Project management plan: Dai-Ichi Corporation Australia (DCA)

Dai-Ichi Corporation Australia ( DCA )


1 Introduction

1.1Purpose of Project Management Plan


2.1 Assumptions/Constraints


3.1Work Breakdown Structure

3.2 Deployment Plan

3.3 Change Control Management


4.1 Milestones

4.2 Undertaking Agenda

4.2.1 Dependences





8.1 Risk Log





The intent of this undertaking direction program is to guarantee that in the execution of SAP on cloud substructure for the Australian division of Dai-Ichi corporation runs swimmingly. Where everyone needs to be on board with the package implemenation including the undertaking patron, executive leaders, the undertaking squad and anyone else involved in the execution. Paulo Mossimo, and I will guarantee that this undertaking direction program is up to day of the month with the latest developments in the undertaking, to guarantee that the undertaking runs swimmingly.


Scope:The SAP cloud-implementation to be completed within 12 hebdomads.

Aim:Implement SAP on a cloud substructure for the Australia division of Dai-Ichi Corporation.


1 ) Krishanth Devaraj – Undertaking Manager

2 ) Paulo Mossimo – SAP Expert from Italy – familiar with deploying SAP in house

3 ) Sanjay Srivastava – Cloud Architect – late hired from HP with experience

deploying Amazon Web Services

4 ) June Smith – SAP Expert – late hired from Fujitsu.

5 ) Larry Jones – Linux Apache, MySQL, C coder. LAMP Specialist.

6 ) Jenny Harvey – Linux Admin and LAMP Specialist.


In order to present the concluding merchandise of the SAP execution on Amazon Web Services, Dai-Ichi Corporation Australia will work together with Paulo Mossimo, SAP expert from a European central office of Dai-Ichi Corporation and other experts from different proficient backgrounds in order to bring forth some concern value to the administration, which will present the proper specific maps and characteristics that Dai-Ichi Corporation wanted with the partnership with Amazon and SAP in order to bring forth the solution for the pelagic division of Dai-Ichi.

In order to make this the range needs to be managed decently, as without garnering adequate impulse the undertaking could neglect. Normally due to scope crawl, that is unapproved or extra alteration in the range, impacting the resources in the undertaking which are limited in usage.

The range should be made by the squad working on the undertaking in concurrence with the patron, in order to get down the undertaking and have the characteristics that would run into the stakeholders demands and to guarantee that there is a unequivocal terminal to the undertaking so you are non working towards an eternal end.


The aims of this undertaking is to turn over out a SAP execution in concurrence with the execution they have running in the European central office, because Dai-Ichi Corporation want their pelagic subdivision to be in sync with the European central office, they want the same platform to be deployed on a cloud substructure, partnering with Amazon, they used Amazon Web Services to guarantee that they have the hardware substructure they need.

Another ground why Dai-Ichi wanted to utilize cloud substructure is that given the different distances and different clip zones in covering with a planetary work force, the direction of the work flow from different offices would be impossible if they were to make it themselves as it would non be economically sensible, purchasing the initial substructure, which is why Dai-Ichi have turned to the cloud substructure to back up their concern venture.


The WBS is broken down in a hierarchal, incremental decomposition of the undertaking into different stages, sometimes overlapping depending on the dependence of the stage. E.g. Design of the execution can get down even before the undertaking sign-off. As even though the undertaking might non hold the budget to get down instantly, there might be budget at the start of the following fiscal twelvemonth, but because this undertaking is critical to the success of the Australian group in the Dai-Ichi corporation to unite the planetary work force, the budget for this undertaking is non discretional.

Dai-Ichi’s pelagic SAP execution undertaking WBS:



First the squad will be after for the alterations to the pelagic working environment in Dai-Ichi corporation so design the execution, including any information transition that needs to be accomplished. The SAP execution should be operational, after which they will construct the solution, utilizing the off-the-rack package to its maximal possible rectifying minimal alterations if needed for the pelagic environment.

The execution of SAP as used in the European central office should non be much different, as the concern processes that Dai-Ichi employees have to follow are planetary, hence implementing the system into the pelagic environment should merely be different as it is non locally but hosted on private Amazon Web waiters.

The chief alterations of the SAP execution to the European central office will be the environment appraisals that are to be made by Sanjay Srivastava the cloud architecture specializer, who has been tasked with the cloud substructure side of the undertaking.

In footings of execution the SAP undertaking execution has been broking down into three specific beds, database, application and the web services layer working like this frees clip of the members of the undertaking, to work on undertakings individually with their specific qualities in order to understate the clip it takes to finish the undertaking.


Depending on the hazard and complexness of the undertaking, and the impact of alteration on the undertaking different alteration undertakings will be handled by different people, as per most of the alterations on the undertaking they will be handled by the undertaking director.To maintain path of the alterations made for the undertaking there is a alteration control log below:

3.5CHANGE CONTROL LOG ( PM = Project Manager, SC = Steering Committee )





Impact ON Undertaking














The undertaking will run on the agenda of the Gantt chart as everyone in the undertaking squad has entree to the file, any unwellnesss or holds to the undertaking will be monitored by the undertaking director, as the initial point of contact. This is the best manner to guarantee that the undertaking is on agenda and there is a working squad environment to hit the scheduled mileposts in the undertaking program, this creates a baseline for the estimated clip it will take to finish each stage in the execution, quantified to guarantee consistency in the cognition of the undertaking.


The tabular array below lists the mileposts for this undertaking, along with their estimated completion clip frame.


Estimated completion clip frame

1.1 Project induction day of the month

Start of undertaking

1.3.6 Project definition complete

Within 9days of undertaking induction

1.4.4 Obtain sign off

Within 22days of undertaking induction, or 13 yearss of project definition finish

1.6.4 Build complete

After the edifice stage of the undertaking is completed

1.6.5 Initiate trial waiters

Directly after the edifice of the different beds are completed to get down implementing the SAP

1.7.4 Implementation complete

Towards the terminal of the undertaking before proving and shuting the undertaking

4.2Undertaking SCHEDULE


4.2.1Undertaking dependences

Define > Project induction day of the month

Define undertaking clip > Define undertaking range

Define undertaking cost > Define undertaking range

Form undertaking squad > Define high-level demands

Project definition complete > Form undertaking squad

Develop agenda > Develop undertaking program

Develop budget > Develop agenda

Obtain sign off > Develop budget

Gather demands > Develop undertaking program

Planing public presentation demands > Gather demands

Planing application bed > Designing public presentation demands

Planing web services layer > Designing application bed

Planing security demands > Planing public presentation demands

Planing database > Designing security demands

Build database > Design

Build application bed > Design

Build web services bed > Design

Build complete > Build database, Build application bed and Build web services bed

Initiate trial waiters > Build complete

Implement > Initiate trial waiters

Implement application bed > Implement database

Implement web services bed > Implement application bed

Implementation complete > Implement web services bed

Test > Implement web services bed

Near out undertaking > Test


The intent of the undertaking is to originate Dai-Ichi Corporation Australia with a SAP execution managed by the European headquarter, so to use the human resources that are granted for the induction of the undertaking, the timeline of each individual has been carefully thought out to guarantee that they are being used to their maximal possible. Human resources like Paulo Mossimo the SAP Expert from Italy will be consulted a batch to take into consideration his expertness on the undertaking execution as he has the cognition of deploying SAP systems in other administrations with different work procedures in head, particularly because for him to attach to us with our execution it costs Dai-Ichi Corporation ten thousand dollars a month for his travel and adjustment outgos.

A cost that will non be evitable and takes up most of the estimated budget for the undertaking is the SAP Cloud Instance site licence for Australia, as that is an of import and important constituent that is non a partial to the undertaking execution, which needs to be bought for the undertaking to be successful.

To extenuate some of the costs of the applied scientists specific to that portion of the undertaking execution we have calculated each of the people’s planned clip, apportioning them to the undertakings that are merely specific to their map, in their normal twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours occupation. E.g. Larry Jones, and Jenny Harvey work on the server side linguistic communications as they are specializers with LAMP, Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

The entire budget allocated after inputting the different times needed for the undertaking members, and licenses to finish the undertaking is laid out below:



Quality direction will be determined through the contact we have here from the European central office, Paulo Mossimo and I will be pull offing the overall merchandise. The quality controls that are in topographic point with the undertaking will include consistence of screen layouts to guarantee that terminal users can utilize the system suitably. Other choice direction techniques that will be used in the undertaking to guarantee that the concluding merchandise is up to the base, of the European central office SAP execution, which is the manner we look at distinguishing variables, throughout their life rhythm in the package. This will be done and measured through the assorted techniques including ocular reviews, audits, formal testing and certification of defects in the system, to guarantee that these defects are fixed. Each section of the undertaking will hold separate quality direction controls determined by the chief individual in charge of that section which has been delegated in the first hebdomadal maneuvering meeting. E.g. if Larry Jones and Jenny Harvey were pull offing the web services bed for the undertaking, so the chief duties of quality control would fall into Larry’s hands as he is the senior Linux Apache specializer even though they are both accredited as LAMP specializers.


The human resources in the undertaking are as shown below in the Microsoft Project resource sheet implying all of the different accomplishments and techniques of the undertaking squad:



As with any service that is provided from another administration, if they do say they have a 94.6 % up clip for illustration, it is merely when you are working on a undertaking that their service or package Michigans working and in order to pull off this alteration, if that does go on we will look at a different solutions like Microsoft Windows Azure, Google Cloud Platform Live, or Telstra substructure bundles. Which is why there is slack in the undertaking program in order to guarantee that if there was downtime or the undertaking non get down because person critical to the undertaking fell badly, so there is slack in the program in order for the undertaking to stay on agenda, in the Gantt chart there is a batch of clip allocated to the terminal of the undertaking in the execution stage, as the execution will non take as long because Dai-Ichi wants the pelagic division to utilize off-the-rack package.

In concurrence with the metameric maps that meet every hebdomad to guarantee that all the undertaking members are on path with their section, there is ahazard direction log for the Dai-Ichi Corporation Australia SAP execution, below:


Hazard #




PRIORITY ( Likelihood x Consequence )



Conflict arises in the group due to dissensions

Unlikely ( 2 )

Major ( 7 )

Score = 14

Priority # : 7

Refer to the trailing and communicating schemes to maintain equal flow of communicating

Respect each and every member’s sentiments without fright of judgement or close down.

Refer to group advancement studies to place any issues within the group

Meet with HR, CIO and senior directors if issues escalate farther


Continuous alteration and polishs in demands

Probably ( 7 )

Catastrophic ( 9 )

Score = 63

Priority # : 1

Consult with Dai-Ichi Eurorope in respects to requirement alterations


Final merchandise non delivered to client which causes scheduling issues and mismanaged resources

Probable ( 4 )

Major ( 7 )

Score = 28

Priority # : 6

Refer to the Gantt chart for allotment of undertakings and resources, milepost and deliverable day of the months and the continuance of those undertakings

Confirm with each squad member that they understand the nature of their undertaking and how long it will take them to finish undertakings.

Communicate with the Project Manager about alterations in agendas


Team member can non lend to the undertaking due to illness, mishap or expiration

Probable ( 6 )

Major ( 8 )

Score = 48

Priority # : 2

Undertaking Manager must confer with with squad members to advise the alterations in the undertaking

Review the functions and duties of the group and re-assign undertakings to team members


Bugs in the package

Probable ( 5 )

Major ( 6 )

Score = 30

Priority # : 5

Review the codification with the senior coder consulting on that portion of the undertaking and seek to work out


Overestimated budget

Probable ( 5 )

Moderate ( 7 )

Score = 35

Priority # : 4

Fix a briefing papers to Dai-Ichi Europe to understand how the undertaking is making long-run value for the concern and giving grounds why the budget can non diminish.

Review budget to cut costs and unwanted resources


Slow database public presentation

Probably ( 4 )

Moderate ( 10 )

Score = 40

Priority # : 3

Review the granuality of the database use with Larry Jones and Jenny Harvey investigate the job at manus.

Investigate the possibilities of purchasing a higher-performance database


Slow web application

Unlikely ( 1 )

Catastrophic ( 10 )

Score = 10

Priority # : 8

Unlike database public presentation hazard, a slow web application can be damaging to the terminal user and such demands to be fixed with the LAMP specializers.

Consult the undertaking director or a non proficient individual to prove the paradigms of the package before implementing it in the cloud substructure, but because it is local at that place should non be a job like this.


Amazon Web Services or SAP is non supported any more as a service or package

Unlikely ( 1 )

Catastrophic ( 9 )

Score = 10

Priority # : 9

Find another supplier for the off the shelf package or hardware needed to finish the undertaking.

Cancel the undertaking, without the off the shelf package, it will ne’er be completed successfully.

Appendix A: Undertaking Management Plan Approval

The undersigned acknowledge they have reviewed the Dai-Ichi Corporation Australia ( DCA ) SAP executionProject Management Planand hold with the attack it presents. Changes to thisProject Management Planwill be coordinated with and approved by the undersigned or their designated representatives.




Print Name:



Plan Director


Undertaking MANAGER




Print Name:









Print Name:



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