results have suggested.

At the beginning of the project Team A made sure to ask the sponsors to prioritize the triple constraints. The team wanted to ensure that what they were doing was consistent with the sponsors expectations. Initially, the sponsors stated that all the constraints were important. However, after contemplation the sponsors were able to assign weights to the constraints when they came to the realization that they are all important but not equal. After the feasibility study, and the project was deemed eatable the sponsors decided that the project in no way could go over budget.

The second most important criterion was time with scope ranking last. Timing timing of each project phase will keep a continuous flow of work since the network was set up to flow horizontally downward following the critical path so the project will finished in the allotted timeshare. Many areas will not take as much time as others but every task has an established and set time frame of one to 17 days. This set schedule and time frame should effectively minimize and limit problems that may occur if handled efficiently and things go as planned.

Resources resource was the highest ranked constraint indicated by the sponsors. They do not want to go over the calculated project. Team A will ensure that no problems will occur with the actual budget that has been set forth in the beginning phase of the project. The budget should remain the same as long as the timing is kept on track for each task and preceding event. This will be accomplished by monitoring progress and the network in the Giant chart. If by chance something budget will then need to be revisited and revised.

The entire amount the project estimated to cost is approximately $2,000,000. At any time this amount could change because of changes in the project risk and risk management, project constraints with specific emphasis on the project timeline, deadlines, milestones or price increases in either labor or materials. Scope scope that has been set forth is going to be effective if certain tasks are kept in the time frame in which they are set up to take place in.

Within the scope enough space has been set aside for change control processes if warranted. At this point the network result has an outlook of completion of the project in four months and not to exceed $2,000,000. Team Selections A has chosen the Pure Project organizational structure. Team A gained written approval from the customer in the form of a signed charter, which became the contractual agreement and project proposal. This document will provide the directives to be established and implemented by the PM.

The Pure Project Structure was chosen because this is a project driven structure and is best for construction companies (if the cost is not too vast), or a “one-time, highly specific, unique tasks that requires careful control and are not appropriate for a single functional area such as the development of a new product. (Mantel, Meredith, 2006, IPPP). Other reasons why Team A chose this organizational structure are as follows:communications Management solid communication plan is the most vital element of achieving a successful project.

A communication plan is used to keep the PM and all stakeholders involved in the ongoing progress of the project. Communication management is a tool the PM of Store-N-Lock will use to convey performance evaluations to stakeholders. Evaluations are performed regularly and consistently to ensure various project objectives are completed on time and within the project scope for successful results. The following considerations will be taken into account when meetings are scheduled:l . ProJect meetings communicating performance evaluations to management are somewhat flexible. 2.

Management can request meetings at their discretion; however, the PM has the authority to change the requested date if needed to one that is more suitable. 3. Meetings with customers are less flexible requiring the PM to plan carefully to ensure all of the materials needed such as handouts and other literature are ready for the meeting. Poor communication can cause bottlenecks, therefore, BETTE has taken into inconsideration the many elements of effective communication and potential barriers Bettor’s project manager has used earned value management to convey project progress throughout the duration of the project.

Earned value management combines measurements of scope, cost and schedule to measure project progress and can indicate to the PM impending problems. The PM can then act quickly taking the appropriate proactive and reactive measures to reduce the impact of these risks. Giant charts will also be provided to all stakeholders for easier visualization and tracking of actual progress made. The advantages of effective communication using software are as follows:l . Prevents bottlenecks. Prevents barriers to success. Giant charts provide clear views on constraints, timing, and milestones. 4.

Giant charts provide an easy way to revise plans and update progress. 5. Communication and the use of Giant charts allow visualization and effective tracking. Scheduling face-to-face meetings can be difficult: therefore, BETTE uses conference calling, emails and text messaging to stay in contact. This will allow rapid and up to the minute changes to be communicated; since visual aids will be transmitted to the deed stakeholders for review during the conference calls. Those involved, can then walk through the progress of the project together identifying any action items needing attention.

The BETTE representative, the Team A PM and staff and Store-N- Lock have decided to conduct twice weekly face to face meetings for the project team and weekly conference calls for all other stakeholders. Risk Management planning for this project understanding the combination of uncertainty and constraints based on estimation will require selecting areas of the project with the most severe constraints and the highest uncertainty. Once that is omelet the PM will do a Risk Assessment exploring each task for uncertainty. The construction industry is subject to more risk and uncertainty than many other industries. ” (Flanagan, Norman, 1993). This construction Job will require a multitude of people requiring coordinative efforts between several interrelated activities compounded by many uncontrollable external forces. Some of the key areas that Team A will focus on in their risk management are as follows:The key will be coordination of different construction phases and adjustments or tradeoffs that will need to be made the triple constraints.

This is especially important since they may impact the quality design and construction times. The following are a list of constraints:ProJect management, according to (Mantel, Meredith 2006, p. 179), is prone to the following problems:illuminated reconstituting unrealistic deliverance’s goals/deterministically team enfranchisement’s plenipotentiaries of communicativeness’s in goals and resourcefulness between departments or functionaries success has four dimensions as quoted by (Mantel, Meredith, 2006 p. ) from empirical studies conducted by Sheehan, Levy, and Dive (1997). These epicyclically opportunities for the futurities A can focus on to the following areas to decrease the impact of the above issues:”Almost everything that can go wrong with project performance, cost, or schedule is threshers of uncertainty. ” (Meredith, Mantel, 2006, p 541). According to (Bibs, Awake, 2000, Project Risk Management. ) “The Risk management’s project management maturity level was the lowest among all eight knowledge areas. The following are six areas that are impacted by risk management. (Project Management Institute, 2000, p. 128). Other areas that can “cause a project to require the control of performance, costs, or mime” were identified (Mantel, Meredith, 2006, p. 542). Timing is crucial to project success and since most all projects do not go as planned, nearly every time related category with the exception of governmental regulation would be considered lessons learned for Team A.

In the previous section on performance, each of these areas would be considered areas for improvement and would most likely have affected the overall completion of the project. Most likely all cost related issues pertain to Team Ass project and would be considered lessons learned. Contingency Plasticizing project risk and potential problems like bottlenecks squires a contingency plan. This will help mitigate the impact of the problem. In each phase of the construction will have milestones, which indicate that the project can move forward as planned.

If problems occur with the timing of tasks and phases of the construction the plans will need to be altered to reflect either the backup resources such as time, or materials and money required for successful completion. At this point the Giant chart will need updating and each person affected by the changes will need updated schedules. (Hearkens, 2002). Bacteriology of cost is a concern that this team has for this project. The team lives this should be of concern to all involved.

As stated in Project Management, a Managerial Approach, “Budget plays an important role in the entire process of management” (Mantel. Meredith, 2006, up. 327). Project budgets are estimated above what is calculated to ensure that the project is covered against any unforeseen problems, mistakes and miscalculations. “In order to develop a budget the team must forecast what resources the project will require, the required quantity of each, when they will be needed and how much they will cost – including the effects of potential price inflation” (Mantel, Meredith, 2006, up. 7). The budget is going to cover everything that is needed including materials, equipment and salaries to be paid to the contractor, subcontractors, and the management team including the BETTE representative and the Team A PM and associates. Below in figure 1. 1 are estimates of items that will be needed for the construction of the storage facility. These are estimates that will be used toward the and other items needed items to construct the storage facility.

The project performance measures include time, budget, and quality. These measures aided in ensuring that the work completed during each phase of construction is of a quality that protects the client and their customers with safe storage of belongings without compromising quality in craftsmanship or increased costs. Quality assurance is another way to provide a low- cost facility with limited maintenance in terms of repairs, upkeep, and operation. Team A also used the initial cost estimating budget and the systems development cycle to ensure that, from conception, to initiation and feasibility, the project was Leary defined and a detailed planning analysis provided an accurate schedule.

Updated Statement of Work/SMART Objectiveness phase one of the construction of Store-N-Lock BETTE has made some adjustment to the statement of work. This was done with approval from the customer and added on as an addendum that can be located in Appendix A. The completion date has been delayed by eight days from the original start date set. This was because of inclement weather, resulting in equipment delivery delays and thus, causing further delays with installation. BETTE has created a SOW that mirrors the SMART requirements to ensure full understanding of what deliverables will include, what costs will be incurred and deadlines of work activities and tasks.

SMART objectives illustrate that every requirement of the project should be specific, measurable, attainable, and realistic and time bound. The Following are SMART objectives for project Construction Store- N-Lock. Specified start date of August 1 5, 2009 and a completion date of November 23, 2009. The project completion will reflect the construction of a high quality storage facility at a negotiated agreed upon cost that meets the demands of Store-N-Lock and Store-N- Lock’s target market. BETTE has created a WEBS accompanied by a logical hierarchy of sequenced events and related tasks of the project scope to define and group the discreet tasks of the project and create the project map for clearer navigation and understanding by all stakeholders.

Anthropometrics BETTE will use are project timeliness, earned value management and Giant charts. These metrics will be reviewed in the beginning of each task, during each task and at the end of each task and phase. The will be beneficial for the PM since problems and bottlenecks and foreseeable threats can be evaluated, rainstorm’s and mitigated to allow for flexibility whereby better decisions could have been made. These metrics will also be used to communicate performance progress to stakeholders. Project Spectrographically Construction Store-N-Lock is a very achievable project for BETTE as they are experienced in this field with solid relationships established with numerous contractors and subcontractors.

BETTE knows standard timeliness of completion for individual processes and based upon these the complete timeline outlined in the timetables and deliverables statements is an achievable and manageable task for BETTE with this project type. The project is realistic since BETTE has substantial experience in many types of construction projects. With their expertise and relationships with subcontractors BETTE has a vast array of resources for many types of projects. To stay within the agreed upon completion date BETTE is using a project timeline to specify completion dates for each objective to be achieved throughout the three month and one week timeshare for completion of the entire project.

The SOW indicates the completion date to be August 23, 2009. Task and Performance Schedules, Responsibility and Resource Availability Matricides is money and time is of the essence in project management. Because of this, time is used to sequence events, ensure that each event occurs within the specified timeshare and is used to compare the completion of events with the time allocated for each task. If each phase of a project is not completed within the scheduled time frame bottlenecks can occur and the project runs the risk of going over budget. The effect on the scope of the project would compromise quality as corners are cut to get back on schedule.

Constructing a storage facility required that a detailed cost estimation and budget follows the WEBS. Everett, 2007). The schedule of resource allocation required detailed cost schedules and forecasts so that the project manager was able to analyze the pattern of expenditures and permitted enough time to make adjustments to the schedule for each phase of construction. All work packages were scheduled with enough time to complete the preceding phase and to cover for any uncertainty and lack of accurate information delivery delays, or labor issues. The PM and Team A staff have set up a task schedule to assign each task with enough time to be completed, and organized in such a way as to identify the predecessors of he tasks, when applicable.


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